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Exceptional Success with Supernal Summoning?

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  • Exceptional Success with Supernal Summoning?

    Is there an errata on this? My copy does not have the Exceptional success option for supernal summoning rolls, but perhaps it has already being brought up here in the forum.

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    Huh, weird, there isn’t one. Seems like a good opportunity to come up with some sort of interesting magical Condition I guess.


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      "Summoning a Supernal entity is an extended action, and is subject to the same rules as other such actions"
      so you use the standard list of exceptional success options for extended actions, meaning you pick between "Reduce the number of successes required by your character’s Skill dots or reduce the
      time on each following roll by a quarter".

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        Personally I assumed Zooroos was asking specifically about “or apply the exceptional success result of the action when you complete your goal,” which itself defaults to “get a beneficial Condition” when there’s no specific/special one.


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          Yeah - as it's an extended action with no skill involved, your options are "make it faster" or "invent a Condition"

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            Ok, I was wondering if I've had missed something. It is the first time I find one the four success/failure states missing in a roll.
            Thank you all for your replies!