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    Fifth Attainment: Simulated Massacre

    Looking back on all the tricks and powers she amassed, Champion realized that what she was still missing was a finishing move to finish her Legacy. Considering that Doors only opened one at a time, there was no such thing in the traditional Duel. So obviously this was what she had to overcome.

    Just like "Conqueror's Confidence", she can allocate some or all of her bonus dice from opening Doors to this Attainment and cannot get them back. She requires five bonus dice and one mana per use, since it is reflexive she can use it multiple times at once. The new requirement which is not in common with the first Attainment is that it has to happen during the opening of the opponent's Door.

    Every use sees multiple versions of the opponent suffering from the attack spell, and thereby opening multiple Doors at once. It is a ratio of one extra Door per use and the possibility of the grisly scene of watching multiple versions of the other mage burning and screaming alive. What an impression, and not for kids.

    Optional Fate five: the Pledge of Victory

    Observing that the Supernal, the realm of magic, sides with the victor Champion questioned why there was not more substantial rewards. If the victory tweaked reality to be more in the victor's favor then why was it not more directly beneficial? Maybe the terms needed to allow for greater say from the victor.

    Calling upon the Fae that most directly embodies Champion's cynicism, she got that privilege enshrined for the Legacy that always wins. Whenever a mage wins under this Pledge she can cast one more spell that manifests as a Master Legacy Attainment. The terms of the Duel behave as the "Theory" that constrains or expands the parameters of this final Attainment with the Storyteller as the arbiter. The "ritual" for ritual casting is the ceremonial celebration of victory.


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      I don't really like "appearance" sections. My instinct is to skimp over them yet I am loath to do so because I know that occasionally something important is put in.

      Appearance: Champion didn't care for superficiallities. If it functioned as clothes she put it on. Whether it would be skimpy tatters or a mascot suit was irrelevant to her. To say it was sometimes jarring was an understatement because she would always have a stern and strong demeanor. Think Batman as a part-time clown In the courthouse.

      Instead her students set the traditions for dress: crude homemade badges commemorating victories and spoils stitched into t-shirts.


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        Excess, the edit button exists for a reason.

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          I am back, will respond soon.


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            Two plans or previews of what will eventually happen for the the other Legacies:

            For the Death Priests I am thinking that the Death Arcanum will be focused on dealing with ghosts and Sin-eaters while the Prime Arcanum is focused on the Krewe and ceremonies. As these are interconnected, the categories are not rigid. I think that the best course there is to reread Geist: the Sin-eater and the Arcana sections, then figure out how the mage helps out on a daily basis. After that then we will have a good idea on how to craft the Attainments.

            For the Unashamed I am taking direction from the a certain Coil from "Secrets of the Covenants". There was a coil that enabled vampires to learn mortal magics, at prohibitive costs and weaknesses to start with and then removing those disadvantages as more coils were learned and even having assets to add to those powers. So let's create an elaborate price for escaping Hubris, then use the spells from the Mind Arcanum section to lower that. You are on the right track if you look at those spells and think "what arbitrary problem can those solve"?

            But those are for later. Right now I am focused on taking my backstory for Champion and make it stop sounding like a pitch. If you guys have suggestions or would like to beat me to it by offering a rough draft, go ahead.


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              "What are you doing pupil? Sparing is done for today. Oh, more questions about our rather short history. In other words, more questions about Champion. Considering that she trained me herself I can confirm a rumor or two.

              Yes, she had been part of the Council of Free Assemblies. Surreal, right? Never in all my years have I come across a greater cynic that still fought for some kind of morality or ideal, let alone with such passion. To think it wasn't too many years ago either. She did admit to me that part of the reason had to do with her dying idealism and was not subtle in comparing that to religious faith, typical Champion.

              In her Sleeping life she was raised both in a cult and under a malignant narcissist. Remember that this was before the world got introduced to Trump the candidate, so very few people understood what an actual narcissist was back then. She tried to tell me before then too, and I am ashamed to say I let her down. I suppose incredulity is one of the greatest barriers to understanding there is, it makes you ignore the people who need the most help.

              Back on topic, Champion learned some pretty savage lessons in life from that. In being betrayed by her community, family, and friends she learned how in developing coping mechanisms victims become enablers for abusers, turning supportive family members over to predators. Specifically, she learned that just because someone is your sibling doesn't mean they won't expose you to the same thug you shielded them from.

              Yes, she is afraid of victims. I can the realization in your eyes light up, this is why every time she planned on saving some poor soul she also accounted for apprehending the downtrodden if need be. Every time we saved the innocent she did stare at them warily as though they planned to knife her in the back, it wasn't in your head. In her darker moments she would talk about abuse like it was a zombie contagion, almost insinuating that we need to burn the innocent in order to survive. Yes, she can rein it in, but we all could feel her nervous paranoia. It's kinda creepy.

              So when democracy went crazy, so did she. It was like her childhood bullshit became the whole damn world. It was my full-time job just to hold her together and not let her go off the rails and into the arms of either the Seers or the Abyss. Yes, that nearly happened more than once. That was two years of me helping her reconcile her need for heroism and her desolate lack of trust for most people, and accidentally inspiring the theory for our Legacy. You know what happened next."

              -Vanguard, an Adamant Sage.

              That is 2/3 to 9/10 of the fluff.


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                Back soon.


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                  The sudden and terrible emergence of the new Legacy known as "the Duelists" remains an issue of controversy and speculation, much of it centered on their founder Champion. What is known is that during the first two years of the Trump administration she not only distanced herself from her colleagues in the Free Council but was the subject of inquiry into possible connections with the Seers, Scelesti, liches, reapers, and various other Nephandi. The charges never went through, though, as her few remaining friends were always able to vouch for what was described as "that pathetic-looking alcoholic."

                  Just as the the last two years of the Trump administration began she reamerged from reclusion, announced her new allegiance to the Adamantine Arrow. She then challenged and defeated the majority of mages in the consilium to the Duel Arcane over initiating a campaign to remove every group she was accused of courting over the last two years from the Consilium's city. The Hierarch's protests on the logistical impossibility of the campaign could not stop a majority obligated to do what Champion wanted, and were disproved when the campaign was resolved the same night that she returned. Her great success rendered it impossible to convict her over how she knew where every enemy was hiding.

                  Over the next two years she became utterly infamous for conquering entire Consilia using the Duel in days at the longest, committing them to actions that were delayed due to political or cultural controversy. Her attempts at negotiations were simply "comply or we Duel". Before long it became known that she was aiming to reshape her soul in the Duel, and she decided the best way to do it was to pre-emptively make sure that legality and acceptability of her Duelist Legacy was established through the Duel itself. Every mage that could decide whether it was legal to alter the custom of the Duel through a specialized Legacy was her foe in the Duel. By the time Trump left office, every authority was conquered, and her Legacy was born.

                  The following was an interview into the secrets of Champion made by one of her Legacy-members:

                  [Okay then, this serves as a prologue to what I previously wrote.]


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                    After more mental hurdles I am back. Will respond soon.


                    • Okay final plan:
                      I still don't know how to quote a quote, but I can quote myself. I still have some misgivings over my own work. I think I ought to have simplified the Yantras and the Attainment that forces the foe to pay with their own doors. This following month is polish month. Every two to five days I will tweak something and ask follow-up questions. Regardless of the final quality I ask whoever made that beautiful framework for the Legacy (forgot name of contributer) to put the polished pieces together because I still don't know how to quote quotes.

                      However it ends, the month after will be the start of a new Legacy.


                      • Originally posted by Excess View Post
                        Yantras: Plus one bonus for emulating a hero or god, plus two if you can live up to that power. Plus one for setting the sacred Dueling space, whether casting "Display of Power" yourself or indirectly helping to do the same. Plus one for causing or reinforcing submissions, plus two if that submission is of someone with comparable ability like a fellow supernatural or a millionaire. If you keep getting stronger than it will need to be adjusted. Vowing one-up-manship before casting will provide plus one die, two in the case of a real challenge. Plus two if carrying out the terms of the Duel.
                        Was thinking that Concession's Surrender should, instead of making a period where everyone is affected, inconvenience just the Duelist that used this rude tactic. That does require rewriting some stuff that referenced the current version.

                        Add suggestions before I resolve it myself. Or not. Either way, I am simplifying this.


                        • Back tomorrow.


                          • Originally posted by Excess View Post

                            Third Attainment: Concession's Surrender

                            Between studying the gaps in focus for a mage trying to negotiate and how the Prime Arcanum regulates vows as opposed to the Fate Arcanum, Champion figured out how to conflate the symbols of concession and surrender. Terrible Thorns of light and blood spew forth to render the High Speech runes of promises visible and bound, digging into the innards of speakers. This marks all paid promises, before or after, in Thorn curling into burning High Speech. The drawback is that once unleashed the power doesn't discriminate, so a Duelist better not concede.

                            Pay one mana and roll Gnosis and Prime as a reflexive action once per turn to make the opponent seal their selected offer to the Duelist by sacrificing their own Doors, but should the roll fail the Duelist must seal the selected offer with her own Doors. The opponent may contest the roll with Gnosis and Prime as well, additional rolls with different dice pools may occur according to the mechanics of whatever shielding spell or Attainment the opponent is using.

                            Once unleashed the Duelist will have the Thorns still embedded in her chest, wrapped around her heart. For the rest of the Duel she will have succumbed to the same effect she tried to use on her foe, binding all her own offers even if she didn't have enough Doors. Despite how brutal and restrictive it looks the Thorns don't inconvenience movement and disappear when the Attainment expires.

                            Optional Fate three: Pledge of Parley

                            Champion soon realized that without some regulation no one was ever going to negotiate with her mid-Duel ever again, so she called in another kind of peacekeeping Fae. This one resolved standoffs from small disputes to deadly war, though in this case it won't be speaking, just facilitating speaking. On the other hand, Champion didn't make this Attainment to delay her forever.

                            For one time or as many as negotiated a mage may call for a time out. The remaining uses for this privilege is tracked independently between the opponents. Once used the Fae dispels all spells extant and upcoming for the cease-fire. It lasts until both agree to comence again or someone is just stalling for time, the one who didn't call for a cease-fire is alloted a full minute to find a reason or make a plan that is more than stalling. This may even immediately waste a use of the privilege due to the desire to only escape the danger, additional or alternative end conditions can be negotiated. All negotiable terms for all Attainments can be renegotiated.

                            During the Cease-fire offers can be made and accepted in relative safety. "Concession's Surrender" cannot be used here, it is disabled for both in the duration and any offer made during this time is immune until the mage making them runs out of uses of the pledge. Once vulnerable "Concession's Surrender" no longer costs mana and succeeds automatically when used on the foe's offers from cease-fire. Given that there may be dozens of rejected offers, this may lead to disaster.
                            Will be back.


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                              • As I promised, I didn't finish the Legacy by the deadline so I am abandoning it. I have already read both the mage and sin-eater 2nd edition books, so a week of quick review is in order. By review I mean I will binge-read in my own time in preparation for Death Priests. If you have anything to add just know I will not see it until a week later.