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Banishing Hope, a follow-up SAS to Fragile Glass

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  • Banishing Hope, a follow-up SAS to Fragile Glass

    What happens when Awakenings fail? For most Sleepers, nothing at all. They continue on about their lives, never even remembering how close they came to seeing the Supernal Truths. Local Pentacle mages might keep their eye on Sleepers who failed to Awaken, but there is usually little need for interference.

    What happens when a Sleeper is forced to Awaken? Nothing good, and in most cases, the mages forced to go through Awakenings become Banishers. It’s a miracle, then, that the nine mages that Awakened before the events of Fragile Glass did so successfully and without complication.

    Truly a miracle.

    What's Inside:

    19 pages of a structured storytelling adventure, including
    5 pages of relevant background information and characters
    5 pages of scenes detailed with overviews, descriptions, goals, actions, and consequences
    4 character sheets to be used with the adventure
    1 homebrew Life spell