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  • Pneuma

    I've been reflecting on some SoS material today, and reading over the section on Pneuma. It's a really interesting concept, and I can see why the pursuit of it might draw some Mages into interfering with Awakenings. I am curious, though - do we think it is at all possible to store it in any meaningful capacity? Can you siphon it off of a newly Awakened mage with a spell similar to Channel Mana (obviously Pneuma isn't Mana, but something similar)? Could the Left-Handed simply place a number of newly-Awakened mages in a magical stasis to preserve it, since it only sublimates into Mana upon use?

    How much do you think Mage society values it as a resource? Are there Orders sitting on small stockpiles for when they really need it? What sorts of threats might justify dipping into those stockpiles? It occurs to me that the automatic success on Clash of Wills would put those using Pneuma into the same tier of magical weight as godlike ephemeral beings and archmages, if only briefly. I'm sure that's not an accident.

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    I have many doubt about this: use Pneuma, by Awakened, dont cause aggravate damage?
    Yes, very powerfull but...instable and risky.
    I think that an Artifact gived as Boon can do the trick.
    Or use a very specific Demesne with 2+ Soul Stone from the correct Path?


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      It's what Archmasters' Golden Roads are made out of

      Dave Brookshaw


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        It does seem like getting Pneuma from a Supernal Being with Prime would be appropriate, as opposed to stealing it.

        I’m iffy on stockpiling it. Though if I’m going to say a Supernal Being might dispense it as a Boon then I’m sure someone is trying to build and store a stockpile.

        I’m also iffy on any solution that involves capturing newly Awakened working long term. Even at that point they have a Long Term Nimbus that will warp things, and it’s notoriously difficult to incapacitate a Mage enough to stop them from using magic entirely. The Nemean for instance was about as locked down as you can get, and still managed a jailbreak. It could work in the short term though. Just make sure to keep grabbing fresh batteries.

        Obvious threats to use it for are Bound, archmasters, Ochemata, etc.

        Edit: Cool, you can mind Wendings.


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          Originally posted by Mrmdubois View Post
          Edit: Cool, you can mine Wendings.
          Ah, another (and perhaps a good) reason to jump into the chaos that is Wendings.

          Yeah, I wouldn't allow storing it. I mean, you could classify filling yourself up to an equal amount of your mana pool in pneuma as "storing" it (and I would allow you to be completely full on mana and completely full on pneuma at the same time), but that's as far as I would allow without THE Mystery of the chronicle revolving around pneuma. Auto win on clashes is nothing to sneeze at.


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            The idea that mystery plays can last a month or more was new to me. I've never liked them but the idea you can then farm a mage who is going through one is interesting enough If I ever ran a game where the character went through an awakening I'd try use a mystery play and set up baddie seers who want to abuse them for it but I think storing it is maybe imperial level arcana stuff.
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