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  • You might want to work on the Reach assignment for these attainments. For instance both parts of the first attainment take a scene to activate and the results are transitory.

    The second attainment has one too many Reach spent, you can either have it be Instant, or at Sensory Range, not both.


    • Word of Command is a Prime 1 spell. The Attainment requires Prime 2, which means you get 2 free Reach. I do agree that the Truthseeking attainment which emulates Sacred Geometry should maybe be instant cast instead of advanced duration. That way, the mage can just ping to find out if they're in a Hallow.

      The same argument could be made for the first Mind attainment. I originally had them as instant cast, but I switched to Sensory Range so that the mage could figure out stuff about the target before directly interacting with them, or not need to touch them. But I suppose you could rework the flavor to say "with a handshake, the mage can use Mental Scan..." or something to that effect.


      • Word of Command, right, I got it confused with Words of Truth which is what I figured you'd want in that slot, my bad.


        • Words of Truth is definitely a good candidate for the Legacy. The problem is that Words of Truth specifically involves things that are objectively true, and the point of the Legacy is to change what's "objectively true" (in the minds of the mage and Sleepers). This is why the higher level Attainments focus on screwing around with Ley Lines and Hallows, since they have powerful residual narrative effects.


          • I really enjoy the guidelines on Legacy creation in the 2e core, and I'm going to try my hand at statting several concepts out. This is hopefully going to be the first in a series of "pop culture Legacies", wherein I try to mimic the powers and flavor of a particular fictional supernatural character(s) using the Legacy rules. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Additional apologies if any of these concepts have been done as Legacies before. And thus, for your pleasure I present:

            The Cauldronists
            Nicknames: Sculptors, Midases (derogatory)
            Parent Path/Order: Moros or Mysterium or Free Council

            Many Mages believe that the gross material of the Fallen World is a shackle that binds them. They may seek to escape through projection of their consciousness to the Astral Planes and beyond, or chase the rarified magic of Prime for its to affirm and deny Supernal Truths. The Cauldronists know this, too, to be a lie. The stuff of which every rock and every human being is made up contains within it potential – it is the raw material which can in time be refined into precious treasure, both living and unliving. However, initiates of the Legacy are taught that there is constancy as well as change in the universe. Nothing new can be created without an investment of matter or energy (physical or mystical) from somewhere else.
            Cauldronists strive to attain mastery of the form and substance of inanimate matter, and of the intricate structures that determine their own body’s Pattern. Legacy members meticulously experiment in search of a discovery that learned Cauldronists call the Sapphire Crucible. Outsiders who pick up scraps of legacy doctrine sometimes misinterpret the Sapphire Crucible as a physical artifact that must be located. In reality, the Crucible is understood as a perfected set of techniques that would allow the possessor to transmute matter with unlimited regard to scale or complexity, unlocking dominion over the foundations of the Fallen World, and perhaps Ascension itself.

            Legacy Skills: Science, Crafts, Athletics

            Appearance: Cauldronists tend to dress in practical, durable clothes, as their investigations can lead them into hazardous areas. More hubristic members may bear scars from rituals gone awry that they were unprepared to properly contain. Most Cauldronists carry pencil and paper, a smartphone, tablet, or some other method of quickly recording notes about supernatural phenomena and noteworthy objects and people they encounter.

            Concepts: Perfectionist architect, combat medic, gold-hoarder, experimental chemist

            Magic – Primary Life, Optional Matter
            Oblations: Take apart and put back together a complex device or machine. Meditate while being exposed to a mild toxin or irritant. Analyze an object or compound unknown to you and record the alchemical formulae describing its composition.

            Yantras: Alchemical sigils drawn on or encircling the object being altered (+1), Cast while standing on an active ley line (+2)

            1st: Distillation – Matter 1 Before shaping the world, the Cauldronist must know what it is made of. By merely touching an object and spending a few moments analyzing it, the Sculptor may determine the materials of which the object is composed.
            As Discern Composition, with 1 Reach allocated to instant casting

            Optional – Life 1 To Cauldronists, biological entities are not fundamentally different in substance from the nonliving matter around them. With this attainment a Sculptor gains the ability to quickly learn details about an organism, though they must be able to both touch and observe the subject.
            As Analyze Life, with 1 Reach allocated to instant casting

            2nd: Calcination – Matter 2, Life 2 The path of the Awakened often leads them into grave danger as they seek out the gods and monsters that hide within the Fallen World. With this Attainment the Cauldronist increases their chances of surviving such encounters. The Legacy member benefits from a persistent form of Matter Mage Armor that does not cost Mana to raise and lower, their will reflexively rearranging the molecules of skin and clothing alike to form a carapace that blunts the blades of would-be attackers. The mage must still lower this armor to benefit from any other Arcanum’s Mage Armor.

            3rd: Separation – Matter 3 This is perhaps the signature attainment of the Cauldronists (and one that lent them one of their sobriquets). With this level of mastery the Cauldronist may rearrange the configuration of matter to suit their needs, drawing energy from the Legacy conduit between their soul and the Supernal to effect the change.
            As Shaping, with 1 Reach allocated to allow shaping of gases, liquids, or solids + 1 Reach for instant casting.

            Optional – Life 3: If the body is a Pattern, that pattern can be mended. The Cauldronist synthesizes alchemical catalysts within their own body, rapidly healing themselves or another from injury.
            As Knit, with 1 Reach for Instant Casting + 1 Reach for the option to heal Lethal Damage instead of Bashing.

            4th: Conjunction – Matter 4 To know something inside and out is to know how to make or unmake it with ease. To the Cauldronist, destroying a steel door is as simple an alteration of matter as making a broken statue whole.
            As Nigredo and Albedo, with 1 Reach allocated to ignore Durability + 1 Reach for Instant Casting.

            Optional – Life 4 By drawing on the extensive accumulated knowledge of the legacy, the Cauldronist sees the possibilities inherent in the basic form of an organism. Performing an elaborate alchemical ritual, the Sculptor may give a plant, animal or even another human traits from one or more organisms. However, any trait granted must be from a creature the Cauldronist has studied at some point using the 1st Attainment.
            As Transform Life, with 1 reach for Advanced Duration + 1 Reach for Indefinite Duration

            5th: Coagulation – Matter 5 At this level the Legacy member’s control over matter is complete. The Sculptor may create any nonmagical substance of the Fallen World, so long as they provide appropriate raw matter to exchange during the transmutation.
            As Transubstantiation, with 1 Reach allocated to use Advanced Duration + 1 Reach for Indefinite Duration
            Optional – Life 5 To one who is close to the mystery of the Sapphire Crucible, even seemingly miraculous healings are possible. Elder members of the Legacy are sometimes sought out by the Awakened and the more knowledgeable among the night’s other denizens for the chance to replace that which was lost.
            As Regeneration, with 1 Reach for Advanced Duration + 1 Reach for Indefinite Duration


            • Kvedulf

              ​You need to clear up the attainments somewhat, you have it as Life Primary, but you keep using Matter in the primary arcana slot for some reason.

              Life 2 doesn't actually do anything in the 2nd attainment

              Knit is a 3 dot effect of Life so you only have 1 Reach to spare either for Instant activation or for the ability to heal Lethal not just Bashing.

              Transform Life for the 4th attainment, you don't have enough Reach to have transformations passed on to the next generation so Indefinite may not be worthwhile, and it's also Potency primary which means you can't take the virtual dice penalties necessary to get to Indefinite Duration even if you do have the Reach. You might be better served making it Instant with Advanced Duration using the virtual dice penalties to get it to last as long as you can (I think either a month or a year) and then simply "update" the attainment on a subject you wish to keep transformed by activating it on them again before or just after its Duration expires.

              Fifth attainment you could charge a point of mana instead of Reach to hit the Advanced Duration table because this is a Matter effect, then you'd have a Reach left over for Instant as well as Indefinite (Note you can hit Indefinite here because Duration is the primary factor of Transubstantiation and gets a free factor bump), although you might consider going for the Reach clause so you don't have to work with conceptually pure substances.

              As for Regeneration, check the Potency costs, you may not be able to replace more than hands, feet, sensory organs and skin.


              • Here's my attempt at writing a legacy. I originally envisioned it before 1e and it shows - I have completely no idea what could be the Fifth Attainment. Any ideas that could fit with the theme? Die Wiederganger

                Other names: Half-Dead, Zombies
                Most Adamantine Arrows consider undead to be useful foot soldiers and nothing more. One of them, a Mecklemburgian Moros later known as Draugr, become further interested in them. If Death normally means cessation of all living processes, does that mean revenants and ghosts die only a bit? Is revenant a human whose mind and ability to move have not been touched by Death Arcanum? Can the process be understood and harnessed to make him even more formidable in combat?
                The answer was a resounding yes – after years of research, Draugr finally found a way to partially change into a living corpse. By selectively ceasing his bodily functions during combat, he was able to ignore fatigue, pain and wounds that normally could be lethal. By dulling his mind, he could ignore fear and other distractions, becoming completely focused on his goal. Soon, the half-dead warrior became known and feared among the mages of Holy Roman Empire, many of whom wanted to know his secrets.
                When the Legacy was still young, it quickly became a subject of rumors. Plenty of mages hoped Draugr had found the secret of immortality (or, at least, Lichdom). Die Wiederganger objected – it’s not that their founder didn’t want to become immortal, it’s just the method had proven to be unsuitable. It could temporarily stop bodily functions, but couldn’t stave off aging and natural death. Unfortunately, not everyone believed them – soon, the Half-Dead had to deal not only with unsuitable apprentices trying to worm into their ranks, but also Reapers trying to steal their souls and take the secrets of partial death for themselves.
                Trying to protect themselves and their secrets, the Legacy took drastic measures. Soul thieves were brutally murdered along with their cabals (or, sometimes, Consilia). Die Wiederganger also started to screen potential members very rigorously, admitting only proven Adamantine Arrows. Every single candidate had to prove they were dedicated to a cause greater than themselves before even being considered.
                This last requirement nearly spelled the end of the Legacy – when the Holy Roman Empire disbanded and got replaced by the German one, the Half-Dead embraced nationalism and willingly fought in Sleeper wars. This made them unpopular even among many other Arrows and made Guardians of the Veil furious. During the Great War, plenty of Zombies died in the trenches – most killed by artillery strikes, but some were assassinated by other mages. The last straw however, was World War II – a lot of Die Wiederganger openly supported the Nazi regime and were mercilessly hunted after 1945. Not willing to associate themselves with the “Nazi Legacy”, German Consilia turned a blind eye when the Arrows trying to clean the Order’s name, vengeful mages from neighboring countries and even occasional Reapers came knocking.
                Ironically, it’s the last ones that prevented the Legacy from going extinct. The formal structure of Die Wiederganger is gone, but their secrets lived on with mages who learned them from stolen souls. Some original members of the Half-Dead survived, but good luck getting them to teach you – their recruitment requirements got even harder than ever and include an oath of revenge on those who defiled the Legacy – which means not only the Reapers, but everyone they taught.
                While not Left-Handed, Die Wiederganger are pretty unpopular among the mages who know anything about their history. If you get inducted, chances are you either were taught by a Reaper or a literal Nazi. The latter is even worse, because it means you are oath-bound to pursue the former, which usually ends with two Consilia hating each other.

                Parentage: Moros, Adamantine Arrow Seers of the Throne (from Praetorian Ministry). Plenty of Reapers who stole the Legacy actually come from Mysterium.
                Background: Plenty of Zombies come from danger-related backgrounds. Soldiers are the most obvious candidates, although they no longer compose the absolute majority of the legacy. There is plenty of police officers, firefighters and lifeguards among the Half-Dead. At least one cosmonaut joined too.
                Appearance: Die Wiederganger frequently have various health problems – the ability to ignore pain, hunger and drowsiness at will means they tend to view their body as a tool and nothing more. The more they advance into the Legacy, the worse they look – it’s easy to recognize them by pale skin and dark rings around the eyes.

                Prerequisites: Death 2, Resolve 2, Stamina 2
                Initiation: The prospective Half-Dead is symbolically brought on the verge of death and interred. Traditionally it meant being beaten nearly to death and buried. The original Wiederganger didn’t mind high mortality, because it let them weed out “unsuitable” recruits. Today, only the remnants of the original Legacy bother with that method – most just give a recruit a controlled dose of toxin and put them into a coffin.
                Organization: Die Wiederganger used to have a loose hierarchy. The master was honor-bound to only introduce apprentices that was considered suitable, otherwise they risked shame and scorn from the rest of the Legacy. The prospective Half-Dead needed to be vetted by two other members. Otherwise they were free to do as they please. After the collapse of the Legacy, these rules are no longer observed.
                Theory: Death conquers all but the Mind. Life, however, can distract you and prevent from mastering Death. You can only free your Mind by giving up the parts of Life that hinder you. When you are able to do that, you become truly invincible.

                Ruling Arcanum: Death
                Yantras: Significant wounds (+2), carrying a memento of the cause the Half-Dead fights for (+1), lying motionless on the ground (+1), corpse paint (+1), sewing one’s mouth shut (+2), although duct tape works too (+1)
                Oblation: Spending the night lying motionlessly inside a coffin, eating a meal consisting entirely of spoiled food (buttermilk, blue cheese or sauerkraut counts!), silent contemplation of the cause, hearing an elegy for yourself (a record is enough).


                First: Know Death

                Prerequisites: Initiated
                To master Death, one needs to know it. By touching a body, the mage gets to experience its final moments. This duplicates the effects of “Forensic Gaze” spell with +1 Reach applied.
                Optional: Life 1
                Touching a living person lets the mage analyze traces of Death in their bodies. This works as weaker “Analyze Life” spell, except that it only shows illnesses and Injuries (including Physical Tilts and Conditions).
                Second: Dead Flesh

                Prerequisites:Death 2, Resolve 3
                The mage shuts down their bodily functions as if they used Death 2 “Suppress Life”. This doesn’t actually make them dead, but lets them appear as such. Reach is used to knock the spell to Advanced Duration Chart.
                Optional: Life 2
                The mage can slow their bodily functions as if they possessed Life 2 “Body Control” spell. This gives them the ability to slow their metabolism, breathing and heart rate, along with a natural armor. They can’t, however, mend their wounds, mask their scent or get a bonus to initiative. Reach is used to knock the spell to Advanced Duration chart.
                Third: Befriend the Grim Reaper

                Prerequisites: Death 3, Resolve 3, Stamina 3
                The Half-Dead becomes able to resist entropy in their bodies. They still receive damage, but they don’t cause them to suffer that much. They may ignore wound penalties and Personal Tilts that wouldn’t reasonably work on a zombie (for example, they could ignore Stunned, but stills suffer Arm Wreck after someone chops their hand off) – one Tilt per Potency. This is effectively the use of Shielding practice. Reaches are used for Advanced Duration and instant use.
                Optional: Life 3
                The Disciple of Life may also ignore limits their body puts on them, getting Life 3 “Honing the Form”. They may use them to increase their Stamina or Strength, but not Dexterity. The Reach is assigned to Advanced Duration.
                Fourth: Second Chance

                Prerequisites: Death 4, Resolve 4
                Even death itself is not able to stop this mage. When the mage dies while this Attainment is active, they immediately turn into a free-willed revenant (as per Death 4 “Revenant”). It usually does everything to avenge their death or achieve the goal they tried before expiring – it remains active until this happens or for Duration of the spell. Reach is spent on Advanced Duration.
                Optional: Life 4
                Instead of dying and releasing a revenant into the world, the mage may choose to instantly mend their wounds as per Life 4 “Mend” spell. The Reach is assigned to instant use.
                Fifth: ???


                • I like it! I have no idea about a fifth attainment either. Maybe something so that, if their body becomes too worn or they need to make a change, they can transfer to another dead body?


                  • Honestly I could use some help designing a legacy...
                    The legacy would be Primary Forces. End result is by the end of it you become a being close to the Dragons of Atlantis.
                    Minor is death.

                    Obviously this isn't going to start you off with fire breathing or even flying. But maybe a mighty roar. Using control sound to amplify your voice so that if deafens or stuns.


                    • I know why you're going for this, but wouldn't a legacy based around becoming a pseudo atlantean dragon be more like Prime (supernal magic which the dragons embodied) and Life (Change into a dragon)? Forces and Death don't really tie all that well into atlantean dragons imo, especially Death.

                      My Mage 2e Homebrew


                      • Originally posted by Flinty View Post
                        I know why you're going for this, but wouldn't a legacy based around becoming a pseudo atlantean dragon be more like Prime (supernal magic which the dragons embodied) and Life (Change into a dragon)? Forces and Death don't really tie all that well into atlantean dragons imo, especially Death.
                        To me I think it would depend on how that person sees and understands them. For example if that person understood dragons to be forces of primal magic, of every arcana, that that dragons had different variaties and each was a force of nature, then understanding the existence of a death dragon wouldn't be that difficult. Though I agree...Life would be needed to make that physical change to the body. So I should think about it more.


                        • Here is a Custom Legacy that I have been working on and I would like some feedback. I still have some Fluff writing to do but it is complete enough to start getting opinions on it.
                          The walkers in Time and Space
                          (Fan crafted) – Homebrew

                          Everything has a timeline, everything, and this timeline marks the Past, Present and the Future. The Past consists of everything that has transpired since the start of the timeline, the Present collects the building blocks of time to define the Past, and the Future is previously undefined present. Along this timeline there are markers placed to represent significant events. These events in turn mark the beginning of a sympathetic connection to that event, consequently starting another timeline. These timelines and connections hang off the original timeline like branches on a tree. It is this view of the fusing of a point in three dimensional space with a point in time that the Temponauts used to shape this Legacy, and is what they believe to be the basis of the Space-time Continuum. It is through the observation and manipulation of the Past that affects the Present and allows one to shape the Future, the key being the Spacetime point, and that is how magic is done.
                          Work In Progress

                          Work In Progress

                          Parent Path or Order: Mastigos or Free Council
                          Nickname: Time Bandit
                          Background: Temponauts can come from any walk of life but most share a fascination with history, therefore many Temponauts are historians and collectors of ancient artifacts. These artifact can be anything, a book, fine art, an old arrowhead, the item itself is superfluous as long as it has a significant history. It isn’t until after they have become awakened that these items have any true meaning or usefulness. The collections of a Temponaut is truly as site to see, that is if they allow you to get close enough to see it.
                          Appearance: Temponauts are very inquisitive and tend to study everything. Lost in their train of thought they become distant to others and some would describe their preoccupation as absentminded. They are very protective of their collections and go to great lengths to keep them safe.

                          Prerequisites: Gnosis 2, Time 2, Academics 2, Science 2.
                          Initiation: The prospective Temponaut must acquire an item that is no less than a century old and then research its history and significance.
                          Organization: Temponauts have regional leaders and a council to judge those that would step out of line. The regional leader is usually the highest ranked member of the Legacy. He takes on the role of judge and the council is the jury when a case of abuse is brought before them. They also have infrequent social gathering where they discuss or show off their latest acquisitions or discoveries, the host being the one with the most recent and significant find.
                          Theory: Time is a playground vast and endless, but be careful what you leave in that playground. Never change the playground without first contemplating the outcome.

                          Ruling Arcanum: Time
                          Yantras: Historical artifacts (greater than a century old) +1, Ancient historical artifacts (Greater than three centuries old) +2, Two objects graphed together +2
                          Suggested Oblations: Reading historical documents, Carbon dating objects, Walking through a museum, Giving a lecture on history.

                          Work In Progress

                          Primary: Time, Optional: Space

                          First Attainment: Strands of Spacetime
                          Prerequisites: Initiation
                          One of the first things that a Temponaut learns to do is to examine the strands of time. By examining a strand, he can discern when two strands crossed and how long they stayed intertwined. This is similar to the “Inspect Timeline” spell. While inspecting a strand he must know the specific timeline he is looking for, as an example he can inspect Susan’s timeline for the last time she was at the library but he couldn’t look to see the last building she was in. By inspecting the libraries timeline he can then locate when Susan’s timeline crossed it. He cannot tell what she did while at the library but he would be able to discern how long the strands stayed intertwined. This is a ritual casting with Advanced Duration.
                          Optional Arcanum: Space 2
                          By overlaying a timeline onto a sympathetic connections utilized by space the Temponaut can view the times of significant occurrences associated with that connection. As an example while viewing a connection between a man and his wife the Temponaut can not only tell when the connection started but see when they had a fight that almost ended the marriage.

                          Second Attainment: Witness Spacetime
                          Prerequisites: Gnosis 2, Time 2 and Academics 3
                          After employing the Strands of Time attainment the Temponaut can use this specialized version of the “Divination” spell. The visions of the past automatically jump to the point identified by the Strands of Time and view just the amount of time that the two timelines were intertwined. This is an instant action with Advanced Duration.
                          Optional Arcanum: Space 2
                          With Space 2 the Temponaut can tag a connection with a time stamp. This tag will allow the mage to use that connection as a Medium strength Sympathetic Yantra for both Time and Space spells. The mage may only have a number of active tags equal to his Space Arcanum rating. Anyone viewing the Connection or the Timeline of either subject can detect this tag with a Perception + Investigation skill roll and can remove it with a Clash of Wills, the Temponaut will receive automatic successes equal to his Space Arcanum rating.

                          Third Attainment: Falsify Spacetime
                          Prerequisites: Gnosis 4, Time 3, Science 3
                          At this level of proficiency the Temponaut is able to change what others perceive as the chain of events. With a specialized version of the “Falsify Timeline” spell he may veil any past event that he has seen with the Witness Spacetime ability. While this ability is in effect the witnesses will recall the Falsified chain of events and all recording devices will record a lasting recording of the falsified timeline. Example the Temponaut would be able to change

                          12:15 pm, Subject enters a bank.
                          12:16 pm, The bank gets robed.
                          12:17 pm, Subject exits bank.

                          This could be changed to

                          12:15 pm, Subject enters a bank.
                          12:16 pm, Subject exits bank.
                          12:17 pm, The bank gets robed.

                          This would not change the fact that the bank was robed or that the Subject was the one that robed it, but the witnesses would recall that the subject left the bank before it was robbed and the banks video surveillance would record the subject leaving before the robbery. Any attempt to discover the true timeline would cause a Clash of Wills and the Temponaut would score a number of successes equal to his Time Rating. This is an instant action with Advanced Duration.
                          Optional Arcanum: Space 3
                          The Temponaut would be able to veil any sympathetic links that the subject may have to the Falsified Timeline with a specialized version of “Veil Sympathy” this would mask any connections that may exist with the even. This is an instant action with Advanced Duration.

                          Fourth Attainment: Rend Spacetime
                          Prerequisites: Gnosis 6, Time 4 and Academics 4
                          With the ability to view timelines the Temponaut is able to throw his opponent a few turns into the future, maximum number of turns is the Temponauts time rating. This is similar to “Temporal Stutter” in that the Temponaut is able to shunt his victim into the future. This is an instant action.
                          Optional Arcanum: Space 4
                          Using Space in conjunction with the primary ability the Temponaut is able to cause his opponent great harm. By momentarily breaking the bond between space and time the Temponaut is able to create an effect similar to the “Collapse” spell. When the subject re-enters normal time he suffers Lethal damage equal to the casters space rating. This is an instant action.

                          Fifth Attainment: Devour Spacetime
                          Prerequisites: Gnosis 8, Time 5, Science 4
                          This ability is the pinnacle of the Temponauts training and there most feared ability. This effect is similar to the “Rewrite History” spell and may be performed one any timeline that has been witnessed with the Witness Spacetime above and rewrites the witnessed event. This is ritual casting with Advanced Duration and Infinite Duration costing one mana.
                          Optional Arcanum: Space 5
                          In conjunction with the base ability the subject also cut the threads associated with that event similar to the “Cut Threads” spell. Any connections that were formed during the witnessed event in the base ability is severed. This is ritual casting with Advanced Duration and Infinite Duration costing one mana.
                          Unique spells created by the Temponauts.

                          Inspect Timeline (Time •)
                          Practice: Knowing
                          Primary Factor: Potency
                          Suggested Rote Skills: Empathy, Investigation, Occult.
                          With this spell the strands of time are as visible as a clock upon the wall. The mage can inspect the subject’s timeline for a known intersection. This will tell the mage when two known timelines crossed and how long they stayed intertwined with each other. The mage can see other timeline intersections but he would not be able to discern any information about that intersection. Unlike the spell Divination you are not viewing the timeline of the subject and therefore you would not be able to see what transpired during that time, however there is also no viewing speed so locating the intersection is instantaneous. You are able to discern the number of times that the two timelines crossed using potency as noted on the time table below. If either of the two the subjects has their timeline concealed then there is a Clash of Will to be able to inspect the timeline.
                          Add Space •: By adding the Space Arcanum you can also see if there is a connection between the two subjects.
                          +1 Reach: With this reach you do not need to know both subjects, you can use generalities in place of one of the subjects. Example: When did the restaurant receive its last delivery? When was the Last time the subject spoke to another person? This will reveal the number of times that the general condition occurred equal to potency. With potency two you would be able to tell the last two deliveries the restaurant received.
                          +1 Reach and Space •: With this you can search a timeline for unknown connection, this will reveal a number of connections equal to potency and allow you to follow those connections, similar to the base ability of Correspondence.

                          Potency 1: The most recent.
                          Potency 2: Within the Last hour.
                          Potency 3: Within the Last Day.
                          Potency 4: Within the Last week.
                          Potency 5: Within the last Month.
                          Potency 6: Within the last Year.
                          Potency 7+: Every time the strands crossed.

                          Falsify Timeline (Time ●●)
                          Practice: Veiling
                          Primary Spell Factor: Potency
                          Suggested Rote Skills: Larceny, Occult, Subterfuge
                          For the duration of this spell the Mage can Falsify the subject’s action within the Timeline. If someone tries to view the subjects past it will provoke a Clash of Wills. If they fail the Clash of Wills then the Caster of this spell can send an altered image of events to the onlooker. This does not alter what really happened just what the onlooker perceives happened.
                          If the onlooker Records this Falsified Timeline, in any fashion, the effects become lasting in that the recorded history remains even after the spell ends.
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                          • Too complicated? Am I trying to do too many things at once?

                            The Heirs of Heimdall

                            Nicknames: The Crowned, Heathens (derogatory)
                            Parent Path/Order: Thyrsus/Silver Ladder
                            Philosophy: The Heirs of Heimdall, a young Legacy, take their name from the Norse god Heimdall; however, they do not seek to only emulate his aspects of protection and staunch determination, but his wise rulership as spoken of in the Song of Rig. A noble ruler, he led humanity into a golden age of peace and prosperity before his human body’s death and the return of his divine soul to Asgard. The founder of the legacy, a Thyrsus calling himself Seidmann (the ancient Norse word for a magic-using male), was in his Sleeper life a follower of Asatru, Germanic neo-paganism, and sought to blend his religion with his chosen order, interpreting the gods as powerful archmages who had become Supernal symbols discernable even to the Fallen World. Not only that, but he was obsessed (as many mages are) with seeking immortality. Though he would later reconcile himself to the semi-impossibility of his quest, he did make some important discoveries and laid out three important precepts for his future legacy; firstly, that all places in the Fallen World have echoes in the Supernal, which draw them ‘upwards’, so to speak; secondly, that Space only has meaning in Pandemonium and the Fallen World, that in truth, all places--even including the Supernal Realms, the Abyss, and the Fallen World together--are actually one point; and thirdly, that a mage may so imbue a claimed area with his soul that he never truly dies, but instead brings that piece of the Fallen World and the Supernal Realms ‘closer’ by tying his Supernal soul to the Fallen land. Essentially, by claiming a piece of the world, the Heir, philosophically speaking, claims the whole world, and can draw out its natural divinity through just and fair rulership, emulating Heimdall, who gave himself to Midgard for its betterment. While some among the other orders, especially the Free Council, deride the Heirs as “mad wizards in their towers”, the Legacy is quite popular among Silver Ladder Thyrsus, many of whom regard it as the ultimate expression of the Precept of Thunder.
                            Legacy Skills: Occult, Politics, Expression
                            Appearance: As many Heirs are previous or current Asatru followers, they often affect long, “viking” beards if male, and usually intricately braided hair if female, as well as other markers such as Mjolnir amulets or, more commonly, horn amulets to represent Heimdall. They also often carry symbols of rulership, including staffs, rods, and even crowns if engaged in spellcasting. Otherwise, they are about as diverse as any other group of mages.
                            Concepts: Awakened anarcho-monarchist, neo-pagan mystic, Silver Ladder elitist
                            Magic – Space Primary, Spirit Optional
                            Oblations: Patrolling one’s claimed territory, actively mediating disputes between local spirits, improving the territory in some observable, definable way
                            Yantras: Horns (musical ones) played during casting (+1), Cast while in one’s claimed territory (+2)


                            • I wanted to work with a legacy that played on superhero symbolism but placed the Mage at odds with the Pentacle. Could use some suggestions about making them more "Left-Handed". Any critique is appreciated.

                              ************************************************** *****

                              True Believers (Left-Hand)


                              Parentage: Obrimos, Acanthus, Free Council
                              Background: This Legacy has traditionally recruited members from those in heroic vocations; especially those went to war with the servants of the Seers in their Sleeper lives (e.g., noble warriors, heretical voices for change, whistleblowers). However, as their practices have come under more scrutiny, veteran Heroes no longer recruit prospective members but instead wait for those willing to accept the consequences of their calling to seek them out.

                              Appearances: No two Heroes will ever look the same. As each Hero gains experience, they will cultivate a very specific outfit that calls on the symbolism of their Shadow Name. However, all Heroes maintain two idiosyncratic personas that represent their civilian and heroic natures. During formal and informal gatherings of the Legacy, it is considered uncouth to appear in one’s civilian persona.


                              Prerequisites: Prime 2, Persuasion 2, two dots in one of the following Skills; Craft, Investigation, Athletics, and Streetwise, one dot in the Shadow Name Merit.

                              Initiation: The eager young Hero must patrol their protectorate, relying on only their wits and natural skills should the need for crime-fighting arise. Moreover, the Hero must intentionally spend each night patrolling locations where they believe servants of the Seers or some other supernatural manipulator are active. During this time, a veteran Hero will shadow the recruit as they patrol; looking for any hint of moral corruption or cowardice. Only when the recruit has found a suitably heroic and dangerous situation will the veteran intervene. If the duo survives the final conflict, the veteran will welcome the recruit into the Legacy. While in ages past the end of this ceremony would result in the recruit seeking out their own territory, the multitude of adversaries in the modern-era has led to multiple Heroes patrolling the same protectorate.

                              Organization: All Heroes are expected to lead their own personal crusade against the Seers and those monsters that seek to oppress humanity. It is not uncommon though for a veteran Hero to take a junior member under their wing, or, for a group of Heroes to maintain an informal organization that they can call on to combat large threats. During times of monumental crisis, Heroes are expected to answer the call of the Legacy to face the threat as a unified front.

                              Theory: It is common knowledge that there is no historical evidence connecting heroic legends with the activities of Mages, but isn’t it such a curious thing that humanity continues to create heroes with powers beyond mortal ken? Most Mages write this Sleeper phenomenon off as little more than an escape fantasy. For Heroes, they believe that is the soul of humanity slipping through the Abyssal-taint; showing Mages a way to subvert the Abyss and become the heroes they were destined to be. Stories of cultural heroes and the colorful pages of comics are blueprints. Mask and origin stories are sword and shield against the Abyss.


                              Ruling Arcanum: Prime
                              Yantras: Succeeding on a Persuasion roll related to the relevant spell (+2); declaring the evil deeds of your adversary (+1); explaining how your “powers” work to a bystander (+1, or +2 if the bystander is a Sleeper); collecting evidence of your enemy’s wrongdoing or weaknesses (e.g., photos, recordings) (+2).
                              Oblations: Patrolling one’s protectorate, Practicing the skills related to one’s “powers”, repairing and tending to the equipment and clothes tied to the heroic persona, pursuing and hiding one’s secret identity, spreading rumors about Heroes.


                              First: Staring into the Night
                              Prerequisites: Initiation
                              The Hero becomes attuned to the Truth as they start their crusade to right the injustice that is the Fallen World. This Attainment replicates “Pierce Deception” with Reach assigned to Instant Use. If this Attainment is attempting to pierce through supernatural concealment, it automatically scores successes equal to the Mage’s Prime dots.
                              Optional: Fate 1, Destiny 1
                              Often in heroic stories, the narrative works to direct the protagonist towards their goals. By believing in their own heroic goals, the Hero gains intuitive insight into where they need to be to stop the forces of darkness. This Attainment replicates the “Serendipity" spell, with Reach assigned to Instant Use. It is used solely provide glimpses to what the Mage should do in the pursuit of justice. The Mage may use a dot from their Destiny pool to add the +1 Reach allowing the Mage to substitute any Skill of the same type to accomplish their desired goal.

                              Second: Standing for Truth
                              Prerequisites: Prime 2, Persuasion 3.
                              The Hero is able to bring the light of heroic belief into the world with their words. This Attainment replicates the spell “Words of Truth” with Reach assigned to Instant Use. In Social maneuvering action, this removes Doors equal to the Hero’s rating in Prime. This power is solely used to aid the Hero in bringing the truth out of villainous and to inspire the meek.
                              Optional: Fate 2, Destiny 2
                              The hyper narratives that surround heroic stories are filled with instances when the Hero plots the most opportune path amidst a chaotic situation. While the Hero is patrolling their protectorate, they find reality working for them to aid them in their crusade. This Attainment replicates the spell “Quantum Flux” with Reach assigned to Instant Use and Advanced Duration. This Attainment subtracts penalties equal to the Hero’s Fate dots for a number of actions equal to their Fate dots.

                              Third: Donning the Mantle
                              Prerequisites: Prime 3, two dots in a second Skill among the initiation Skill list and two dots in the Shadow Name Merit.
                              As their notoriety increases, the Hero finds that the symbols and tools tied to their heroic persona hum with the power of the Supernal. Carefully tending to and donning these symbols allows the Hero to call on their symbolism to greatly increase their power. This Attainment replicates the spell “As Above So Below” with Reach assigned to Advanced Duration and grating the 8-Again effect on spellcasting rolls. The Hero may dedicate a number of Yantra equal to their dots in Prime. The first Yantra dedicated must be their Heroic persona.
                              Optional: Fate 3, Destiny 3
                              Heroes often have access to equipment that exceeds the capabilities of mortal craftsmanship. Just as they dedicate Yantras to call on the power of their Heroics symbolism, the Hero can collapse destiny on an object to increase its capabilities to mythic heights. This Attainment replicates the spell “Monkey’s Paw” with Reach assigned to Advanced Duration. This Attainment can only be used to bless a piece of equipment that the Hero uses in their crusade. By spending a Destiny point for the duration of the Attainment, the Hero may access the +1 Reach option to allow the equipment bonus to exceed 5. The Potency of this Attainment is equal to the Hero’s dots in Fate.

                              Fourth: Facing front
                              Prerequisites: Prime 4, Persuasion 4.
                              When calling on the symbolism of their heroic persona, the Hero can push back the darkness in the souls of Sleepers. This allows the Hero to call on their powers without fear of Paradox within their protectorate. After patrolling their protectorate in their Heroic Persona, the Hero replicates the spell “Stealing Fire” with Reach assigned to Advanced Duration and Advanced Scale. This ritual creates room-sized areas where Sleepers become Sleepwalkers when they enter. This Attainment only affects spells that call on the Hero’s persona as a Yantra.
                              Optional: Fate 4, Destiny 4
                              By calling on the strength of their heroic narrative, the Hero may bring fate to bare on those who witness them in action. This Attainment replicates the spell “Sworn Oaths” with Reach assigned to Advanced Duration and giving the Hero awareness of when the Oath is broken. This Attainment is used to bind villains to change their ways and aspiring heroes to moral actions.

                              Fifth: Breaking the Wall
                              Prerequisites: Prime 5, two dots in a third Skill among the initiation Skill list, or three dots in the second and three dots in the Shadow Name Merit.
                              At the height of their power, the Hero can now break a piece of the Lie’s hold on the Fallen World. The Hero’s protectorate now becomes suffused with the power of their heroic persona. This Attainment replicates the spell “Create Truth” with Reach assigned to Advanced Duration. The rating of the Hallow is equal to the Hero’s dots in Prime; with a Resonance identical to the Hero.
                              Optional: Fate 5, Destiny 5
                              By this point in the story, the Hero knows that no matter the obstacle they are going to save the day. It isn’t a matter of fate or destiny, but instead the inevitable effect that their crusade has on the Lie. With that awareness, the Hero can briefly push aside the Lie to make their desired outcome a reality. This Attainment replicates the spell “Miracle” with Reach assigned to Advanced Duration. The Hero gains enough intercessions equal to their dots in Fate, but may only use them while in their heroic persona. The Hero may spend a Destiny point, a Willpower point, and a Mana point to access the +2 Reach form of this spell.
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                              • That’s no bad, but definitely doesn’t strike me as Left-Handed.

                                Also, Words of Truth has to typically be used on a subject other than the Mage casting it so it will require a touch or Aimed activation Range.