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  • Help with the spell Rewrite History

    Hi all, I've got another question for the forums. One of my players, following his obsession, wants to turn a mobster who no longer wants to be a criminal in someone else, using Time 4 "rewrite history". Previously in the campaign the mobster acted as a contact and gave some valuable informations the the cabal. What would happen to the world if he makes the story of the Mobster different? Also, how would the crime family react, would the world "rearrange" itself of would people start acting weird? Tima magic confuses me a lot.

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    With the rewrite history spell only the subjects are changed, and only for the spell duration.
    For the rest of the world, nothing has changed


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      Originally posted by Neos01 View Post
      With the rewrite history spell only the subjects are changed, and only for the spell duration.
      For the rest of the world, nothing has changed
      Thank you! If he wanted the rest of the world to "adapt"to these changes would Time 5 be enough, or would it need a rite of imperium? Of course Time 5 would still be dispellable and have duration.


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        The time 5 spell corridors of time is what do you need.
        The mage could send the mobster, himself or both back in time in their old bodies, free to make different decisions.
        In this case duration sets only the duration of the trip, during which another mage could dispel it, but after that any change woul be permanent.
        The mage should consider that anyone who doesn t protect himself with a warding time spell (in the present) would remember and be affected only by the new timeline, and this could pose some complication considering the mobster past experiences with the cabal


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          Also it would be considered an act of hubris, a more wise option would be to fabricate a new life for the mobster, forging documents and erasing criminal records maybe


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            The simplest solution, as mentioned, is to just help him construct an alternate identity (or find someone to do it for them). You could also ask the Orders for help, all of them have a reason to at least want to conceal Sleepwalkers from danger. The Guardians would probably do it happily, since they would be elated to see a cabal cleaning up loose ends in a reasonable manner. Barring that, check if the Consilia has witness protection programs.

            On the magical side, not all time travel is hubristic. Overwriting a couple of hours should have reasonably predictable results, a couple of days is hopefully fine. But the further back you go, the more branching possibilities you create. Which is why its always good to check with Prophecy before returning, to find any unaccounted consequences. Even then, you should always consider rewriting a point closer to the present and only after you are absolutely sure there is no better option than time travel, including moving on with the present. That is one of major draws of Imperial Time magic, it alters the past neatly (all least the parts you targeted).

            The good news is that a Veiling of Time provides simpler solutions. Target the entirety of their past and you could grant dots in Anonymity, falsify it and you could grant Alternate Identity or, with a Reach, Untouchable as well. The databases housing their names will have glitches, documents might get misplaced, they may meet a person who can do all those and just happens to want to do it for free to spite someone else. You could arguably stack all those spells to give them a completely clean restart.

            Lastly, there is always the option of finding a being that can grant alternate identities, like the acting spirit of a world famous theater (or a Supernal summon). The best case scenario would be akin to Ursa meeting the Mother of Faces, but the entity would probably request a favor.
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