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  • Gloria Mundi conversion help

    I'm planning on running the Gloria Mundi Scenario using the Mage 2e rules. Converting the characters rotes and merits is done, but I am not sure what to do about character advancement. The original scenario doesn't cover advancement, but just has a slightly upgraded pre-gen for each chapter. I don't think my players would be too happy with this, but having them pick aspirations that are wildly off-base for the scenario doesn't seem fun either.

    I'm looking for help in choosing Aspirations and Obsessions for the pre-gen characters. Any help from people who have run this scenario would be greatly appreciated.

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    Aspirations are primarily for the player signalling to the ST what they want to do in a game. With pregen characters I'd suggest condensing them to a single Aspiration and Obsession that the players get to choose once they know enough about the scenario to make an informed decision. (And do point out that you expect them to align with some part of the scenario.) Depending on how much you explain about the scenario beforehand it could either be right before you start the game or partway through the first session. Keeping Aspiration slots open is something my group does whenever the players don't actually know what the session will be about just so that we can align our expectations with the game.
    To compensate for missing Aspirations you could simply grant one or two additional Beats at the end of each session. If the game breaks the confines of the scenario, you could just add the additional Aspiration slots and stop giving out the extra Beat(s).

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