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    Now that Signs of Sorcery is out in print, it is time to address the elephant in the room.

    Friends, it has been my privilege to look after this wonderful, intricate gameline for the last six and a half years. I've gone from being the new kid to one of the oldest serving developers - one by one, my friends and colleagues have stepped down, and handed the games they were lucky enough to guide over to newer friends. Now it's my turn.

    This isn't due to a falling-out with Onyx Path. I have the greatest respect for Rich, Eddy, and the rest. It's a combination of time pressures, my health, simply being tired of horror games, and the creeping realisation that after a decade writing rpgs all I've ever done is work on games other people own. I decided, back when I was designing Deviant, that the next game I designed would be mine, and I can't do that and watch over Mage. Last year, I finally had a good idea for a game of my own, and my dayjob is successful enough (though that has brought the time pressures!) that I can stop freelancing. Ten months ago, I told Onyx Path I was stepping down after Signs, but that I'd do a full handover.

    Think of it this way. I have had a good term as Hierarch, but my Obsessions now outweigh my duty, and it's time for me to Seek the Imperial Mysteries.

    As is proper, though, I have trained my apprentice.

    Meghan Fitzgerald has been one of my favourite people to work with, chat with, hang out with at Conventions. She's one of three other writers (another's Malcolm Sheppard, my oldest and best friend in freelancing and Mage's wise old master) on the game's development slack, where we do things like come up with Seer of the Throne Ministries to namedrop and figure out how crossover mechanics are going to work. Meghan has done a fantastic job Developing Night Horrors: Nameless and Accursed, taking my pile of notes on how Scelesti and Tremere work in 2e and turning them into a full book. I've been reading the drafts, and giving advice when she asks - but that's not very often, because she gets it. That book's going through Art Direction now, and marks the handover - she's its Developer, I'm credited as line Developer. Starting with Tome of the Pentacle, Meghan is fully in charge.

    I won't be around as much. The astute may have noticed I've not been around as much lately already (my actual paid work for Onyx Path ended with Sign's art notes many months ago), but if she wants me (and I have time) I'll be happy to write on future Mage books.

    My only regret is that I never did write for Hunter, and therefore have a credit on every game line. But I had six years of the best gameline. And that's enough.

    Good night. Travel well.


    Dave Brookshaw

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    Best of luck with your game, Dave. Thank you for all you have done! Meghan, congratulations on becoming the Mage developer!

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      Aw,I'm going to miss you! Thank you for your work


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        Originally posted by Dave Brookshaw View Post
        I finally had a good idea for a game of my own,
        Where should we keep an eye out for news on this?

        Your work has been phenomenal, and I'm sorry to see you go - though it seems the line is absolutely being left in good hands.


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          Dave the way you described leaving us is just so purrfect! You really did a great job and I am so excited for you, best of luck! Your work on Mage helped me get through more than I can tell you, your vision of Mage helped keep me excited for magic in a way my life couldn't, and I'll miss you!

          But holy crap am I also excited to see where Meghan takes us!! And what your next game will be~! Good luck, the best luck!


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            Meghan is an excellent choice. If I do more Awakening I'll be thrilled to work for her.

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              We will definitely miss you, Dave! And good luck with your Seeking.

              Congratulations, Meghan! We look forward to more of your work.


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                Dave, honestly I hated Mage back in the day. Your vision and your passion changed that. Now Mage is one of my favourite games. I don’t think I would be writing Chronicles of Darkness today if I hadn’t advocated passionately for a Mage expansion to 1001 Nightmares. We never got to work together... But I owe you big time and I won’t forget it.

                Anyone who doesn’t know Meghan... Meghan is amazing. I’ve been fortunate to work for her or alongside her on every one of my assignments for OPP. Mage is in the best of hands.
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                  Dave, you're the first dev I ever payed attention to because you started out with just some cool APs and some sweet, sweet storytelling skills that I found out about before you ever became a dev. Then you became a dev and made me realize the connection between the passion of playing a game and then creating for it that developers do and should have. I sincerely appreciate all the time and effort you put into Mage and making it just -the- best game I have ever played. I wish you luck, and heartfelt gratitude on the next step of your journey.

                  I really look forward to what Meghan is going to do next with this line! Thank you to the devs for giving such a great damn!


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                    I have been reading things you write about games, or games you write, for very literally my entire adult life. I'm better off for it. If you bring even a fraction of the mechanical and philosophical elegance to your next project that you brought to Deviant or Mage or Soul Cage, I know I'll play the hell out of it.

                    (Meghan is pretty cool too.)


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                      Hats off to ten years of magic.

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                        Good luck, Dave. And thank you - Mage wouldn't be the marvel it's become to me without you.

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                          Thanks for everything, Mage 2e is truly my favorite gameline because of your hard work!

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                            This is sort of old news for me, since you admitted as such a while back on the Book of Faces, but since we're here-

                            Dave, thank you very much. Not only did you help to breath life and interest into a gameline I had overlooked a lot, but you have taught me several important lessons about worldbuilding, research, writing, professionalism, ethics, philosophy, and more. You've been a great example, and I look forward to your next projects.

                            Just wanted to say that-as if somehow you are magically disappearing from all other venues.
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                              I always considered your work very inspiring.
                              Good luck with your new projects, i m a little sad that new mage products will not benefit from your contribution