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How specific can you be with "Shifting the Odds" and to recognise what you ask?

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  • How specific can you be with "Shifting the Odds" and to recognise what you ask?


    As the title says, the questions:
    • What level of details can you use on Shifting the Odds? I know that it can not be used to find a particular person, so no casting to find "Matthew Dawkins", but could I be very detailed: "high schooler kidnapped since last week", "female supermodel that finds me alluring", "Colonel Mustard's assassin"? At some point the specificity should fail since there might be no kidnapped high schoolers, no female supermodels that find my appearance attractive, and Colonel Mustard just had a stroke.
    • How do you know you have found what you are looking for? If I ask for a "Corrupt Cop", how do I recognize them? I might meet the cop outside work hours, or among many other cops.
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    I put the results down as anyone who could theoretically fit the bill while falling into a category of people rather than being marked as an individual. So the first two would be fine to ask, and the last one wouldn't because the question itself implies there could be only one person after whom you're inquiring. I'd also be inclined to make either of the first two questions succeed however improbable, because Fate does the probability thing unless I had a good reason for not letting it happen. In which case I'd inform my player.

    As for how you know when you've found what you're looking for, I just tell the player, "You found it."