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Monster Mash 2021 - Round 7

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  • Monster Mash 2021 - Round 7

    For Mages, monsters are curiosities. They are things to be feared, but also things to be studied, things learn from. And hopefully not die in the process. Here are your options:

    A) Hive-Claimed Tremere
    B) Monsterous Grimorie
    C) Terrifying Supernal
    D) Mythological Temple Guardian

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    D ladies and gentleman


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      Ooh, let's fuck up a Tremere's life a little, make things interesting. Voting for A.

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      In case you're comfortable being more friendly and casual about things, my name's Estella, or Es/Essie for short. They/Them or She/Her, please.


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        B is what I think we should go for


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          Horrifying books are right up my alley. B.


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            I'm torn between B and C but evil book takes the cake.

            I choose B

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              C. I needs me some Supernal Beings!


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                B this time. Reminds me of one of my one homebrews, heh.

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                  Well, I want all of these, but let’s go with A.

                  To whomever reads this, I hope you have a good day/night. May you be Happy.

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                    C cause the supernal is rare stuff.


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                      I’m torn between A and C…but I think I’ll go with A.


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                        Tough choice, but B seems more promising for something unique.

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                          Putting in my vote for C.

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                            My vote is on B . Grimmoires can be hosts to all sorts of clever traps, befouled or warped rotes, imprison ephemeral beings and so much more. I think seeing one that is inherently terrifying would be pretty cool.

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                              A) Hive Tremere sounds cool!

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