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How exactly does Teamwork Spellcasting work?

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  • How exactly does Teamwork Spellcasting work?

    I've searched for a while and found what I wanted to ask here, but no answer was given:

    I wanted to ask because it looks like, for what I seem to understand of it, teamwork in spellcasting can't actually make a spell stronger in any way; it only (possibly) helps you guarantee the casting is going to succeed — Primary caster prepares the Dice Pool given all the factors (probably a low number, if Potency and other factors are to be maximized), everyone else rolls the same dice pool to add their successes to the primary caster's, but nowhere does it say the Primary caster have the ability to use said bonuses to readjust the factors of the spell.

    Am I thinking about it the wrong way? Even if the primary caster could apply the bonuses obtained to readjust the factors, a single helper doesn't seem to make a comparablhe diference. If you had a dice pool of say, 4. That would with a lot of luck give you 2~3 successes, which map to a single factor. It scales better the more mages you have, sure (as the Primary caster could accept less penalties in the base pool, allowing for a bigger one on the other's), but for small cabals it doesn't seem to ever be of practical use.

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    The idea is take spellfactor penalties until you are like near zero or even negative, and hope the cabalmates will grant enough successes on their rolls to boost your main dice to a reasonable amount.

    Its meant, I think, to be a mechanic for *very* dramatic circumstances, such as preventing a cataclysm or stopping a rank 5 monster. Its great when you need to take dire odds to "doable but cross your fingers".

    It can also be great for fishing for exceptional successes and covering your bases.


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      Also, when putting together a group ritual casting you don't need to rely on just your cabal. You should have made allies or have folks you can ask for help.


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        It's a bit unclear if assisting mages need to construct the exact same spell as the final version, cos if so that means that to get any real benefit they'll be rolling chance dice and so the mages without arcarna who just roll gnosis-3 will probably be more help, which is a bit counter-intuitive.

        So how I would do it is have them make the spell and assign all the required reach, but then roll their full pool, without any penalties, and use the successes there to figure out how big an effect the leader can produce.


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          I found that the Teamwork rules as written were a bit vague on the pool secondary casters would be rolling. Do they actually apply the penalties due to extra factors? If so, then in most cases having a Proxima or Sleepwalker acting as an environment Yantra is actually better (although it does use up an available Yantra).
          Maybe this is intentional and Scarlet is right, this is really only meant to be used for the OMG THIS SPELL ABSOLUTELY MUST WORK AND WE ONLY GET ONE SHOT AT IT situations. Mrmdubois is also right, you wouldn't be limited to your own Cabal, and in the kind of situation I mentioned last sentence, getting people to contribute shouldn't be too hard.