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    The Seers of the Throne and the Free Council are easy to grasp (occultists that control the power in the Fallen World and the Technocracy/Virtual Adepts/Ether of this edition), but I don't understand what are the orders of the diamond exactly... Can somebody summarize them to me in one sentence?
    Arrow: warriors
    Ladder: leaders that want humanity to ascend, sort of the opposite of the Seers
    Mysterium: researchers that want to make everybody understand uncovered things
    Veil: sort of... The contrary of Mysterium in the sense that don't want anything discovered and the Ladder because they don't want humanity to ascend?

    Am I getting them well?
    What are exactly the Veil, the enemies of the other orders? Because they seem very similar to the Seers...
    and the Arrow? Are they simply warriors that want to improve themselves? No opinion on humanity awakening, on the undiscovered truths, on who must lead the people? Just as plain boring as they seem?
    The Ladder and the Free Council seem to want the same thing (humanity enlightened), so the only difference is if they use technology or classical magic?

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    It's about where magic comes from, what is magical, and thus, where both enlightenment and power can be found and harnessed.

    The Free Council isn't a bunch of techno mages. They're culture mages. They stand apart from the Diamond because they believe that the magical truths of the Supernal World proceed and result from what transpires in the Phenomenal World – history, society, culture. The symbols that help them connect with magic, thus, are created by and can be found in Fallen World cultures. The Free Council thinks true and useful secrets can be found in myth, religion, and real world practices, and specifically found there because they are generated there.

    The Adamantine Arrow believe in struggle. War and battle are a fundamental form of struggle and the Order's traditional means of expressing it and making itself useful to the Diamond, but what is most important to them is seeking enlightenment by constantly testing and challenging yourself. They believe this is the best way to fully connect with and wield supernal truths: if one is unprepared, one cannot grasp the fire. Their role in the Diamond is as counsel and support: they seldom lead, embracing problem-solving roles as constant sources of defined challenges to test themselves, and using what they learn to question and test the judgment of their leaders in turn.

    The Mysterium believe in secrets. Like the Free Council, they scour the Fallen World's knowledge and artifacts for expressions of supernal truth, but as a Diamond Order, they believe the fundamental truths of the Supernal World result, through their expression, in the forms taken by the history and society of the Phenomenal World. They pan cultural dross for hidden gold. They believe that what makes these truths powerful and meaningful is inextricable from their secrecy: to reveal them to uncomprehending minds is to break down and destroy their power, and to guard and protect them is to make them shine. They seek manifestations of power to rescue them before the Fallen World accidentally withers them away, and to hold them in reserve where only the wise and worthy who can understand them and know how best to use them can reach them.

    The Guardians of the Veil distrust human fallibility. They look at the infinite power of magic and the hubris and selfishness of people and conclude that nobody is truly wise enough to be wholly trusted with magic, and the best that they can do is to try to be the least untrustworthy they can be. They act as sin-eaters by accepting a role in the Diamond as those who do dark deeds that need be done specifically because they fear the darkness the most, and therefore take the most care when doing so. Their secret teachings, which they do not share with the rest of the Diamond, include beliefs that by protecting supernal truth and exposing it only to the wisest and most morally cautious, that power will be washed clean through cycles of reincarnation, until eventually a truly trustworthy and ultimately moral soul will be born and Awaken, to lead the people, make them wise, and set them free.

    The Silver Ladder believes that understanding the mysteries will set you free. They believe that because supernal power is potentially unlimited, all suffering is an unjust work of the Exarchs, and all humanity has a birthright to climb the ladder to enlightenment and freedom. They also believe that to understand supernal truth is to become enlightened and wise, and as such, there is a ladder of proper hierarchy which is the natural road to right conduct and success, where unawakened mortals have a responsibility to listen to the counsel and instruction of powerful sorcerers, and powerful sorcerers have a responsibility to shepherd those mortals beneath them and guide them to a future where they may all be free. The Ladder can thus be argued to contain the Diamond's most sincere and benevolent mages, and also its most entitled tyrants, secure in the knowledge that their enlightenment justifies their beliefs to be right.

    The Diamond Orders all believe, to some degree, that their fellow Diamond Orders' philosophies have a role in the big picture, though they may disagree on which pursuits are the most important. The Silver Ladder accepts that Arrows refine themselves through challenge and thus can forge them into better leaders by testing and questioning them. The Mystagogues believe in the Ladder's end goal of the Awakening of all peoples, but simply believe that the most important matter is to keep magical truth alive, preserved and protected, so that the possibility of that future is preserved. The Silver Ladder accepts that, while the long goal is to best prepare the people for revelation and Awakening, the Guardians and Mystagogues are correct that some things must be hidden to avoid damage in the shorter term. The Guardians instruct their initiates to join cabals with members of other Orders and not to act as spies or inquisitors against their cabalmates, for doing so would shatter the union of the Diamond and throw away the trust they need to earn to coax their friends away from hubris and carelessness.


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      Originally posted by Andarea View Post
      the Technocracy/Virtual Adepts/Ether of this edition),?
      The Council of Free Assemblies is an alliance of varied magical traditions that came together against a powerful oppressive enemy. If we must make Ascension comparisons, they are not the technocracy, they are the Traditions.
      As for the rest:

      The Adamantine Arrow is indeed the Warrior archetype of the Diamond, but it is more useful to think of them as champions. They seek wisdom through lending their might to worthy causes. It may mean the archetypal warrior-sage throwing lightning bolts at seers, or it might mean a criminal prosecutor/lawyer seeking to see justice done.

      The Silver Ladder… well look at the precepts. The diamond one says „The Awakened are one nation” so they seek to make said supernatural community happen. The most straightforward way to do so is in a leadership position, but you can't build a society from politicians alone. They are also judges, mediators, priests, and other roles that need to be filled in to keep the Consilium working.
      The other percepts help define the society they seek to build. I don’t want/have time to go too deep into this, but important to note that this can, but does not necessarily mean global ascension. Everyone should stand at the rung of the ladder that fits them best.

      Mysterium: THey are researchers, archeologists, archivists, and generally about uncovering and preserving knowledge. Important here is the concept of pancryptia. Magical knowledge is damaged/destroyed when sleepers witnes it. So they believe that knowledge must be shielded from the unworthy, and set themselves up as a sort f mystery cult when higher up at the ladder one can access stuff lower leveled members cant.

      Guardians of the Veil: THey are the secret police of the diamond. seeking to prevent abuses of magic. Seeing the damage an out of control mage can do, that is an understandable position. They are not opposed the ladder’s idealized society/mass ascension, but do not believe that mages are capable of building it, and that failure could be potentially catastrophic. So they wait for the Hieromagus/Messia who will do that. (They also try to engineer this person, but more about that in their orderbook.)
      They are tolerated by the rest of the orders, because they have a hand in a lot of sleeper mistic organization, so well situated to find new awakenings, who they often funnel into the other orders.


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        Free Council - Magic draws power from symbolism, humanity constantly creates new symbols through culture. By harnessing science and the arts we can create a paradise far beyond anything Atlantis could ever be.

        Adamantine Arrow - Magic is conflict. Conflict fought without principles is butchery. Battles fought for self serving reasons create strife. We choose to fight because we can take the scars, we embrace the challenge of achieving a principled victory, we conquer it through self discipline and creativity. In so doing we improve the world and ourselves.

        Mysterium - Magic is living knowledge and we are its worshippers. It must be sought out by the diligent, acquired only by those who proved worthy of it, comprehended to attain enlightenment and preserved for the sake of all others to follow this path. We are its scribes, archeologists, keepers and defenders.

        Silver Ladder - Magic is a the right of humanity, so why shouldn't everyone be the masters of their own cosmos, enjoying all the finest in existence ? Because not all humans would use the gift well ? We are priests and humanity is our god, we can show you a path to be better, to rise as far as you can. We can show you how to break free from the Lie and its prison of the body, to be unbound by the shackles of Wisdom and create a better future. Do you have a plan to lay siege to the heavens, throw the gate wide open and cast down the Exarchs ? We do, follow us to everlasting glory.

        Guardians of the Veil - Magic can be wondrous, but it is also dangerous. The foolish will use it like a hammer, hurting others with their careless casting. The heedless or desperate will unleash Paradox upon us, further corroding our world and widening the gap with the Supernal. The sinister cross lines in secret, spreading suffering. Someone needs to keep quiet watch for them, to uncover threats before they can grow. When the time comes, sometimes the best solution requires cruel and unWise answers, we are there to take on these sins and spare you from this burden.
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