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Are Abyssal creatures afraid of the Lower Depths?

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  • Are Abyssal creatures afraid of the Lower Depths?

    The nightmare fuel page on the tv tropes pages seems to indicate tha the abyssal creatures fear the Lower Depths. does that track? is the implication that the LD are worse than the Abyss true? if so,is it stated on any mage book? or another cofd book like inferno?

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    Inferno has a whole sidebar in its Mage subsection talking about how the two branches of the cosmology tend to hate each other due to incompatible end goals, but no, the things that exist despite it being impossible for them to exist are not especially afraid of the things that exist so barely that they drag bits of normal existence down to their unsurvivable level.

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      I've always gotten the impression that the Abyss & the Lower Depths are at equal levels of bad, just in different ways. Or something like that.


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        Probably the same way fish avoid the light less depths, always a bigger predator somewhere


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          If anything I'd think it'd be the opposite: the entities of the Lower Depths are just as threatened by the Abyss as the rest of phenomenal reality is.

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            "Hmmm....your payment was.... warrant answers. After all, even the deepest secrets can be bought, EVERYTHING can be bought, who am I to deny you this Truth ?

            Know this, mage of the Pentacle, the Depths fear the Abyss. Have you not experienced enough to see ? They embody the greed for the Arcana, the Scarcity of them. Some of our greatest historians speculate our Patron created them while he still walked the Earth. Tithes to the glory of Atlantis, tolls for the guidance of the Ten Great Ones and the first works upon which the Throne of Want would be edified. They are as part of the kingdom as you or I, one more facet of Their design.

            But fear not, fear not, for They do not wish for their holdings to wither. One stands guard for us, one king of watchmen to decide when the raiders may plunder the unworthy, one queen of battle to push back the hordes swarming at the, forgive me, my contract/Prelacy forbids me from saying more. Seek not the Guide at the Crossroads of Zero, its for the best, for all of us" -Savary, Prelate of Mammon
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