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    Originally posted by Mrmdubois View Post
    If you're stepping into the mirror then I don't see why you couldn't also enter Mirror Twilight, but you wouldn't be in the real world in Twilight. Though this would let you do funky things like grab the ephemera in Mirror Twilight, shape it with the 2nd attainment by molding the reflection, and climb up to the top floor of the skyscraper via an ephemeral staircase. Then step back out of the mirror and onto the ledge. Or with later attainments, you don't step into the mirror you just sympathetically tie yourself to your image and then distort the reflection so that impossibly, you're reflected as being in the air and your real body reflects that by also being in the air.

    The idea of the projected reflection is that moving a real thing into the mirror displaces the reflection which has to go...somewhere. It still acts as a reflection too, so it mimics whatever you're doing in mirror world in real life. It's like a shadow after all. The whole concept as I'm envisioning it is...not very suited for like being stealthy, but you can do some reality bending stuff with it regardless.
    Warning: Probably an unclear stream of thought follows

    Perhaps Mirror Twilight unifies with Death Twilight in a future/past sort of manner? So mirrors (and "natural" mirror twilight) is about the potential to die. This is why vampires don't show up, they already died. Corpses show up because its coherence has a death, when it breaks down (vampire's final deaths don't leave any material behind.) Vampires aren't normally associated as being death ephemera, but given a variety of the properties they have, a weird blood stained death ephemera could be possible. The first attainment is used to access this information, mirror ephemera as potential and death ephemera as resolution, as a result drawing death ephemera into mirror twilight.

    /end warning

    Leaving the shadow behind would actually be a great way to represent that projection. I just think that having a full hologram (which might be an interesting tweak) doesn't really fulfill the normal trope of trapped in a mirror (though another variant that causes effectively a ghost with the appearance of the person to walk around could be interesting.)


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      I’ll admit, the idea for a thing and it’s reflection switching places come more from Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell than anything else, but that book did feature mirrors as doors to a sort of parallel dimension of “ways” from one place to another.

      I don’t really understand what you’re going on about with ephemera and vampires, but you’ve proven better able to articulate with time so I’ll wait.


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        From my understanding there is a thing called Mirror Twilight in this world with reflections, it exists as a different state of existence than the standard states of Twilight. Essentially, it holds certain events/objects based on some rules about whether the object has the potential to die or be destroyed. It seems that certain things carry over into this twilight that may not reflect current events/objects such as someone with their hair non-dyed in their natural state and not their facade. This would also essentially remove the need for most of the piercing abilities as I am not sure how Corpse Mask effects the "reflection" of a dead body. Essentially, a new state of existence

        The use of other arcana was to see other entities in this "Mirror" Twilight in this state of existence because without arcana apparently you can't see the "reflections" of these beings in the "mirror" twilight.

        Vampires have their reflection mostly muted in this new "Mirror" Twilight because of the rules established on how that world works in that it shows only living/undestroyed objects. With a vampire facing final death it basically removes any semblance Vampires had of life to begin with and thus are not shown in the "mirror" twilight. So, how this "Mirror" Twilight interacts with the real world is definitely different than the way we think.

        ​Correct me if I am wrong, OP.

        "Teamwork makes the dream work!"


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          Originally posted by Mrmdubois View Post
          I’ll admit, the idea for a thing and it’s reflection switching places come more from Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell than anything else, but that book did feature mirrors as doors to a sort of parallel dimension of “ways” from one place to another.
          I'm not familiar. Do these reflections have the capacity to interact once they switch?

          That seems more or less what I was thinking.

          Okay so the thing with the mirror stuff was probably me misunderstanding what you were saying and my brain running with it. Note I'm not saying I want this to be how things work it was just a train of thought. Let's see if I can't get a more clear explanation. So let's start with the assumption that mirrors link to a separate dimension, let's call it Mirror Twilight.

          Death Twilight, filled with death ephemera
          Mirror Twilight, aka reflections, are filled with a proto-death ephemera (let's call it mirror ephemera)
          Material realm, filled with matter, which binds these two ephemera together (which is why you can see matter in Twilight and why most everything has a reflection.)

          Ghost Gate is a weaving spell, it isn't a transformation but a tweak to a property of matter that allows it to act as death ephemera. Since matter binds the two, it's possibly as simple as terminating that binding. Living things have two types of mirror ephemera, one for their persona and another for their body. When moving through a ghost gate, the persona mirror ephemera is untouched (as it's essentially a part of the soul.) So a person coming back doesn't suffer the way an object does because their soul contains a template for rebinding mirror and death ephemera into matter.

          Ghosts and other death ephemera don't reflect in mirrors, because they don't have any mirror ephemera. Vampires don't reflect in mirrors because their affliction binds their death ephemera to their inner beast instead of mirror ephemera (and this happens at all levels.)

          This legacy then, recognizes this mirror ephemera and its relationship with death allowing them to bind mirror ephemera to things and create artificial reflections.

          Is that a better description?


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            Hmm, okay, but what does that mean? Like, how do you express that in mechanics?

            Or maybe before getting tobthat, what are the practical applications?
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              Originally posted by Mrmdubois View Post
              Hmm, okay, but what does that mean? Like, how do you express that in mechanics?

              Or maybe before getting tobthat, what are the practical applications?
              I mean it was just a train of thought trying to explain what mirror spaces are and how they interact with twilight and why getting things to appear in a mirror is something of note... Honestly, it's probably easier to just flat out say it's Pocket Dimension (Space ****) or treat it as another way to get to Death Twilight. The former can still be looped back to effect the material via sympathy and the latter by a ruling spell to make Death solid to material stuff even while in Twilight.

              I don't really think I want to add a full mirror realm to my cosmology. I just get caught up in thoughts and need to express them before I lose them. Sometimes like now I reflect on it and decide it's not really worth pursuing.

              I think most of what I was trying to get could be done by Space as a form of sympathy, Death as a sort of shadow extension, or a combination of the two. Pocket Dimensions filled with shadows (aka reflections) of things (via sympathy) and the dead.


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                Yeah, I didn't say anything about actually having a mirror realm, just that this legacy treats reflections as pocket dimensions with weird-ass mechanics. They change things in the reflections and that changes things in real life. Either because real life mimics what's in the reflection, or vice versa. As for how it's set up: Reality->Twilight=Mirror Twilight<-Mirror Reality is how I imagined it. Rather than what I think you seem to be thinking of Reality->Twilight<-Mirror Reality.


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                  It's probably worth mentioning that at least one 'mirror world' already exists in CofD - as part of the Hedge in Changeling 2E. A fair few contracts involve traversal through mirrors or otherwise interact with the mirror-world.


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                    Mrmdubois I'd probably categorize it as Mirror Twilight -> Reality <- Death Twilight, but that's neither here nor there.

                    I think as a Space/Death Legacy, this legacy is more like using reflections to obtain sympathy and death to manipulate them (under the warped understanding that reflections are shadows.) Normally just manipulating a reflection wouldn't do anything, but a bit like voodoo getting sympathy is all it takes. By the fourth or fifth attainment, the connections are so strong that the mage can create a "snapshot" of a place, freezing the mirror's reflection and capturing any ghosts (and maybe souls as a left handed version) inside it.

                    So I'm thinking something like when using a mirror as a yantra upgrade shadows to reflections
                    1. The Outward and Inward Eye + unveil shadows
                    2. Scrying + ruling shadows to grant sympathy for scrying and move the focus around by animating the shadow
                    3. Co-location + Ghost Gate
                    Not sure about 4, I could conceive of using Ban to make a snapshot, though maybe Collapse would be the better spell (at least narratively even if it isn't damaging.)
                    5. Pocket Dimension + Shadow Flesh (aka make a permanent mirror or shadow twilight and convert a target to enter it.)

                    lnodiv I don't think I want to involve Changeling in my game, but if there's an online resource describing this 'mirror world' I'm not opposed to scavenging for ideas.


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                      Here's what I was able to dig out:

                      "Somewhere else, both within and throughout the Hedge, a maze shines — desolate and cold, but not uninhabited. In the distance, hear the song of a Huntsman’s horn, or the murmuring of voices behind the mirrors that line the halls. In moments of anguish, doubt, or pain, when you catch your face in the mirror and recoil or look away, unable to face yourself — you create a mirror-person. And these, the Halls of Mirrors, are their home."

                      Pull objects from the mirror world
                      Look into one mirror and out another mirror (use mirrors as connected windows)
                      Step into one mirror and out another (use mirrors as connected doors) - dramatic failure here deposits you in the mirror realm.


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                        The main problem with the changeling mirror world is that changelings run on mechanics that aren’t don’t require the same level of precision as spells. Could be good inspiration still.