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Imbued items and willpower dots

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  • Imbued items and willpower dots

    Simple question, if a mage wanted to make an imbued item (including the merit dots), unless he wants the item to permanently take up a spell slot he would have to saftely release the item with a willpower dot, that's two exp right there to get back, so would you say it's more effective to say the cost is the dots in the imbued item PLUS two if you wanted that willpower back, or would you count it for sancity of merits and reduce the exp cost of the imbued item by two?

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    Willpower is 1xp per dot, not 2.
    You do not have to spend any Merit dots to purchase an item you have crafted yourself, the Merit dot cost is for requisitioning the item using Status, starting play with the item, or abstracting the payment to another Mage for the item.
    If you did purchase the item with Merit dots even after creating it yourself for some reason (sanctity of merits protection? seems expensive for that) I would say that covered buying back the Willpower dot.

    Keep in mind, if you get an exceptional success while imbuing the item you can relinquish for free.
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