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Unofficial Mage: the Awakening Discord Server Homebrew; Archive & Athanaeum

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  • Unofficial Mage: the Awakening Discord Server Homebrew; Archive & Athanaeum

    Presented here, for your amusement, is a collection of all the custom materials thus far collected from the past year of the unofficial Discord Server's homebrew channel.

    Archive & Athenaeum

    A note for those venturing in: the collection is over 100 pages, and is not uniformly formatted. It is organized by type--spells, alternate attainments, alternate rule systems, etc.--but the content therein is not exhaustively curated for any sense of balance beyond workshopping done amongst members of the server. People will hold different thresholds for what they feel is "right" so we decided it was best to preserve them in what their creators decided was the final form. Pick and choose, and alter as you wish for your own tables.

    It's already in my signature, but if you want to join in you can follow this link to join the Unofficial Mage: the Awakening Discord Server

    Come visit our unofficial Mage: the Awakening Discord Server!

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    Just popping in to say this is fantastic, thanks a lot. Some of this stuff, plus getting my hands on Signs finally, might be what finally inspiries me to run Mage again.


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      Also, here's the Repository

      Whatever Mage related I find, I ask for permission and pile it and try to keep it tidy

      The Repository