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Homebrew Legacy : Bearers of the Sigil

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  • Homebrew Legacy : Bearers of the Sigil

    Here's my first attempt at a legacy

    Bearers of the Sigil

    Through us, Magic lives

    A recent legacy founded by an odd alliance between a Mysterium anthropologist and a voter of the Free council tattoo artist, the Bearers of the Sigil is beginning to spread around the world, their focus on the supernal and cultural value of tattoos as supernal symbols make them popular among mage who grew up in society that put value on bodily markings as social or religious signs of belonging.

    The legacy is still young and close-knitted, most members belong to the Mysterium or Free council but Silver Ladder Conduits aren’t unheard of. Most recruit are approached directly by the two Founders, the Libertine Canvas and the Mystagogue Varulf.

    Parentage : Thyrsus, Mysterium or Free council

    Background : Conduits comes from all walk of life, but all share a sense of devotion and duty towards magic, common background include fallen occultists, anthropologists and artists. Many of which comes from country of Ethnics groups with a long tradition of tattoos. A few enter the legacy for transhuman purposes, seeking to grow closer to supernal entities but they are a minority.

    Appearance : Bearers of the Sigil take great care of their body, after all it is a receptacle of magic. Nearly all of them continue to get tattoos of occult significance after their initiation.

    Prerequisite : Prime 2, Occult 2 and one of the following skills at two dots or higher: Academics, Athletics, Expression, Craft or Intimidation

    Initiation : the prospective member must meditate on his Watchtower at a Desmene oriented to her path realm, at the point where the mage would receive the mana, it is instead drawn into a special version of the spell Invisible rune cast somewhere on the mage, the mana burns itself into the flesh of the awakened, marking the new Conduit with his Sigil.

    Organization : The legacy isn’t formerly hierarchical, elders are respected for their knowledge and dedication but there is no chain of command, Bearers do try to meet at least once a year to talk about new rotes , mysteries and new members. Many bearer work in Athenaeum or at Lorehouse and keeps extensive libraries of magical lore.

    Theory : Magic is alive, but it’s grip on the phenomenal world is tenuous at best, by linking their physical form to the Supernal, Conduit act as a beacon and invite the Supernal in the fallen, as the Watchtowers act as a bridge for the soul, the Sigil act as an anchor and allow magic to grow and prosper. Some Conduit believe that their legacy is the first step towards becoming a Supernal being they eschew the goal of ensuring the health of magic for pure Supernal ascension.
    This is a topic of hot debate among members, the Founders as of date, haven’t declare their opinions on the matter.

    Ruling Arcana : Prime

    Yantras : Body paint (+1) Studying the cultural or religious significance of a tattoo (+2) , (+1) Making a show of exposing the Sigil for all to see (+2)

    Oblations :Getting a new tattoo, permanent or temporary, Exercising the body to the point of exhaustion, Recording a rote, Observing a supernal Cryptid.

    First : Devil eyes
    Prerequisite : Initiation

    The Conduit eyes lit up with power and take an appearance appropriate to the mage path (Serpentine eyes for a Mastigos or orbs of blue fire for an Obrimos) the Attainment replicate the use of Supernal vision with reach assigned to instant casting, but can also be used to detect instance of non Supernal magic, the Conduit could for example tell that a target uses blood magic but not that they are a vampire.

    Optional : Life 1
    the Bearer gain a bonus to perception equal to their dots in life when using Prime of Life active mage sight

    Second : Witch walk
    Prerequisite : Prime 2, Occult 3

    The Bearer of the Sigil can now sense the intricate web of Ley lines flowing under her feets
    the attainment is similar to Sacred Geometry with Reach used to instant casting and advanced duration.

    Optional : Life2
    he Ley lines empower the magical energies of the Conduit Body, as long as they stay on top of the ley line, they can add their Life dots to their speed, doing so often leave strange tracks tied to the caster path, flower and mushroom blooms atop the cement road and burned hooves marks linger after the passage of a Warlock.

    Third : Supernal Bulkwark
    Occult 3 , Athletics 3 or attain 2 dots in another skill from the requirement list.

    After meditating on his Sigil for a scene and paying one point of mana, the Sigil of the conduit flare with light mystic power and protect its Bearer as per the Spell Wards And Signs with reach assigned to instant Duration and a reach and mana for the spell to apply to non Supernal spells.
    Optional : Life 3 , The supernal energy courses through the mage body while they are in meditation, healing the caster as per the Knit spell with reach used to heal lethal damage.
    The Sigil usually work by expanding its light through the mage’s tattoos.

    Fourth : Sorcerer’s Regalia
    Prerequisite : Prime 4, Occult 4 , prior Skill used at 3 and Potent Nimbus ••
    The Bearer’s Immediate Nimbus is now as much a part of the Mage body as his skin, when the Conduit flares it’s Nimbus, he can choose which target get affected by the nimbus Tilt, and for one point for mana, the Nimbus last until the end of the scene.

    Optional : Life 4 as the nimbus wraps itself around the mage, it adopt a shape a near physical in accordance with the Conduit path and personality, as long as the mage paid a mana and flared his nimbus, the mage now gain a unique feature for the scene as per the Spell Transform Life. The feature is fixed and can only be changed by gaining gnosis and redesigning a Nimbus tilt. The towering Thyrsus grows a pair of Horns reminiscent of the minotaur, and the mighty Obrimos extend his angelics wings and take flight.

    Fifth : Living Magic
    Prerequisite : Prime 5 in addition from Occult 4, the other skilll used to meet requirement must now be at 4 dots, Or another skill from the list must be at 3 dots, or two dots in a third skill from the list
    Magic now course through the very veins of the Conduit, his skin now bear the sublime glyph of truth, The bearer has now the capacity to become a living grimoire, carrying magical rotes without suffering any ill effect that other fallen organism less attuned to the supernal would suffer.
    The Conduit must study the rote for one scene, from another grimoire or directly from witnessing the Imago cast by a master, after that the runes composing the rote will appear on his body n usually moving around his Sigil. the conduit can store in this way a number of Rotes equal to twice his stamina, but can replace them after another scene of study.

    Optional: Life 5: The limit of rote the mage can store in his pattern increase by his life dots,, any rote that the mage bought with experience and that are currently stored in his body gain the rote quality even if the mage used a reach to cast it instantly.

    Edit due to formating issues
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    That is a pretty cool concept, the phrase expresses the vision well.

    Regarding yantras, I think tattooing tools could also be added, with a bonus if they are artesanal. A tatoo appropriate to the spell could be a +2, +3 if it represents a supernatural being they saw use that ability (cryptids, summons, spirits, ghosts, geists, etc). A tatoo parlor could be an environmental one, with a bonus if the mage customized it.

    For oblations, I think studying the cultural significance of tatoos fits better as one. Teaching about them or how to tatoo could be another. Creating a tatoo pattern resembling a Cryptid as well. Creating new recipes for tatoo ink might also work.

    The first Prime Attainment overlaps with Peripheral Mage Sight. The fourth Life one can allow you to use Transform Life with instant use and advanced duration, you have the Reach required to not enforce restrictions. For the fourth Prime one, you might need to add a requirement for the 2 dot Potent Nimbus merit, otherwise the effect is very small and surprisingly easy to Withstand, even by an average person. But otherwise you are good to go.

    Due to Mark of the Ninja, I can't help but think it would be cool to transform into ley energy and use it to move, spy or hide within it. Editing the world's Sigil with one Attainment and merging with it using another, merging Supernal and Fallen in a pattern of the mage's design.
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      Heya, thanks for your reply !, I'm not really sure what to say for the first attainement as i don't really have another idea for it.
      But for the fourth one i don't really understand what you mean by add a requirement for the 2 dot Potent Nimbus, it's not really a spell, it's a prolonged nimbus tilt, there shouldn't be any withstanding as it's not based on a spell like effect.
      The restriction for transform life is purely thematic but i kind of like it, if you want to be a true Mage, you got to flare your power a lilttle !

      And yeah moving through ley lines as a being of pure energy was my first idea for the final attainement, but then i remembered the Tellurians legacy and thought i could try to make a homebrew 2e version of it where this attainement would work better



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        Oh right, I forgot the Tellurians already did that.

        When you flare your Nimbus, it is Withstood by the target's Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance. In practice, it means you normally won't be able to inflict it on supernaturals. Plus, because average everyday stats are 2, it means you need Gnosis 3 to even inflict a 1 point of debuff. By the time you hit Gnosis 6 for the third Attainment, your Nimbus Tilt will be able to inflict a 4 point debuff or a 6 point buff on targets (depending on how its built) on a target of average Resolve. But normal spellcasting can normally match that, 5 points without using mana, 6 with it and high speech yantra and still open for more. But Potent Nimbus gives you 4 more points to play with, which gives a better cost benefit. Plus it just sounded right to me for a Legacy all about bridging the Supernal and Fallen.

        For the first Attainment, how about a unique variation of Good Time Management ? The sigil is carved into your soul, granting greater enlightenment on runes. You can now create rune yantras in half the time. In addition, if you take a point of resistant bashing damage or are down to taking low health penalties, then you can come up with them reflexively. I thought it could be a fun reference to how Odin learned his sigils, but I am not sure if its a valid option.
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        New experiences are the font of creativity, when seeking inspiration, break your routine.

        The Agathos Kai Sophos, an Acanthus Legacy of strategists


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          Ho i forgot about that, i'll have to rework the fourht attainement then, but i really like your idea for the first one, copy your sigil to act as a path tool or yantra maybe ? I'll have to rework it too !



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            Originally posted by KaiserAfini View Post
            When you flare your Nimbus, it is Withstood by the target's Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance.
            This is false, the Nimbus is not withstood. The Nimbus tilt takes effect if its strength is equal to or greater than the subject's Resolve, if it was a withstand rating it would have to be greater to take effect.

            Also, you're confusing the contested roll from interacting with other auras. If you're hit with another Supernatural creature's aura (including another Mage) you may roll a contested Resistance Attribute + Gnosis versus their aura with your successes subtracting from theirs and any additional successes flipping the tables (hitting them with your Nimbus tilt).

            Presumably, contesting another Mage's nimbus is meant to be Resolve + Gnosis, but that isn't actually stated (Nimbus flares do not use a power attribute).

            Also, the duration of Nimbus tilts from deliberate flares is not defined.

            It's also not clear if Mages can only contest deliberate Nimbus flares (this makes the most sense to me) or any flare they happen to be subject to (I dislike this, watching someone with Mage sight cast should leave you vulnerable).

            Mentats - a 2e Free Council Obrimos Legacy (Mind/Forces) built around being a human computer; Thaumatech Engineers - a 2e Free Council Obrimos Legacy (Matter/Prime) focusing on the creation of Imbued items and the enhancement of Sleeper technology


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              So the Tilt is all or nothing ? I had always thought it was diminished by Resolve, interesting.

              So if it gives a bonus to Composure and you cast an AoE Shared Fate, enemies within it could possibly gain a bonus to all Composure related rolls, but not for effects of Withstand, correct ?

              Would that Tilt bonus stack with a spell that boosted Wits as well as Exceptional Luck ?
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              New experiences are the font of creativity, when seeking inspiration, break your routine.

              The Agathos Kai Sophos, an Acanthus Legacy of strategists