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Tome of the Pentacle is coming.

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  • Tome of the Pentacle is coming.

    As of today,a new Mage 2e book. Tome of the Pentacle is coming!

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    Holy crap. I dont play the game admittedly, but damn I do want to learn about Mage

    Where was this announced?

    EDIT: nevermind I found it. Bit sad no Promethean or Beast stuff was put up.

    Anyway, 212 pages! I look most forward to the Guardians of the Veil and Free Council.
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      Less than one hour ago


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        Damn. Player group is currently doing Awakening, but I doubt we will when this book comes out. Still, very excited for another Mage book.

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          Man just in time for me to be kicking up on an Ascension binge.

          It is a time for great deeds!


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            I wonder if this is going to be the Requiem-clanbook-style game fiction scrapbook Dave B. always wanted the line to field. Let's find out together, in the future.


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              So, Tome is the first of the two books that were in the hidden pre-first draft Developer workload when I resigned; It had been accepted by WW, and had a maybe 1/3 finished outline which Meghan took and finished now she's in charge. I spoke about it at GenCon when it was first announced; it's more like Awakening's versions of Guide to the Traditions and/or Damnation City.

              Those fiction scrapbooks are hella expensive to produce and murder on the art direction team. I can't see one happening for any CofD line in the foreseeable future.

              Dave Brookshaw