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Any interest in a Dark Lore book?

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  • Any interest in a Dark Lore book?

    The idea I have is take various mythologies and convert them into CoD setting elements to be used or discarded.

    I'd like to see included in such a tome for the various regions:

    Cultural underworlds and lands of the dead (esp. interesting is when these differ)
    Mystic practices and holy sites (great fodder for legacies, but I'd like to see some means for mystery religions and some sort of folk magic and such)
    The gods of the people
    Spirits and shaman
    Things that go bump
    Things that are strange
    Wonders great and small

    It would almost always need to be cross over friendly, so maybe this isn't the best spot for it

    Since mortals learning magic isn't always (isn't even usually) described as a matter of epiphany, and the level of power is generally below that of the Awakened, it makes sense to provide for a lesser tier.

    Allowing mortal characters to learn rotes and rites via merit(s) might work for certain crafts. They'd be casting without some of the flexibility that full understanding confers, so it could get dangerous, and the Reach required should easily get out of hand.

    For others, a mystic lineage could reasonably be more important to a supernal pact than a literal bloodline, so one could have initiation rites that unlock access to being a Proximus.
    A combination of these might even allow the Proximi version to stretch when they reach their limits, and push towards magic that is beyond their Reach.

    These sorts of crafts could be interesting to elucidate and, in some cases, work into legacies.

    (Another point is that some rites should be doable by werewolves and mages, alike... and other permutations of types, as well)

    Any old how, I was wondering if there is much interest in such a tome or just discussing such things, either way.
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    I would be cautious of how such a pitch could easily incline itself to be the Big Book of Cultural Appropriation. Each culture from which you draw on for mythology, spiritualism and folklore constitutes a deep well of research to do in order to understand and give it a respectful treatment, and thus making a big travelogue of many cultures is stretching your ability to do each subject justice really thin unless you already happen to be a scholar on the subject.

    The part of the idea that just focuses on miscellaneous supernatural traditions and lineages as lesser or altered templates is fine. It's just that if you want to root them in real world cultural practices and history, you don't want to risk half-assing it.


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      Magical Traditions tried to do this, but back then it seemed like a needless layer of complication on a system where you would either cast instantly or spend a ludicrous amount of time on rituals to compensate. In 2ed it reads like a very good source of inspiration for yantras and Shadow Name purviews.

      Witch Finders did it from the perspective of a Hunter. But ultimately I think what would be interesting is to use such a book to expand on the Occult skill. Hurt Locker gives an idea on how to do this, but its very basic. I think this proposed book could be a source of useful tricks both Awakened and Sleepwalkers could draw from.

      Werewolves are a constant trouble ? Make an occult charm to make you hard to track or ward your home. Its very specific and won't work on anything else, but still causes no commitment of spell control. What are the time requirements? What about materials and maintenance costs ? No idea. But it could be a way to add a bit of flavor to the skill beyond investigation, give them a bit more "mundane" options beyond the Arcana or Mortal Supernatural Abilities.

      But as mentioned, you need to research these in depth to portay the locations, organizations and Mysteries in a manner that respects the original cultures. I would suggest sending a message to LostLight. He does this pretty well for Hunter and did a pretty amazing job with his Mage crossover project called Heirs of the Lie:

      I think brainstorming some ideas with him would be a great way to start such a project

      But for a campaign setting, I would love something based on Pathologic 2, complete with a Haruspex Legacy (I think it would be Life and Space primary). That world is full of symbolism and Mysteries, its would make for such a fascinating Mage setting.
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        Nah, can't say it's something that has any interest to me.

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          It's a tough assignment you've given yourself, but if you can pull it off it could be real cool.

          I like the idea of playing around with the pseudo-supernal magic that non-awakened order members have.