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Umbrella Academy as a Mage story

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  • Umbrella Academy as a Mage story

    Been watching lots of Netflix during the Pandemic. I think that Umbrella Academy has lots of Mage and Chronicles of Darkness vibes to it

    Number 1# Luther: I would actually say that Luther is a Deviant based on what I read about them. The victim of an experiment which left him half man/ half gorilla, with superhuman strength.

    Number 2# Diego: I have to really think how to fit him. He has great powers...but trying to slot it into a COD slot is tough. I might say an Acanthus, Thyrsus, or possibly Mastigos. Anything to give him enhanced human skill in fighting (plus forces to bend his knives). As number 5 would say "...Picture Batman...then aim lower..."

    Number 3# Allison: Definitely a Mastigos who is proficient in Mind and who uses Psychic domination ("...I heard a rumor..."). You can even see her struggle with her wisdom the more she uses it.

    Number 4# Klaus: Moros, but also a very strong candidate for a Sin-Eater. Seeing him in Season 1 and 2 he is practically, in my mind, the perfect representation of a Sin Eater.

    Number 5#..number 5#: Mastigos, who is an ace with the Space Arcanum. Experimented with Time and had a big Paradox blow up in his face.

    Number 6# Ben: Moros before, now a ghost following Klaus around

    Number 7# Vanya: Obrimos who lost control of her powers and became Rapt.

    As for the Commission, total Seers of the Throne, absolutely.

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    I disagree that *Umbrella Academy* is a Mage story: it's entirely a Deviant story.

    Everything is about dealing with the backlash from their powers (Scars) and none of the characters have more than one power; Vanya loses control, but she's not obsessing over anything, the way a Rapt would; Number 5 (there's no need to use a pound sign if you write out "Number" and the pound sign goes in front of the number, anyway) only demonstrates teleportation and (erratic) time travel, never any other aspects of Space or Time; Ben had weird tentacle powers, which isn't Moros at all; Klaus only has the one ability to interact with ghosts, none of the other abilities of a Death or Matter Mage; &c.

    Also, while there's a mystery about what ends the world in the first season, it's not really a Mystery, and the characters, other than Five, spend absolutely no time actually trying to figure out what's happening, they're too wrapped up in their own drama (like a Deviant teetering on the edge would be).

    Mentats - a 2e Free Council Obrimos Legacy (Mind/Forces) built around being a human computer; Thaumatech Engineers - a 2e Free Council Obrimos Legacy (Matter/Prime) focusing on the creation of Imbued items and the enhancement of Sleeper technology