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Roleplaying magically created social merits

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  • Roleplaying magically created social merits

    What does a spell like Social Networking (or a Fate version) actually look like and mean from a roleplay perspective?
    Are memories altered to slot the target in?
    Is there just a general vague sense of "Oh yeah that guy is one of us and I should respect him"?
    How strong do mundane security measures have to be to foul it up (for instance things like "please enter your employee id")?
    Does it manifest differently when a group is small enough for each member to know every other member on a first-name basis?

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    So Social Networking seems to me to work similarly to how False Fame or First Impressions would on a grand scale, though a lot may also depend on the Mage and their Nimbus. A subtler Mage slips in when they make a request and the person just does things possibly without realizing it (or possibly multiple people do multiple things that lead to desired outcomes instead; a more overt mage may make themselves a vague presence that "always belonged" or "always had the ability to do it;" a more blatant mage makes the person remember a friendship that didn't exist (especially if backed with, intertwined with, or touched by Time and Space magic through the nimbus). A mage who has a horrifying nimbus may intimidate any questions or disobedience away; a kindly or beatific nimbus may just make everyone give way to their requests.

    For smaller groups, I think it depends on the group. One thing to keep in mind is that most of the social merits ARE impersonal - Retainers are people, and contacts can be individuals, but Contacts could also represent a group of related people (especially ones like Contacts: Online, mentioned as a prereq for the Invictus "Moderator" merit in Secrets of the Covenant; that could represent one online contact or, say, an online forum dedicated to a popular line of RPGs that secretly were created by hunters to teach humans what to look for I mean what.) Allies in CoD, especially 2E, are also groups, not individuals, and generally should represent very large or impersonal groups IMO. You wouldn't generally get "Allies: Those four guys who rule the world;" you get allies in the groups they use to do so, their catspaws and agents. Also, a tight-knit group may, at the ST discretion, provide penalties to infiltrate or associate with, similar to how Fame prevents magic from altering someone with the merit TOO much, as they are supported by a certain amount of sympathetic pressure.

    Fate is a bit different; merits from Fate likely manifest as lucky turns. You or someone close to you just happens to stumble upon the things you need - you get a lottery ticket for a couple grand to get a temporary boost of Resources, your True Friend gets a job at the company you want to turn into an Allies merit, and so on. It's one reason it's arguably a superior arcanum for this purpose - there's no need to edit the minds of anyone. It's just "blind luck" working out in your favor.


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