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  • Myers–Briggs Type of the Arcana

    I recently found something interesting. [] On this site, there were MBTIs for things like animals and materials as well as people, and I've wondered which type do other people attach to each of those- you know, just to compare.

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    What specific focus are you looking for ? The classification has 8 terms, subdivided into 4 pairs which are mutually exclusive:

    Extravertion / Intraversion
    Sensing / Intuition
    Thinking / Feeling
    Judging / Perceiving

    From combining them we arrive at 16 personality types. So we could give some types to each Path or Arcana, but that could be confusing.

    Spirit can be used for both careful manipulation as well as bargains with dangerous beings, Fate helps both the improviser and the tactician, Life aids the compassionate healer or the deranged fleshcrafter.

    Some Acanthus can feel helpless before fate, others take it into their own hands, some have faith that everything will work out in the end and many more. Taking a stand to champion a divine mission is a very Obrimos thing, but a Mastigos is likely to do it to confront an injustice. Maybe they are more conciliatory than normal, in order to avoid falling into the Path of Scouring's stereotype of confrontational web weavers, even though the Thyrsus tend to more easily fall into that role.

    The Path is a lens to see the Supernal and the Arcana are normally used as tools to reflect the mage's Shadow Name. That makes them difficult to pin down.
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