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Perfecting the Soul, Beyond Soul Theft and Consumption

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  • Perfecting the Soul, Beyond Soul Theft and Consumption

    What would you judge Death capable of achieving by applying the Practice of Perfecting to the purview of souls? What are the qualities of souls that could be enhanced?
    My thoughts had leaned towards enhancing nimbus tilts, increasing the effect of willpower points, and strengthening the grip of Virtue and Vice. But I'm eager to hear other people's thoughts

    Also, thoughts on Weaving and Patterning souls would be appreciated. But I figure Perfecting already provides a pretty strong guide to what those could do.

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    The Nimbus falls specifically under the function of Prime, and is tied more to Gnosis than the soul anyway. Vice and Virtue are functions of Mind. What soul loss does is cause them to invert rather than to remove them. The big thing that happens with souls is that without them you have a much harder time maintaining your Integrity or Wisdom, the ability to contain Paradox, regaining WP, and lose access to your Oneiros, and of course as you deteriorate from soul loss you suffer increasingly onerous Conditions. Shielding is sufficient to keep your soul from being stolen, Perfecting can be used to shore up the soul shaped hole if it does get stolen so that you deteriorate less quickly. I suppose that Perfecting a soul might allow you to bolster Integrity or Wisdom loss rolls, though I'd be more okay with it boosting the former than the latter. Soul loss makes you more susceptible to Possession, so boosting it could make you much harder to Possess theoretically. Maybe regain an extra WP from surrender or rest.


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      I'd say guarantee or prevent that a person near death becomes a ghost, influencing that part of the soul that sheds like a snake and leaves some of the ego behind.

      Or thats how it used to be. From what I hear giests new book changes ghosts to be more robust so maybe my spell idea no longer works.

      Another use could be locking a soul down such that a student can't make soul stones without permission from the caster.

      As for Weaving, I could see weaving two souls together so that if someone tries to mess with one soul it messes with the other as well.


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        The soul stone idea won't work, that's also tied to Nimbus, not the soul, it just gets a colorful name. Preventing a ghost from being created isn't necessarily soul work, but you can totally do it.

        The binding of two souls though is totally possible. I think it would be possible to go two routes with that. One is to use Shared Fate, but make it a conjunctional with Death 1. The other is to model your imago on the servitors of the Seers that split one soul across multiple bodies. They're the work of an archmaster so I don't think you could copy all of the benefits, like the Connected Sympathy, but two people with such similar souls probably can receive a bonus on teamwork rolls at least. I could see it being like a variation of Perfect Sympathy for the mechanics, but you can't use it "offensively" because the benefits go both ways.
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          The reason I mentioned nimbus was the Death 2 spell Suppress Aura, but I suppose that could more have been a manifestation of Absence.

          But anyway, I'm more concerned with the properties of the soul itself. Not the hole made by removing one. Not the ghost sloughed off by ... "removing" a soul. The soul itself.

          "A mage can consume a soul to access any of the Subtle
          Arcana that relate to her victim. She may drink deep on the
          Fated good fortune of one victim, and the intelligence and wits
          of another unwilling donor’s Mind. She can also use a victim’s
          soul to bind his ghost to her power, gaining his ghost as a slave to
          her will. She can even drain his soul to extend her own lifespan" - Page 238 of Mage the Awakening Second Edition

          Given that consuming someone's soul can let you do that, what qualities exist to Perfect? Particularly in terms of mage Perfecting their own soul
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            I did talk about things you could do with the soul itself, not just the hole left behind when it's gone.