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    More specifically, anyone going through a near death experience has a chance of generating a ghost of themselves despite surviving. I think it's rarer than ghosts appearing when people die (which happens far from 100% of the time) but it might just be that NDEs are that rare.
    While ghosts does have a connection to the human soul (more specifically the Integrity trait, as evidenced by a human's Integrity changing the odds of leaving a ghost and determining the ghost's starting Rank, as well as Breaking Points being what can create animal ghosts), they're actually mostly just psychic echoes of people. It's almost surprising that they're so firmly embedded in the Death Arcanum instead of Mind.

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      How about Ghosts re-enacting events that never happened? Sort of "What-Ifs".


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        A subtle one would be survival rates are just too high in one region. Perhaps balanced by another's drop. The difference could be statistically insignificant yet be very real.

        This could be the set-up for something else going wrong, too, as a sort of pressure between the sites builds up. Perhaps all graveyard gates between the sites suddenly begin unlocking any time someone dies. Perhaps something abyssal or from the depths sneaks in while reality is being strained.

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