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    I know that official rules for these guys will be in Nameless and Accursed, but has anyone come up with a good temporary version based off the Core and Left Handed? I’ve looked at it some, but without having played 1e I’m not sure how it would work exactly. Particularly the Paradox control.

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    Maybe you could approximate something with the Prelacy rules. If the Elder Diadem gives them power over Paradox, but the nameless lords of the Abyss can kill them with a snap, then that could be a more dangerous version of Mystery Commands (like 1 aggravated wound per day they don't work towards the goal).

    Crown allows them to have a Rank amongst Abyssal creatures, which is equal to the arcanum of the sponsor, verge or artifact that granted their power. Maybe they stole or won the power from a being. Spirit seems like the easiest, making it affect the entities, including countering it or even dispelling Abyssal Numina if they have Prime.

    The Sword lets them control Paradox within sensory range. They can manipulate up to the Arcanum's rating in Paradox Reach per turn.

    The Temple adds a paradox dice to any mage who didn't contribute to the Sanctum. But all mages within get some kind of abyssal sign or effect in their Nimbus for the Arcanum rating's number of days.

    This is just a first draft of how it would work, so it needs refinement, but I think it conveys spirit of it.
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      Temple would probs be getting to establish an Abyssal Verge.


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        The Paradox control is already written in 2e core. Instead of rolling Wisdom to Contain each Paradox success, roll Gnosis to Control each Paradox success, allowing the Scelestus (instead of the Storyteller, should it be a PC) to spend any Paradox Reach however they see fit.
        Presumably higher tiers of Scelesti have more refined methods of doing it and probably more options to spend Controlled Paradoxes on.

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