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  • [2e Legacy Update] Tamer of Stone

    Tamers of Stone 2e

    For 1e information see Legacies: the Ancient p57-64.

    I’ve endeavored to do a thematic update, emphasizing the Tamers of Stone as builders and architects, rather than giving them teleportation as an Attainment because it was in the 1e write-up. I’ve also shifted the focus more towards actually being an architect rather than a blue-collar laborer; the Uncrowned Kings already fill that niche and do it better, from a thematics standpoint.

    I've also changed the Initiation process to something that is hopefully a little more interesting.

    Parentage: Moros; Silver Ladder and Free Council, the Tamers of Stone are open to all Orders, but those two are most heavily represented.
    Nickname: Craftmasons
    Background: architects, structural engineers, and builders make up the ranks of the Tamers of Stone.
    Appearances: the Tamers of Stone dress as appropriate for their profession: hard-hats and steel or composite-toed boots while on site, suits and ties while in the boardroom or mayor’s office pitching a proposal.
    Prerequisite: Space 2, Crafts 2 and one of the following at 2 dots or higher: Academics, Politics, Science, Athletics, Expression, Streetwise.
    Initiation: The prospective Craftmason works with their Legacy Mentor to craft a Foundation Stone, and in so doing shape their Soul to the purpose of the Legacy. This first Foundation Stone is wholly created by the Initiate, despite not having reached the third Attainment, it does, however, lack the Advanced Scale factor of a normal Foundation Stone. Most initiates treasure their first Foundation Stone and protect the structure it created, but this is a sentimental concern, there is no penalty to the Craftmason if this first Foundation Stone is destroyed or stolen (beyond its use as a Sympathetic connection).
    Organization: Regional Lodges provide support for the broader community, but the only hierarchy is mentor and student.
    Theory: Humans are shaped by where they live and their society is defined by the how, thus the Space and Matter that make up human society are integral to understanding humanity as a whole and the Craftmason’s place in the world in particular.

    Ruling Arcanum: Space
    Yantras: builders tools (+1); construction site (+1, +2 if active construction); blueprints (+1); leading a construction team (+2); succeeding on a crafts roll to build a structure (+1, +2 if exceptional); completed structure built by the Craftmason (+1, +2 if tied to Safe Place 3+).
    Oblations: designing or building a structure.

    First: Survey
    Prerequisites: Initiation
    The Craftmason adds their dots in Space to any rolls that involve surveying a location for a construction site, drafting a structure, building a structure, or coordinating others to build a structure.
    Optional: Matter 1
    The Craftmason can, with an instant action, touch any material and know its composition, quality, and its origin (including the source of the raw materials).

    Second: Site Locator
    Prerequisites: Crafts 3
    By spending a scene studying blueprints, survey reports, and/or maps and then spending a point of Mana the Craftmason knows the location of every potential building site. When activating this Attainment the Craftmason chooses a number of qualities equal to the lower of their dots in Space or Matter including, but not limited to: size of plot, ownership status (including if the plot is for-sale or open for development), general terrain features, and accessibility.
    Optional: Matter 2
    By spending a scene writing up requirements, researching suppliers, and/or looking at geological survey maps and then spending a point of Mana, the Craftmason knows the location of all raw and processed materials they need, and the general quality of the materials at each of those locations. The Craftmason knows the contact information of the supplier or producer, if relevant, and can set a range limit, or other spatial conditions, to filter out inaccessible materials.

    Third: Lay the Foundation
    Prerequisites: Space 3, Matter 3, in addition to the Crafts 3 requirement of the previous Attainment the Craftmason must either raise the second skill used to qualify for this Legacy to 3 dots or raise a third skill to 2 dots.
    The Craftmason spends a scene and a point of Mana to craft the Foundation Stone, the heart of a building, from which the rest is formed. A Foundation Stone can be of any material and in almost any shape, but must be at least size 2. When laid down in the desired location the Foundation Stone has two effects: first, it mystically marks the area, barring attempts to warp or sympathetically affect the area, any attempts to do so provoke a Clash of Wills (this effect is permanent and so grants a +4 bonus to the Clash), the Craftmason and the legal property owner are exempt from the Clash; second, the Stone begins to grow the desired structure from any materials present, the materials used are “precoded” into the Stone and if any are missing or run out the process will stop until those materials are brought to the site. If uninterrupted the construction takes place over one scene. The maximum volume affected by the Foundation Stone is equal to 1 + (lower of Space or Matter)/2 on the Advanced Scale chart. If the Foundation Stone is removed or destroyed it cannot be reused and the building it constructed loses the benefits of any incorporated Attainments, including the Ward effect from this Attainment, but the structure itself remains, if the structure relied on Attainments to maintain its integrity the structure will fail in accordance with Fallen Laws.

    Fourth: Architecture as Art
    Prerequisites: Space 4, Crafts 4.
    No long is the Craftmason bound by the pesky laws of physics or structural engineering, any structure created via Lay the Foundation or for which the Craftmason personally supervises and directs the construction has its structure locked in place by the Craftmason defining the location of the structure, and its constituent components, via the overwriting of Space itself. This Attainments allows for gravity defying spires, floating walls, and other such architectural impossibilities. Incorporating this effect into the Foundation Stone has no cost, otherwise this Attainment costs 1 Mana.
    Optional: Matter 4
    Sometimes you lack sufficient materials for a job or you wish to use materials for aesthetic purposes that don’t have the properties necessary for construction. By spending a scene working with the materials available, the Craftmason can give those materials the physical properties (tensile strength, transparency, &c) of any other material for which they have a sample. This change is Lasting.

    Fifth: Klein Bottle Construction
    Prerequisite: Space 5, in addition to the Crafts 4 requirement from the previous Attainment, the Craftmason must also raise the second skill used to qualify for this Legacy to 4 dots or raise two of the qualifying skills to 3 dots or raise three of the qualifying skills to 2 dots.
    The Craftmason’s building layouts no longer need to conform to any approximation of normal 3-dimensional geometry. When designing and encoding the layout of a building into a Foundation Stone the Craftmason can designate any surface (or number of surfaces) in a room to be “down”, independent of any other room or the rest of the world; if multiple surfaces are designated as “down” the Craftmason can define the boundary where the direction change occurs. Additionally, rooms can connect to any other room, regardless of physical location, with portals per the spell Co-Location. If multiple Foundation Stones are created at the same time, then rooms across all of them can be connected this way. This effect can also be applied to building the Craftmason designs and directs the construction of that are not created via Foundation Stone, but in that case the portals are invisible without magic and can only connect within the building.
    Optional: Matter 5
    The Craftmason or recognized owner of a building built by the Craftmason can reconfigure the structure on the fly, as if controlling a permanent Shaping spell affecting the entire building. This can only be done while inside the building, and any complex changes might require a Wits + Crafts roll.
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