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  • Mystery Cult - Order of Aspirants

    Here is a mystery cult I wrote up to work with the LA setting as presented in the core book.

    Order of Aspirants

    This mystery cult started as a loose collection of friends and acquaintances who shared an interest in historical European martial arts - members included actors and stunt professionals, hobbyist historians, live action role players and people who just wanted to get a workout by swinging swords around. Their workshops would attract a larger crowd, but a core membership formed around the charismatic leader and professional fight coordinator and stunt-woman Erin Flynn.

    Five years ago Flynn began to be regularly possessed by a Goetic manifestation named Wisdom. She views this as a form of divine visitation and is eager to help Wisdom enact its vision of creating a group of people striving to perfect themselves by bringing themselves into alignment with a goetic reflection of embodied virtue. The Guardians and Arrows both found Wisdom’s ideas compelling due to similarities with each order’s doctrines and have attracted a number of mage and sleepwalker adherents. Some theorize that Wisdom is a goetic reflection of the Awakened concept of wisdom, but she is coy about the topic.

    1 - Choose a Skill Specialty associated with an archaic form of combat, such as Weaponry(Swords) or Firearms(Longbow). At this level of initiation, members are mostly there to work out and not at all aware of the spiritual aspects of the cult.
    2 - Gain a dot of Alternate Identity to represent the person you are aspiring to be. This person is the embodiment of a virtue, either one you started with or a different one. The cults practices of meditation, visualization and role playing help strengthen the goetic representation of this ideal self.
    3 - If the aspirational identity you created embodies a Virtue that you don’t have, gain the Virtuous merit reflecting that Virtue. If you focused on the Virtue you already have, you may regain willpower from fulfilling your virtue an additional time per game session. In either case, you are always considered to have the Open condition which may only be used by the goetic reflection of the character’s idealized self fostered by the teachings of the cult. This is the level where it is revealed that the identity the aspirants have been meditating on is a real force and that the group is led by a supposedly divine being. Wisdom has the ability to draw out the goetia fostered by the cult’s teachings and encourages members to interact with their ideal and even undergo possession.
    4 - An awakened or sleepwalker aspirant at this level of initiation is so in tune with her idealized self and her own soul that she may follow that trail into her oneiros and beyond. Gain the Astral Adept merit. They may always enter the Temenos at the realm associated with their chosen virtue, if they so desire. Members that have not become sleepwalkers yet gain the Meditative Mind(2) and Patient merits to reflect the meditative training.
    5 - The deepest mystery links their idealized self with the Temenos and can draw from the breadth of human knowledge. The next time the aspirant sleeps after fulfilling their virtue, they may meditate into their dreams and seek the wisdom of their idealized self. This functions as the Dream merit at three dots, except that instead of the normal restriction on how frequently you may use it, instead you may use it every time you fulfill your chosen virtue.
    The rank of the Goetia birthed by the practices of this cult starts at Rank 1 at the second level of initiation and scales up to Rank 2 at 3 dots and Rank 3 at 5 dots.