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Is Mage similar to the older Nephilim RPG?

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  • Is Mage similar to the older Nephilim RPG?

    I was digging through my RPG collection and was looking through the Nephilim RPG. I recall it coming out around the beginning of the World of Darkness, but I guess never quite grew to quite the same size. Basically you play Nephilim which reincarnate through lifetimes, fighting secret societies who seek their power. It looks similar to Mage because of the magic abilities and the occult influences, but the reincarnations seem that maybe it is more similar to Mummy. The secret societies seem like great fronts for the Seers of the Throne. Has anyone ever played Nephilim and are there any similarities or major differences?

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    They draw on the same sources of occultism, so many of the concepts cross over, though Nephilim tends to play a lot of the tropes very straight.

    The secret societies tend to be more like hunters than Seers; specifically the Promethean Brotherhood. The Seers are actually closer to some of the Nephilim organisations.

    As to the game itself, as I understand it, Chaosium actually bought the rights to make Nephilim based on an original French version. I gather that the original version was pretty successful and went through multiple editions. But, the Chaosium version... yeah. Wasn't actually finished. There are a number of extracts floating around from an unfinished alchemy sourcebook, and one dedicated to the Selenim (vampire Nephilim more or less); but there was never a Templar book or one dealing with the non-Western Nephilim, both of which are referred to in the core.


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      Thanks for the clarification. It seems that there are some similarities to Mummy too because of the spell casting, reincarnations, and the fact that the characters themselves are centuries or millennia old and remember living in Ancient Egypt. Looking briefly at the sample characters and powers, it seems that they usually have a sturdier frame (with bonuses to attributes), plus a few spells. One I remember allows a Nephilim to boil a volume of water (which, must be very helpful when you need a bath, or cook ramen for guests).


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        Something to keep in mind with the spell casting is that the later book liber Ka totally replaced it with something closer to Mage.