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Sleepwalkers holding spells

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  • Sleepwalkers holding spells

    Just wondering if a sleepwalker can only hold up to two spells total or if it’s one to two spells per Mage they have a sympathetic attachment to? Is there an official answer out there?

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    I do not think there's been a specific, official answer, but per the way it is written, it is based on the connection of sympathy rather than the Sleepwalker itself, and still requires the Sleepwalker to agree to it in some fashion, so I think the most interesting way to handle it is that it should be per sympathetic attachment instead of a single total. This also encourages cabals to share stories and connections with the same Sleepwalkers, though of course with the risk it might be used against more than one of them, so it balances out a bit in risk v. reward.