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Boston Mage: Session ideas w/ Lovecraftian themes

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  • Boston Mage: Session ideas w/ Lovecraftian themes

    So basically the last few chronicles I ran revolved around Boston Unveiled sourcebook. We all live in the greater Boston area so its great for everyone. Long story short they uncovered the Red Word cult and they completed the Nemeans metaplot storyline resulting in a all out war between cabals. Noose retreated and bunkered down in Salem and tension is high. All matter of mages and scary shit is now flocking to Boston now that the big bad tyrant is gone. Players will be learning the consequences of a fearful Hierarch being gone and the political turmoil that will follow.

    The real danger is when the Nemean was killed a clause of the Secret Concord was fulfilled and an Abyssal Barron I named "Tarag" manifested in place of the Nemean .... he will be hiding among the supernatural community possibly disguised as a mage in a cabal that he secretly killed, weaving his plans to advance the Blasphemous Scribes existence into the fallen realm. My goal is to make the next chronicle or two have a strong Lovecraft feel since it fits so well with the Red Word and the seaside Boston area.

    Just wanted to see what everyone thinks for possible single session ideas or things you've done along these lines.
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    Is the ‘Abyssal Baron’ an Abyssal entity? Sounds very cunning in a human way.

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