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Peripheral Mage Sight, and a undiscovered mage

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  • Peripheral Mage Sight, and a undiscovered mage

    Hey so do enhancement or hung spells activate peripheral mage sight?

    A friend of mine was thinking of running a solo mage game that at least for a while, follows someone who has not found the awakened community, but I am wondering how possible that is too pull off? Especially if the character is still an active police officer?

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    Any supernatural effect (but probably only at the time of activation; the book isn't completely clear on that) pings Peripheral Mage Sight, with the exception of supernatural effects that are about concealment in some way.

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      One of the thing that worries me is if having a boost (like body control) makes you a walking flare, because that would make being unfound all but impossible. The character wouldnt know too hide themselves from mage sight.


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        Some plausible reasons to know would be either they learned about it during their Awakening, found notes explaining the basics (an old Sanctum, a manual on teaching new mages, etc), met an ex-familiar or a Nameless Order mentor. Other than that, the easiest explanation is that they simply "got lucky" to never meet an Order member "until the right time".

        That being said, the Arrow and Guardians often recruit from the police. It wouldn't be surprising if they had a few Sleepwalkers keeping an eye out for new mages, run Labyrinths or even have officers be Order instructors. Because the police will have more chances to trip over cover ups or possible breaches of the Veil, an officer will probably have one of the thoughest times flying under the radar of Awakened society due to the sheer amount of times they are exposed to it. Then again, maybe the bartender in their favorite bar is a Quiescent willing to show them the ropes.

        A Moros using Death and an Obrimos using Prime Veilings are probably the ones that stand the best chance at being discrete.

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          There aren't any Mysteries in the area to attract Awakened interest; or, rather, there weren't. Something has shaken you Awake, but there doesn't seem to be anyone else like you around to help explain what you're experiencing, and you're wary about trying to reach out via message boards lest someone in your department catch wind and label you, well, "troubled."

          The Pentacle and Seers just got done with a very Hot portion of their Cold War, and both have retreated to lick their wounds, leaving your home town a No-Mage's Land. Maybe your Awakening was a byproduct of this conflict; you were forged in the Crucible of war, but as an innocent bystander rather than a participant. Now you have all sorts of new knowledge, but not the experience to apply it and there's no one left to guide you.

          Neither the Pentacle nor Seers held sway in the area because a well established Nameless Order that refused to be absorbed into a Pentacle Order or Ministry held a solid grip on the area. But then someone swept through; could have been a Banisher, maybe a Tremere Lich, heck, could have even been a cabal of Scelesti. Whoever it was, they wiped out the Nameless Order, its members dead or fled, and none had enough contact with the major Mage organizations for them to be immediately cognizant. Someone will probably swing by to check, eventually, but for now your newly Awakened ass is on your own.

          Hallows are scarce. What few exist provide only a bare trickle of Mana (1-dot Hallows), and attempts to raise more powerful Hallows through Magic are futile; it works, for, like, a day or two, but then the Hallow dries up and goes dormant, more Mana is required to create or revive it than it produces before falling dormant again. You basically live in the magical equivalent of a food desert, and who wants to live in one of those when they could, y'know, not live in one? But you don't know any better, because you've just Awakened. You'll probably move on once you've exhausted the minor Mysteries of the area, enough to sustain one of the newly Awakened, but, when coupled with the dearth of resources, not enough to keep a more puissant Mage around.

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            Carrying a self boosting spell is not like sending up a signal flare that Peripheral Mage Sight can see from miles away, the Mage in question literally has to get close enough to have sensory interaction with the supernatural before it will ping. It is quite possible for two Mages with buffing spells going all the time to spend hours a day in the same building and as long has they never find themselves in the same room or passing each other in the hall they will never just stumble upon each other. The only time a new Mage sends off such a flare is the actual moment of Awakening, which can be felt for up to a couple of miles, so as long has the Awakening happened in isolation or at least far enough from another Mage that he was gone by the time they came searching, a new Mage could easily slip through the cracks.
            Also, even in a town of less than a hundred thousand two people may never come that close to each other. In places like New York you could even live in the same humongous apartment block and never see each other's faces.
            End result, you don't need a good excuse for why your new Mage hasn't been discovered yet. If he keeps his head down, doesn't send off the magical equivalent of a signal flare, then it is very reasonable that he hasn't been discovered yet.
            The Guardians are the order to find the most new Mages because they actively search for them, not relying on random chance.