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  • Status and storylines

    Question: If a player uses manages to put themselves in a position where they could gain a title in a Consilium but don’t have the experience to buy the level of status necessary, how would you treat it? Particularly if it’s a Silver Laddr character who could potentially use that status in their Lex Magica merit. Curious how it’s been addressed in others games.

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    Story earned Merits are a thing, if they want it to be important to their character and give them narrative control for having that status they buy the Merits when they can.


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      The most important aspect of buying them is the sanctity of merits. And I guess mechanical use? But mostly sanctity of merits.


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        I let the players go in debt. A single merit dot is only 1xp, so they're only in the negative for one or two sessions.

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          If you want to be mean about it you can give them the position but have their lack of status represent how little authority they actually hold, or that the posting is dependent upon the support of another, sometimes demanding member of the Consillium. Rather like the Nemean's herald in Boston.