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[STV] New Dark Era: Goal of the Wise

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  • BigDamnHero
    started a topic [STV] New Dark Era: Goal of the Wise

    [STV] New Dark Era: Goal of the Wise

    I think we need more content like this on the Storytellers Vault. It's a fanmade Dark Era set during the Islamic Golden Age. I know that the writers did their research and got sensitivity editors. I haven't given it a deep dive yet, but I appreciate their straightforward writing style and it feels polished. Seeing it has renewed my own desire to get something up on the STV, though probably not for Mage. :P

  • Michael
    I've not had a chance to read it fully but the stuff looks really cool. It's interesting that the author directly addresses the fact that the generic (for want of a better word) cosmology of Mage is in part descended from the ideas of people in this era.

    Also, the back-cover left me grinning.

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