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Arrival of the salvagers

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  • Arrival of the salvagers

    At some point an Archmage thought to themselves: there are a lot of arcane resources that the supernatural denizens of the world just throw away. Someone should collect. "Someone" like an Ananke but able to collect instead of ensuring a future.

    The collector of Paradox

    "He" doesn't really collect Paradox, the Form really collects spells that survived or escaped Paradox. Whenever a Mage must roll for Paradox the bridge between the Supernal and Fallen was not enough and the spell must close those gaps without taking in too much Abyss. Upon arrival the bridge is complete, patched by new connections. It still works for the dice that mana mitigated but not for the dice evaded through Dedicated tools or Verges, as that relies an preexisting paths rather than forging new ones. Ironic that successful spells create enough free Reach to stabilize themselves, but only for themselves, and takes the Reach with them when they disappear.

    "He" comes along in the form of a business man, whatever face inspires instinctive trust will fill in the details. Offering Tass in the form of money or just plain money, "he" buys spells and occasionally poaches them when not feeling cooperative. Using a special form of dispelling that surgically removes the new connections across the Abyss and preserves them inside "himself", "he" becomes a nexus of new sympathies. None of it will go to waste, it will all go home.

    The collector of Fear

    Technically, the fear was already processed and collected. Primordial Beasts have a talent for collecting Satiety already. Such monsters struggle with inconvenient Hunger, with oscillating rules that damn them for being too fed or too hungry. If only "someone" could take the edge off. When stuffed to impotence or too slothful to avoid the Heroe's bane, if only there was a convenient way to dump most or all the satiety.

    Smelling of Kin and reminiscent of Mother, "she" takes after the idea of the maternal. "She" can drain Satiety as a service. With a formal bargain and an effigy shrine in the Heart of the Beast's Lair, the customer can gain and lose great measures of Satiety in a moment with the price of ongoing donations. A fear bank, if you will. If the Beast has a lot of victims in mind, great, if not, troublesome.

    The collector of Blood

    There is a difference between blood (the medium), Vitae (the fuel), and the curse(the damn engine that makes a vampire). The Curse grows stronger with age, then sends the elder into Torpor when such a force can no longer be sustained. After centuries of sleep the elder awakens with a weakened but manageable curse. How do they ensure that their empires do not fall apart in their absence? How do they ensure that they are not eaten by their servants? If only there was a way to offload the power of the curse.

    "It" is a nightmarish shadow that looms large in Torpor anxiety dreams and the waking corners of conspiracy and shame, much to screaming alarm. "It" makes deals with elders: shed the burden of Torpor by feeding "it" power. "It" sometimes takes the power of elders in Torpor despite their defiant dream selves, because it was not about choice, but familiarizing them to the new norm: all the world's elders waking up and not giving a damn about preparing for Torpor again.