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    Has anyone checked out Invisible Sun by Monte Cook games? It seems to be a magic based game which is in a pretty trippy surreal world. The artwork is great and I am still trying to figure out the rules but it seems to be a great inspiration for Mage. It seems weirder than the other games from Monte Cook which is saying a lot. I should point out that the PDF is about $100.00 USD so it seems pretty pricy for an RPG.

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    It seems pretty standard urban fantasy, with the big hook being more how you play it, rather than the setting.


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      Couldn't afford it. I'm a rpg writer, after all.

      Dave Brookshaw


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        I had my eyes on it but yeah can't afford something that pricy. I hope it isn't too hard or complex to play and that i'll be able to get i on a sale, the promotion art is right up my alley though



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          Cool. The setting sounds a lot like Kult.


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            $100 US for a PDF is utterly ludicrous


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              I have it (in physical and PDF - I backed the kickstarter) and...

              1. It's not urban fantasy. The starting point is you leaving this world entirely for "the real world" which is a quasi-medieval high-metropolitan surrealist universe of multiple dimensional layers. It's weird and hard to describe.
              2. "The PDF" (I put it in quotes because phrasing it that way is incredibly misleading) mirrors the contents of a knee-high box of books and other materials. It's somewhere in the range of nearly half a gigabyte of content - six or seven main game books, plus card decks, maps, props, tokens, adventures, art books, etc etc.

              So... anyone thinking it's $100 for a single PDF is mistaken. It's a very complex package and I haven't had a chance to digest all of the content it contains because it's that huge.

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