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    Has anyone tried making a build that takes advantage of the various Nimbus enhancing merits? I've got an idea for one that might work.

    The main merits that seem useful for this are Potent Nimbus (increases the effect of your Nimbus tilt, and Imposing Nimbus (spend a willpower to apply a persistent condition when you affect someone with your nimbus).

    The optimal way to deploy your Nimbus tilt involves casting something that has a lot of useful reach options (to increase the duration) as well as Potency as a primary spell factor (to ensure that the Nimbus strength is high enough to beat their resolve). A particularly tantalizing option that fulfills both of these requirements is Shared Fate, especially because it lets you spread your Imposing Nimbus condition to all affected targets while only spending one willpower.

    One thing I'm stuck on is what to do with that though; combat or social? Is it cheating if your Imposing Nimbus condition is a beneficial one?

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    Very late to the party but I was looking for posts using those same merits.

    You might want to add Occultation there to avoid being so recognizable every time. And I am not sure whether "Persistent Nimbus" is a boon or a bane (my nimbus sticks around longer? I can be tracked more easily)


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      Prime lets you hide your Nimbus signature, increase it chances of it being inflicted, alter the tilt and the permanent condition. Life might also be interesting, creating a variation of Contact High that inflicts it via touch and perhaps even one that works using pheromones or via food, which is probably best for mind affecting ones. Make targets Obsess over a key goal, recruit sleeper agents by making them Swooned or make yourself very difficult to track down by causing Amnesia. ​Plus a Weaving of Prime should allow you to make it so whatever Nimbus effect is imposed on one person to affect all others. Shared Fate is a lot broader, but what we are using it for now is very niche.

      In combat, it can make them Charmed (like a boon would) to allow them to get lucky twists of fate and survive in otherwise impossible conditions. They could be Informed or Stoic, making that one all important piece of information or inspiring memory pop into their minds at the right time. You could make foes become Beaten Down or Shaken. Lastly, you could make a generic condition (guidelines in page 289) to make them Aspire to defeat your enemies. In this case, I would say Space would be more helpful, since it allows you to impose the effects at a distance and grants easier access to advanced scale via Everywhere.

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        I don't know, I think the thing about Nimbus Tilts is that the conditions that allow them to be applied to other observers and the outcomes of doing so, even in the strongest forms provided by Merits, being so narrow means that a lot of the time the outcomes you're looking for are a lot better off being provided more directly by actual spells. I think the Nimbus isn't really the vector to do things in an optimised fashion, it's all about representing the idea that looking too closely at another mage when they're invoking the Supernal (or at the aftermath when they happen to have a particular relationship with it) is a very profound experience.

        And I wouldn't say it messes anything up for an Imposing Nimbus to provide a condition that brings bonuses; there are already conditions in some form that do so (and I expect some can be persistent), and it's again not really about the outcome so much as the experience.

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