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Guardians of the Veil - How to play?

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  • Guardians of the Veil - How to play?

    We recently started a Mage game (2nd ed) and we are both playing Guardians.
    We have some semblence on playing them but i wonder if somebody could provide us with some pointers?

    Looking at them and their masks and things that well we can do as them that we ask ourselves a question...

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    Have you read their faction book?


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      Are you the baddies? Yes, and the Guardians accept that. The Order definitely can end up doing some nefarious stuff, but it's all in the name of a good cause: the perpetuation of reality until such a time as the Hieromagus can come and save everyone.

      If you intend on playing a Guardian, here are the pointers I'd give:

      1. You really do believe in the ideals of the Order. Every single Guardian is a part of the Order because they passed the rigorous trials that proved they have a) the skills and (more importantly) b) the moral strength to do what needs to be done. If you're in the Guardians of the Veil, that means your characters have proved they're willing to kill for the Order's goals. If you didn't, you would have failed one of the (many!) tests they throw in front of you and have been rejected, and thus in another Order. Try to familiarize yourself with what the Guardians believe and make sure your characters are okay with them.

      2. You relate to the Guardian's mission in different ways. Do your characters truly believe in the Hieromagus, or is it just a nice concept? (Messanics) Do you believe all Sleepers are fundamentally unworthy, or that some can prove themselves to be Wise enough to know some of the Mysteries? (Inheritors) Do you believe life should be a constant struggle to strengthen the soul and prove your worthiness/merit? (Ordeal Keepers) Just because every Guardian of the Veil believes in the Order's goals doesn't mean they focus equally on all parts of it. While they'll all accept that Sleepers damage the Mysteries they come in contact with and each incidence of Paradox deepens the Abyss, how they go about preventing the slow decay of reality and what facets of the Order's tenets they relate to is individual. As you play your characters, consider how they feel about the Esoteric and Exoteric Tenets and which they consider more important.

      3. How you cast magic and interact with Awakened society will be restricted by your Order. The Guardians are looked down upon by the other Orders and will hurt your abilities to negotiate with others. You have to keep secrets from other Mages, sometimes ones you might feel are inconsequential. Casting spells that might provoke Paradox risks the degredation of the world and has to be avoided. The Guardians, as masters of espionage and a group deeply committed to the moral fortitude of their members, will know if you breach any of your tenets, and you'll likely face the consequences. The difficulties you face while trying to navigate a partially- (sometimes explicitly-) hostile Consilium, as well as the moral dilemmas when faced with a situation where it's Paradox-or-Death, can create great narrative moments. Consider how your characters feel about being alienated from Awakened society and how it impacts them, or how they feel after accidentally allowing the Abyss to permanently destroy more of the Supernal.

      Finally, I highly recommend finding a copy of the old Guardians of the Veil book and skimming through Chapter 2 and some of Chapter 3. It's old (the oldest of the Order books) but has some valuable information on what it's like to be on the inside of the Order from a Guardian's perspective. The most important info in there will be what initiation is like (the three Veils) and what it's like to be a Neophyte in Chapter 3, as well as the Order's philosophy in Chapter 2.

      (sorry if you were looking for mechanical tips lol)


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        ^^^^ Whoa, joined in 2015, first post.

        Here are another couple of pointers:

        The Order discourages Guardians from spying on or otherwise betraying cabalmates. Within a cabal, Guardian characters strive to model moral behavior and use soft power to persuade their cabalmates to do likewise. So they may lecture but they won't narc.

        Guardians also prefer to work within the system of the Lex Magica, investigating internal Pentacle threats, gathering evidence, and leaving the executions up to the Interfector (always a Guardian). Assassination of Pentacle mages isn't the default M.O. You can absolutely run a Guardian as a detective.


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          There was an earlier thread with information you may find useful. Two posts are of particular note:


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