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    I've noticed that other 2ed games have a system to create horror - style monsters specific to their line (such as Hobgoblins and Cryptids). Has anyone ever designed a system to create such things for Mage, or is there a system out there I missed? A sort of Proximus type of animal for example?

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    There is no dedicated system for Mage. Partly because there are no monsters specific to Mage (other than Supernals and Abyssals, both of which are represented through ephemeral entity rules), and partly due to the already over strained word count of the core book.
    However, mages explore the Mysteries of the entire setting, not just their own small corner of it, meaning that you can use any monster system to create new creatures for mages to find. Anything from Hobgoblins and Cryptids to Horrors from the CofD book to straight up using the playable templates of the other game lines. Basically all other CofD books are usable as source books for Mage even if they're intended as core books or supplements to other games.

    Edit: If you specifically want Mage specific monsters instead of just any monsters to throw at your players, you can still pick most creature generation systems and just replace their fuel stat (Aether, Glamour, whatever) with Mana and you're set to go. Just come up with some answers for how they fit into the setting for when the players start scrutinising them.
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    Bloodline: The Stygians
    Ordo Dracul Mysteries: Mystery of Smoke, Revised Mystery of Živa
    Mage The Awakening: Spell Quick Reference (single page and landscape for computer screens)


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      Thank you for the response.That said, I think I will just take the rules for Hobgoblins, change Wyrd to Potency, Glamour to Mana, and to replace contracts, for each contract the creature would have gotten I will design an appropriate attainment, created as though the creature in question had the appropriate arcana at the same level as his potency. I think that will work.


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        Not really an animal but one that cooould be unique is the Qliphoth depending on how you wanted to use them but they don't make good mooks cuz they're existentially devastating serious threats. Perhaps a lesser form of that could be useful for homebrewing.

        But the other answers really are the best.


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          You can also use undead such as zombies and revenants that are under the Death arcana.


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            Plus Life mutations, and weird things done like co-locating a soul into multiple bodies, or "this was dog before Paradox"