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  • Nimbus Build

    Has anyone tried making a build that takes advantage of the various Nimbus enhancing merits? I've got an idea for one that might work.

    The main merits that seem useful for this are Potent Nimbus (increases the effect of your Nimbus tilt, and Imposing Nimbus (spend a willpower to apply a persistent condition when you affect someone with your nimbus).

    The optimal way to deploy your Nimbus tilt involves casting something that has a lot of useful reach options (to increase the duration) as well as Potency as a primary spell factor (to ensure that the Nimbus strength is high enough to beat their resolve). A particularly tantalizing option that fulfills both of these requirements is Shared Fate, especially because it lets you spread your Imposing Nimbus condition to all affected targets while only spending one willpower.

    One thing I'm stuck on is what to do with that though; combat or social? Is it cheating if your Imposing Nimbus condition is a beneficial one?