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Apostate into archmage

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    Originally posted by ArcaneArts View Post
    This is the sort of Chronicle defining niche I was talking about, thank you for clarifying.

    As that relates to the original question-honestly, you've got an archmage who is probably various other Archmage's obsessions. I think the conventional lack of judgment just becomes more lackadaisical.
    He actually didn't become noticed by archmasters until near the end of threshold seeking. Mages tried to help him before he became one but they tried going through his oneiros directly only to be blocked the same way he was from entering. They tried to find ways to do so but never managed too as he was exploring other areas of the astral. He only sought to be an archmaster when he was flat out told by the Aeon of Mind, that he couldn't help but maybe archmastery would fix it. In the end, he obtained archmaster by solving a situation in the astral mundi and it fixed him but no one ever found out why or how it happened. I have a few ideas to the reasoning that I could write into the character but I think it's better to leave it as an unresolved mystery.