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Documenting my Roll20 Mage The Ascension Campaign on World Anvil

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  • Documenting my Roll20 Mage The Ascension Campaign on World Anvil

    My Mage The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition Campaign has been exceeding my original expectations by leaps and bounds. Besides the irreplaceable feeling of all your friends sitting at the same table together, Roll20 has allowed me to add so many extra little details to the campaign.

    I've been happy enough with the results that I began last night adding all my NPCs/Monsters and other campaign documents to the World Anvil site for others to borrow from for their own settings. There is only a few pieces at the moment but as we continue to play, I'm just doing all the work directly into World Anvil. Here is the link to the creature article I just finished.

    I've been using voice changing software when speaking as NPCs, using video maps, and creating videos to either introduce a scene or set a certain mood.

    Here is the trailer I made to get my players excited about playing the game.

    Again, I feel that besides missing the part where I get to see my friends in person., Roll20 is better than tabletop in almost every other way.

    If I went back in time and told my 15 year old self about the tools I use now, I don't think he would have believed me.

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    Ascension or Awakening ? This could still be a helpful reference for Mage ideas, but since I didn't see a mirrored post in the Ascension forum, I thought I might as well ask.
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