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Examples of Hierarch and Councilor character sheets?

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  • Examples of Hierarch and Councilor character sheets?

    Are there any other Storytellers who would be willing to post stats or character sheets for their NPC leaders from their Consilia? I know there are a few great examples from the 1E books but otherwise I am really missing some great examples of how strong these characters can and should be within a relative social hierarchy.

    Is it fair to assume that Councilors and the Hierarch would be at least first-degree masters? Second degree?

    I’ve searched the forums for some general tips on creating influential NPCs related to the plot, but I would love some more examples.

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    This will really vary by Consilium to Consilium and the needs of your setting. If Masters are relatively common in your Chronicle, it can be expected that many Hierarchs and Councilors are in fact Masters, maybe even multi-degree Masters. If your Chronicle assumes Mastery is rare, there may be a couple multi-degree Adepts among them easily. A larger Consilium, with a bigger Mystery, is also more likely to have Masters in the Council.

    However, going entirely by magical ability is actually misleading. There are technically no requirements (at least not as Gold Laws) that a Councilor needs to have potent magical abilities. Some Councilors may have just been capable political maneuverers and in some places someone might be nominated Councilor or Hierarch on the strength of their proven WIsdom alone.

    If you however assume that Councilors are the cream of the crop of magical ability (not counting those whose Gnosis is so high and Obsessions so arcane they have withdrawn from wider Pentacle society, maybe to chase the Threshold), then you will make a real statement about the workings of your Chronicle and specific setting by how the Councilors are statted.

    Since you asked about specific examples though, here is the Concil of my game. In this Consilium the goal is to have one Councilor (counting the Hierarch) of each Path and each Order. Satisfying both requirements of course means there is lots of shuffling around. Masters are prefered.
    • Acanthus Theárch Hierarch, Second-degree Master
    • Mastigos Guardian Councilor, First-degree Master
    • Obrimos Arrow Councilor, First-degree Master (was invited via the larger Arrow Caucus to take this seat, was not home in the Consilium before)
    • Moros Libertine Councilor, Second-degree Adept (recently replaced a second-degree Master who was invited from a neighbouring Assembly specifically to hold this seat, but that guy now "retired" from Pentacle politics for good)
    • Thyrsus Mystagogue Councilor, First-degree Master (only recently managed that rank, she was a second-degree Adept for the early parts of the Chronicle, Thyrsus are relatively rare in the Consilium)
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      You could also have a Hierarch who got the job by virtue of being a good boss. Maybe they aren't the most powerful (they are Adepts at best), but they are good administrators and communicators, making the most of the Consilia's resources.

      Perhaps they are a good boss and powerful, but could be much more. The second degree master could be much further along in his progress if he didn't have to prioritize his duties as Hierarch. When they also need to balance against a healthy mundane life and/or family, it leaves their progress slowed to a crawl. Ultimately their effectiveness is reduced by how overwhelmed they are by it all.

      Maybe they are not the most powerful or competent, but they have the savvy and connections to be good con men. Maybe that ability to appear all knowing or indomitable is what let them keep their post in a very politically charged Consilia or one under constant vigilance of their enemies.

      Maybe they are powerful but stubborn. It takes them a while to be convinced a matter is worth their direct interference, preferring to delegate. But once the inertia is broken, there is little that can stop their momentum (like Mustrum Ridcully).

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        I recommend you first design the cabals of the Consilium leaders. The character sheet falls out of that. Hierarchs and Councilors are mages first.


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          My present game uses the Boston Unveiled setting, though I altered it a fair bit.

          I knocked Numa off the council and added in Epee, a thearch master mastigos from Keys to the Supernal Tarot. (I've implied that the Nemean is behind this in order to block Khumeia from taking the seat.)

          I also bumped Hydra and Potestas up a fair bit as the two are implied to have been mages for sixty-ish years.

          I also left the Acanthus seat on the council unfilled because the Nemean hadn't seen fit to push for someone to fill it yet, though he had plans in motion to invite one of the Ascendants from Reign of the Exarchs to fill the place.

          So all in all, I'd have 1 master, 2 double-masters, and 2... unknown masters.

          Bearing in mind that the Boston Consilium is supposed to be pretty bad; there'll be three Thearchs, two of whom are fairly compliant and two ancient masters who are fairly checked-out; leaving the Nemean to run the consilium as he likes.


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            Thanks for the neat ideas everyone!

            I am looking for inspiration for my Mage PBP game here on the forums linked in my signature. It’s set in Chicago, although with a different central Mystery than one from Mage 1E. I like the idea of the main political leaders to be strong in the Arcana, but I really like some of the points and ideas here and these give me more perspective on what it means to be “powerful” in a Consilium. I like the idea of the Hierarch and most Councilors being masters, but at the start of my game there has been a major supernatural event that wiped out about 10% of the local mage population, so that gives me plenty of room to play around with power vacuums and political undercurrents.

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              I just remembered two characters that may be helpful.

              The first was found in the Adamantine Arrow's Order book. She is a high power and high Wisdom traveling warrior, a consummate specialist in combat (spear and shield) and leadership. She only gets involved to turn the tide, preferring to counsel or mentor otherwise. But cleaving to the Adamantine Way, she only gets involved in problems she couldn't solve by herself. If a big event wiped a part of the mage population, it may draw her to stay to investigate and help rebuild.

              The other could be found in Legacies: The Ancient and was the exemplary character for the Thrice Great. A practiced hand at magic, a very well read, well connected and powerful caster. But he had two big flaws: he wasn't the most creative and was extremely prideful. He normally seeks out original thinkers to steal their ideas and rotes via manipulative mentorship.

              He hasn't even called across the Abyss to learn his Legacy's final Attainment. He is terrified that Aion either doesn't exist or rejects him. He is a methodical thinker and well prepared, which has made him well accomplished, but also made him too risk averse. A lot of his actions are motivared by a deep seated fear of losing face. So perhaps the recent calamity will force or tempt him to move.

              New experiences are the font of creativity, when seeking inspiration, break your routine.

              The Agathos Kai Sophos, an Acanthus Legacy of strategists (Mind/Time)
              The Szary Strażnik, an Obrimos Legacy of Scholars of the Glyphs of Fate (Fate/Prime)