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The Boys as a Mage Story

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  • The Boys as a Mage Story

    Watching The Boys, I cannot help but think that it would be a great Mage story. I know that it would be very suited to Aberrant, but the theme of "Power Corrupts" is extremely relevant to the Supers of the show. Many of the powers that they manifest can be replicated by Mage powers. In addition, the show really shows the collateral damage that Mage spells can have on the environment (A-Train smashing into Robin for instance). The Boys would easily be a hunter Cell that is determined to take down Sups (or Mages), that have caused them harm. Speaking of Hubris, the Supers have that in spades, Homelander in my opinion would have the Meglomaniac condition practically stamped on him all the time. Many Sups would also have the Rampant condition as they carelessly use their super powers all the time to display their powers to lesser men. I think that the theme of Hubris and Wisdom loss is very strong as power just naturally leads to arrogance among super powered beings.

  • #2 wouldnt it be better as a Hunter Story that shows why mages are scary?


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      There are a few approaches that may work.

      One is as a Hunter chronicle, showing different organizations and how they deal with mages.

      As a mage chronicle, you can use it to show some sympathy for Banishers, showing hunters so jaded by what they saw in their city that the cabal would want to prove them wrong. The cool thing is showing that both groups have a point to a certain degree.

      You could also have hunters so used to hunting Scelestus and Abyssal incursions that their fraying sanity and greater alienation from mortal society causes them to see all mages as Lovecraftian horrors. But are they simply good at rooting out these threats or are they under the influence of an Abyssal Fate Invader that makes them happen around them ? All it takes is one quick read of the Necronomicon.

      Another option is to show how ultimately some hunter groups are nothing more than unwitting pawns of mages, throw as shock troops in a shadowy chess game.

      There is also the old saying: one mage's harrowing predators is another archmage's Quintessence. After all, you just need the right kind of desperate or ambitious mage to risk becoming a pawn of an Invisible Master.

      Lastly, you can go with all of the above: plots within plots within plots.

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        It should be noted that The Boys is closer to Deviant/Hunter than Mage/Hunter. The Seven may be powerful, but the entire setup for their powers and the handling, publicly and behind closed doors, of those powers through Vought is way more of how that entire show runs than anything with Mage.

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