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Fragile Glass, a new SAS for Mage: the Awakening

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  • Fragile Glass, a new SAS for Mage: the Awakening

    My new SAS for Mage: the Awakening is on Storyteller's Vault for free!

    Awakenings are meant to be celebrated, according to most Awakened society; when a Sleeper sees past the Lie and can comprehend the Supernal Truths, the Pentacle seeks to welcome them with open arms. It might seem strange, then, to someone from another Consilium looking in that the local Awakened are anxiously tracking the Awakenings within their territory, almost as if hoping to stop them.

    Within the past two months, nine Sleepers Awakened, all within days of each other. Since then, the Guardians of the Veil have been able to determine that the newly Awakened shared only one thing in common: before their Awakening, they all encountered something supernatural in origin, and were made to forget about it by some force or another. It isn’t unheard of for an Awakened mage to be a Mystery unto themselves, but it is rare.

    This is the story of those mages.

    What's Inside:

    27 pages of a structured storytelling adventure, including
    7 pages of relevant background information and characters
    6 pages of scenes detailed with overviews, descriptions, goals, actions, and consequences
    3 character sheets to be used with the adventure

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    I really like it, this can lead to all sorts interesting places. Who is the unknown Exarch ? Why are the others abiding by their plan ? Why is he content to let their ochemata operate under the auspices of the Eye ? Why didn't any of these candidates turn Banisher ? All fascinating questions to be unraveled.

    The central Mystery is very cool, but an Opacity of 10 means its very high end. I feel some Linked Opacity ones could help calibrate it to different cabal power levels, especially if they are plot hooks that help answer the questions above. I feel this can be expanded into the convergence point of many peripheral Mysteries in a campaign.

    The characters are overall pretty interesting, the stance the Orders have on the Mystery are well established and explained. The outlines of the previous characters affected by the Mystery are traced in such a way to give a good feel for them, but there is more than enough room to customize them.

    One thing that stands out is that the antagonists seems inconsistent regarding power levels. Evelyn, the key NPC, is Seer leaning yet ambiguously neutral.
    However, she is a Gnosis 9 ochemata of an Ascended mage. In addition, she is several centuries old. Not only does this grant an enormous array of Arcana, but also high traits (up to 9 Skill and/or Attribute points) and the Supernal Perfection ability (rote quality in all skill and Attribute rolls). At one point, characters can choose to attempt to persuade or fool her, but the chances of doing so seem precarious at best (archmage level beings win Clash of Wills with normal mages automatically). In contrast, the Seer antagonist presented is only a Disciple of Space.

    Perhaps one of the coolest things about it is how the scenes are framed. There is a simple flow chart to help guide the GM. But more importantly, the way the scenes are presented is brilliantly concise.There is a brief outline of its "Attributes", showing how much focus should be given between Physical, Social, Mental and Magical priorities. A brief overview is given, followed by the aesthetic setup, the story goals, character goals and some in depth details. All nicely framed in one page. This is a brilliantly useful format to not only help GMs jot down their thoughts when creating a campaign, but also making each one extremely practical to reference. Its a small detail, but its an idea I really loved and hope shows up in more Storyteller's Vault campaigns

    On a minor note, there are two typos in page 8: "toinfluence" and "thoseaffected"

    Overall, I really like it and would be very interested in this being expanded in a similar way to the Dethroned Queen saga.
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      Originally posted by KaiserAfini View Post

      The central Mystery is very cool, but an Opacity of 10 means its very high end..

      Thank you! This was addressed in an updated version of the book!