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Rare Photo of The "Stardust Crusaders" Cabal

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  • Rare Photo of The "Stardust Crusaders" Cabal

    The Adamantine Arrow Cabal "Stardust Crusaders" is pictured here. Though a very short lived Cabal, gathered together out of necessity, they would prove decisive in freeing the Awakened community of Egypt from the grips of a powerful Vampire named Dio.

    Pictured are Acanthis "Joseph Joestar", his grandson Obrimos "Jotaro Kujoh", Mastigos "Noriaki Kakoyin", Obrimos "Muhammed Avdol", Moros "Jean Pierre Polneraff" and his familiar "Iggy".

    Only Three of the Crusaders would survive the mission, and none would ever join a formal Cabal again outside of one another, but they were successful in culling several Left Handed Path Awakened, and ultimately discovering the existence of the Atlantean Arrow-Heads.


    Just a fun little thing I wanted to post. "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" having it's roots in being a Horror Manga initially and becoming a Seinen Manga overall has always made me think of the World/Chronicles of Darkness.

    Parts 1 and 2 I see as having been Tier 3 Hunter: The Vigil Campaigns, with Hamon being a Tier 3 Hunter merit tailored specifically to killing Vampires... but from part 3 onward we're specifically in Mage the Awakening territory, in particular with many parts concerned with the Arrow heads which work great as Atlantean artificats.
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    I m wondering if "oraoraoraora" is high speech or shadow name yantra 😁


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      It's the Mudra for the Punching Rote.

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        What I dig is how Nimbus is such a great way of doing Stand manifestations. Stand names are also a good "stand ins" for Shadow names.


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          Did they retrieve a card from the vampire's ashes ? Was it ZA WARUDO ?!
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            Boy, that Life spell Paradox sure did a number on poor young Jotaro. That is not a healthy level of muscle for a 16-year-old boy.

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              Sir he was 17 thank you very much! 17!

              But he did remarkably look much less bulky 10 years later when he was helping hunt the Masitgos Soul Eater, Yoshikage Kira.