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  • Alternate Watchtowers/Supernal Realms

    So are there any alternative Supernal Realms/Watch Towers in the Books or made by fans? I'm curious, I thought I remembered a project for making a realm for each combination of Arcana.

    Has anyone used them in games? I don't see a problem with doing so frankly, particularly if the whole cabal of PCs are each from one of these unknown paths.

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    There's one Supernal World, seen through five different interpretations.

    That said, Left Hand Path has both of the hinted at alternatives in it.

    A Tremere legend of a sixth Watchtower of the Soul that would encompass all the existing Paths and is either a) a delusion b) a warped interpretation of a Lower Depth c) in the abyss or d) related to a Bound - that is, it was in the Supernal, but has been removed.

    The five Abyssal Ziggurats, anti-Watchtowers set in Abyssal worlds that resemble elementally-flipped perversions of the Path Realms, that mid-ranking Scelesti journey to. For example, the Anti-Aether is the flooded ocean-floor wreckage of the Nephilim's cities - the cold, dark symbolism of power utterly destroyed as the mirror to the Aether.

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      The Mage Chronicler's Guide talks about some alternatives to how Paths work, and then explores the implications of that in the Supernal. Is it a new Watchtower that heralding in a new era for the Awakened, or a harbinger of Abyssal supremacy? Are there dozens of Watchtowers, of each Arcanum combination, and thus a myriad of independent realms within the Supernal? It talks about these and a few other takes.

      My rule of thumb, though, especially with the WoD, is that if there's a, "What If?" idea you have about the setting then use it! Maybe people in-setting believe it but it isn't true? Or maybe it now is true and turns the world upside-down.

      Your PCs are watching a group of Sleepers who have been groomed to Awaken for years and then, suddenly, they all Awaken the same night and they all traveled to a hitherto unknown Watchtower. Are they infect by the Abyss? Turned into Banishers? Maybe your PC is one!


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        The Chronicler's Guide (I think) also suggest new Watchtowers (a.k.a alternative views of the Supernal World), like the path of Djinn and the suggest for a "supernal realm of vampires". There is also the False Awakening which could be used as inspiration (if you drop the part were you are exploded in the end, of course)

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          In the Mage Chronicle's Guide, there is the Watchtower of Brass and flame. That was kinda neat. I think there was a False Path in Intruders as well, a kind of Abyssal disease that faked being a tower.

          But as far the Fan project're going to be more specific. I remember no fewer than 6 or 7 attempts... Including 3 on, though I can only find links for these two.The rest I recall were in the WW forums. Checking the Archives now...I do recall that Dataweaver did a really cool take though, with 5 alternates...

          Edit: Found some! DW talk's about adding Leagices to them here. His original thread is here. Another DW one is this, noted for it's visuals.
          Will return if/when I find more
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            I worked up a set of five designed to complement the standard five, and posted them on the old forums and on the old Wiki. Here’s a summary:
            Sorcerers on the Path of Mastery; scions of the Watchtower of the Brazen Lamp in the Realm of Mount Qaf, Kingdom of the Living Elements, Abode of the Djinn.
            Path Attribute: Resolve
            Ruling Arcana: Forces and Spirit
            Inferior Arcanum: Prime
            Nimbus: "Inflaming"
            Tarot: the Emperor
            Common Virtue and Vice: Justice and Wrath
            Existing Legacies: Clavicularius, Tamers of Sands
            New Legacies: Djinn Summoners?
            This is a slightly modified version of the Watchtower of Brass and Flame from the Mage Chronicler’s Guide. I changed the name to conform to the naming scheme used by every other Watchtower (but tried to keep the essence of “Brass and Flame” in the new name), and I changed the Path Attribute from Composure to Resolve to reflect the more forceful personalities I envisioned them having.
            Alchemists on the Path of Excellence,
            Scions of the Watchtower of the Copper Mallet in the Realm of Utopia,
            Kingdom of Perfection, Abode of Archetypes.
            Path Attribute: Composure
            Ruling Arcana: Matter and Prime
            Inferior Arcanum: Fate
            Nimbus: "Perfectionist"
            Tarot: Temperance
            Common Virtue and Vice: Prudence and Greed
            Existing Legacies: Uncrowned Kings, Daksha, Scions of God, Transhuman Engineers, Tamers of Iron, Forge Masters
            New Legacies: a Summoner Legacy that draws upon “Platonic Archetypes” of things.
            The theme of this Path was intended to encompass all mystics centered on the notion of magical items, not just practitioners of Supernal Alchemy — though they tend to excel in that, too. Prime was selected for the alchemists to represent the raw building blocks of reality, and because of its usefulness in working with Imbued Items of all sorts.
            Druids on the Path of Balance, Scions of the Watchtower of the Wooden Chalice in the Realm of Yggdrasil,
            Kingdom of Seasons, Abode of Gæans
            Path Attribute: Resolve
            Ruling Arcana: Life and Death
            Inferior Arcanum: Time
            Nimbus: "Patient"
            Tarot: Wheel of Fortune
            Common Virtue and Vice: Temperance and Envy
            Existing Legacies: Orphans of Proteus, Walkers in the Mists, Sodality of the Tor, Dreamspeakers, Tamers of Trees, Tamers of Blood?, Thread Cutters
            New Legacies:
            I wanted to build a Path out of the pairing of Life and Death, and took European paganism (particularly the druids of the British Islands) as my inspiration. “Gæans” is a vague term for its denizens, and I was never really happy with it. At various points, I considered serpents, Ent-like tree-people, and Dryads as candidates; but I never settled on a single, consistent set of imagery for the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Seasons.

            This Path differs from the Thyrsus in that it’s more of a “Circle of Life” thing than an “eat or be eaten” thing: nature green in growth and decay rather than nature red in tooth and claw.
            Astrologers on the Path of Discovery,
            Scions of the Watchtower of the Hermium Mirror in the Realm of the Firmament,
            Kingdom of Vision, Abode of Stars
            Path Attribute: Composure
            Ruling Arcana: Space and Fate
            Inferior Arcanum: Life
            Nimbus: "Watchful"
            Tarot: the Star
            Common Virtue and Vice: Faith and Greed
            Existing Legacies:Subtle Ones, Threnodists, Tamers of Light, Sphinxes, Thrice-Great, House of Ariadne?
            New Legacies: a Summoner Legacy that calls the Stars down for guidance.
            The Cælum were very loosely based off of the historical antecedents of Mage: the Ascension’s Void Engineers: the Void Seekers and the Celestial Masters. Fate is for when they look to the heavens for guidance about the future; Space is for when they look to the heavens for guidance about the world around them. The Stars than inhabit the Firmament are generally humanoid figures, inspired by the stars in C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series (esp. Voyage of the Dawn Treader); it’s a notion that has also been used by Neil Gaiman in Stardust and Endless Nights.
            Bards on the Path of Enlightenment,
            Scions of the Watchtower of the Tin Flute in the Realm of the Akasha,
            Kingdom of Stories, Abode of Zeitgeists
            Path Attribute: Resolve
            Ruling Arcana: Time and Mind
            Inferior Arcanum: Space
            Nimbus: "Iconic"
            Tarot: the Magician
            Common Virtue and Vice: Charity and Sloth
            Existing Legacies: Perfected Adepts, Daoine?, House of Ariadne?, Pygmalions, Stone Scribes, Skalds
            New Legacies: Ecstatics who channel Zeitgeists
            Nearly every time I’ve seen someone do a Legacy or Path featuring Time, it has been forward-looking; so I wanted to do something aligned more with the past. These folk are based on celtic bards and nordic skalds; they’re storytellers, entertainers, and keepers of ancient wisdom. I drew imagery and concepts from Mage: the Ascension’s Akashic Brotherhood (for the Akashic Record) and the Cult of Ecstasy (for the Zeitgeists).

            The Existing Legacies are there if you want to co-opt any of the existing Legacies for use with the new Paths instead of the existing ones. They’re a work in progress. The New Legacies are ideas for Legacies that build on aspects of the Path’s imagery and do not already exist. I’d like at least two per Path, not counting Elemental Tamers or Summoners-style Legacies.

            EDIT: latest version found here.
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              In the game I'm in right now, we're using the concept that the watchtowers are just a beacon and you can possibly Awaken to other "regions" of a given supernal realm (although it is uncommon). My mage landed in a particularly magical part of the Primal Wild and got Life/Prime ruling.


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                Sounds like the “Warlocks of Arcadia” hack in Mage Chronicler’s Guide.

                The idea is that Path and Realm are decoupled, with Path determining your Subtle Arcanum and Realm determining your Gross Arcanum. I remember working up something for this, too, with each Realm having five Kingdoms in it corresponding to the five Paths and each Path having five titles corresponding to the five Realms. I posted it on the Wiki, though; so it’s currently MIA.
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                  Originally posted by Dataweaver View Post
                  Sounds like the “Warlocks of Arcadia” hack in Mage Chronicler’s Guide.
                  Yes! That's what it was. I couldn't remember where we got the idea.


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                    Awesome you guys I'll give them all a look. DataWeaver what is the Inferior Arcanum of the Palinoros? Its hard to guess these, is it Time? Or Spirit?


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                      Sorry; I somehow skipped that while reformatting everything. It’s Time: their association with cycles (e.g., birth, death, and rebirth, or the progression of the seasons) means that time is something they generally don’t try to manipulate.

                      Note that among the Ten Watchtowers, every Arcanum shows up twice as a Ruling Arcanum and once as an Inferior Arcanum. That is, there’s no overlap between the original five Paths’s Inferior Arcana and my five new Paths’ Inferior Arcana.
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                        Originally posted by Dataweaver View Post
                        Sorry; I somehow skipped that while reformatting everything. It’s Time: their association with cycles (e.g., birth, death, and rebirth, or the progression of the seasons) means that time is something they generally don’t try to manipulate.

                        Note that among the Ten Watchtowers, every Arcanum shows up twice as a Ruling Arcanum and once as an Inferior Arcanum. That is, there’s no overlap between the original five Paths’s Inferior Arcana and my five new Paths’ Inferior Arcana.
                        I'm so proud I got that one with my first try! I was not really confident in my savvy on the subject!


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                          Here's what I came up with on this.

                          In this alternate cosmology, there are still five known Realms in the Supernal World; but each Realm has within it five Kingdoms, each with its own Watchtower. As such, there are 25 Paths to which a mage can Awaken. The Watchtowers presented in the corebook are considered the "core" of the Realm in question. The two primary Arcana of that Path are the dominating influences on the landscape. However, as you move away from that central point, the Gross Arcanum in that direction begins to influence the landscape, but the Subtle Arcanum still dominates.

                          Realm of the Aether
                          Within the Realm of Aether, the guiding principle is Faith. Faith can move mountains, change lives, and shine in the dark when all other lights have been extinguished. The inhabitants of the Aether will always try to encourage the mage to become that light, but one man’s “light” is not always the same as his neighbor’s. Some will take strength from their Faith and use it to reach for the greatest heights (Path of the Mighty). Some will use their Faith in the service others and give what they can for the greater good (Path of Sacrifice). Some will apply their Faith with the greatest of ease for the maximum effect, and find themselves rewarded (Path of Immortality). Some will use that Faith to unite that which is separated and forge chains to link them all together (Path of Unity). Some will simply ride the Universal Cycle with joy in their hearts and have Faith that they will see it through to the Great End (Path of Eternity).

                          Kingdom of Celestial Spheres
                          Abode of Angels, Watchtower of the Gold Key
                          Obrimos: the Theurges on the Path of Might
                          Supported by Forces, Opposed by Death
                          See Tome of the Watchtowers
                          Relation from Center – This is center

                          Kingdom of World Trees
                          Abode of Dryads, Watchtower of the Oaken Sickle
                          Verbenae: the Druids on the Path of Sacrifice
                          Supported by Life, Opposed by Spirit
                          With great trees stretching down into the mist and high into the clouds, the Kingdom of World Trees awaits those who would choose Sacrifice as the way to the heavens. Those who visit here will find themselves leaping among the branches and leaves, risking a fall at every step. The Dryads will not help the would-be mage; in fact, they will ask him for assistance. They will beg for water for their drying leaves, ask for help in removing vines and weeds from their tiny, tree-top gardens. Only those who stop and help, and can keep their balance, will be guided to the branches of a great oak. Through a door carved into the side in the shape of a sickle, they can enter the Watchtower and leave their name in this sacred grove.
                          Relation to Center - Down

                          Kingdom of Effortless Action
                          Abode of Celestial Masters, Watchtower of the Jade Crucible
                          Athanatos: the Alchemists on the Path of Immortality
                          Supported by Matter, Opposed by Fate
                          Well below the crashing skies of the Aether is a series of furnaces and crucibles, surrounded by huts containing all manner of materials. Waiting here for the would-be mage are the Celestial Masters, willing to offer guidance to those who ask the right questions. Many have come here and begun to throw items into the crucibles and furnaces, hoping to forge themselves the right substance to grant them their wishes of power and immortality. Fewer still have known to search for the Jade Crucible, but this does not grant them the knowledge of the correct materials to use. Only by taking the time to study with one of the old Masters can one hope to find the way. Only by understanding how simple it really is will the Watchtower be revealed.
                          Relation to Center - Under

                          Kingdom of Divine Simplicity
                          Abode of Sefirot, Watchtower of the Stardust Chain
                          Halusis: the Geomancers on the Path of Unity
                          Supported by Space, Opposed by Death
                          Within the Realm of Aether, there exists a great chain, linking all the way up to the clouds. If one were to begin to ascend this chain, they would find more chains going off in other directions, and those links having yet more chains. If the would-be mage can take a step back to see, they will find those chains going in all directions, linking everything together in a massive web. At different points, many chains will link together in a seeming knot of connected things; all the chains for animals & plants will connect as all things living, all the chains for lust and envy and wrath and greed will come together as a collection of vices. At the greatest nexus points are the Sefirot, representing the highest ideals and greatest concepts. By following the chains of the Sefirot, the would-be mage can climb this web to the Watchtower and leave their name on the wall of stardust.
                          Relation to Center - Below

                          Kingdom of Righteous Order
                          Abode of Avatars, Watchtower of the Lotus Table
                          Ogygios: the Channelers on the Path of Eternity
                          Supported by Time, Opposed by Death
                          On a great, calm pool of water, there are endless lotus blossoms, each floating upon the surface and dancing to their own tunes. Some of the blossoms will collect together and all dance in harmony. Others will separate after a long time of dancing together, and begin to drift away, or sink beneath the surface altogether. New blossoms will break the surface and begin to dance, either alone or with others. The would-be mage who comes here has no one and nothing to interact with, until they understand what they are seeing. Each blossom is a soul; each collection is a circle of friends and family. When they drift away or sink, the circle is broken. Death or disorder has taken someone away. When a new blossom appears, a new soul has entered the world. Once the Awakening soul has grasped this, an Avatar will join him and show him to the Watchtower.
                          Relation to Center - Beneath

                          Realm of Arcadia
                          Within the Realm of Arcadia, the guiding principle is Bravery. As the old saying goes, “Fortune Favors the Brave.” Dealing with Fate, in all its forms, requires a mage to take chances, face changes, and trust that the outcome will be what was meant to happen. Arcadia will test a would-be mage’s mettle with warnings of danger, portents of doom, and threats of death; those who go on to face the tests and brave the dangers have better understanding of Fate and how it works for them, against them, and with them. Some will treat Fate as the coming storm, full of chaos and energy, but better for its passing (Path of Thunder). Some will see the winding up of living beings and happenstance and they will not hesitate to cut it when necessary (Path of Destiny). Some will see Fate as something that can be hammered and molded into shape, forcing it into a forged destiny (Path of Artifacts). Some will want to know all the paths Fate has laid out and see all the possibilities, even if it destroys their minds (Path of Discovery). Some will simply let the tides of Fate and Time push & pull them where it will and trust to luck (Path of Thistle).

                          Kingdom of Enchantment
                          Abode of the Fae, Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn
                          Acanthus: the Enchanters on the Path of Thistle
                          Supported by Time, Opposed by Forces
                          See Tome of the Watchtowers
                          Relation from Center – This is center

                          Kingdom of Storms
                          Abode of Great Ravens, Watchtower of the Frozen Spear
                          Magi: the Wizards on the Path of Thunder
                          Supported by Forces, Opposed by Space
                          The Watchtower of the Frozen Spear stands at the peak of the highest mountain of Arcadia, stretching above even the tallest tree of the greatest forest of the Realm, surrounded by vast seas of snow and ice. Perched upon its many peaks are the Great Ravens who call this region home. They wait for would-be mages to approach the Watchtower and bring down storms and clouds of black wings upon those who would enter. The path for anyone who could call themselves a wizard is difficult, and the Path of Foresight requires that a Wizard be prepared for hardship and sudden changes in fortune. If successful, a mage can carve their name into the handle of the Frozen Spear with one of the many icicles hanging from the arches of the tower’s doorways.
                          Relation from Center - Up

                          Kingdom of the Turning Wheel
                          Abode of the Norns, Watchtower of the Obsidian Knife
                          Moirae: the Fate-Weavers on the Path of Destiny
                          Supported by Life, Opposed by Matter
                          As a would-be mage wanders through the forests of Arcadia, approaching the mountains takes the visitor through a region that is strange even by the standards of this Realm. At first, the trees appear to be a birch of some kind, with white bark and red leaves and vines. Upon closer inspection, they are found to be gigantic bones with the leaves and vines being pieces of flesh still attached to them. This is a place built on the bodies of Giants and Titans, cut up and stripped bare to make of Forest of Flesh & Bone. The only inhabitants of this Kingdom are 3 women; call them Norns, Fates, or the Weird Sisters. It doesn’t matter to them, but they will test a visitor before allowing entrance to the Watchtower. Passing the test grants the mage a pair of shears which they can use to hack their name into the thick, black walls of the Watchtower.
                          Relation from Center - Across

                          Kingdom of Mines
                          Abode of Dwarfs, Watchtower of the Diamond Chisel
                          Techne: the Craftsmen on the Path of Artifacts
                          Supported by Matter, Opposed by Space
                          Doting the landscape of the Enchanted Forests of Arcadia are several great holes in the ground. These holes will lead to great caves and vast mines where the Dwarfs make their homes and craft their enchanted items. The Dwarfs have great smiths and forges working at all times, day and night are irrelevant under the ground. The powerful artifacts they create lie on rows and columns of shelves, well maintained and polished, but one stands out among all others – the Diamond Chisel. This tool must be taken before the would-be mage can continue, and the Dwarfs will only allow those who show some skill in crafting to take it with them. Once obtained, the visitor travels deep within one of the great caverns to the Watchtower, gleaming bright with clear crystal. When they have etched their name into the Watchtower with the Chisel, they can truly claim the title of Craftsman.
                          Relation from Center - Below

                          Kingdom of Revelation
                          Abode of Nebulas, Watchtower of the Opal Door
                          Eureka: the Astrologers on the Path of Discovery
                          Supported by Space, Opposed by Matter
                          High above, in the skies of Arcadia, lays the Boundless Firmament. In these endless reaches, all possibilities are waiting to be found. Each potential outcome is a pinpoint of light against a backdrop of black. Reaching for the stars here is not a metaphor, but a reality. Each star contains new knowledge, and with that knowledge comes the potential to know more and do more. Each new discovery leads to another, but that is another star to chase, another bright point for the Astrologer to follow, and they simply do not have the time. The Watchtower of the Opal Door, the brightest spot on the horizon, pulls potential mages in like a white dwarf star. Here, they must burn their name into the door before too long or fall back to earth, forever denied the Boundless Firmament again.
                          Relation from Center - Above

                          Realm of Pandemonium
                          Within the Realm of Pandemonium, the guiding principle is Purification. The creatures of the Realm are there to expose the flaws of the soul and to force improvement within the soul. They tempt, they torture, they steal, they punish and they abuse; All in the name of turning the would-be mage into a soul worthy to hold the power of magic. Pandemonium will accept no weaklings or cowards. Some will be tempted to Glutton themselves and simply take what is given, but they must move on to find the Watchtower (Path of Determination). Some will be tempted with a Lust for everything a body could desire, but only by focusing will they find the Watchtower (Path of Introspection). Some will see the strength of other souls and Envy them and wish to Greedily take what they see, but only by forging their own soul will they find the Watchtower (Path of Forging). Some will be Prideful and try to hide their flaws, but if they will be open and lay bare, they will be admitted into the Watchtower (Path of Scourging). Some will find they are harassed and tempted to give into Sloth, but those who learn patience will discover the Watchtower (Path of Observance).

                          Kingdom of Nightmares
                          Abode of Demons, Watchtower of the Iron Gauntlet
                          Mastigos: the Warlocks on the Path of Scourging
                          Supported by Space, Opposed by Matter
                          See Tome of the Watchtowers
                          Relation from Center – This is center

                          Kingdom of Abundance
                          Abode of Harpies, Watchtower of the Bone Trident
                          Satur: the Devoted on the Path of Determination
                          Supported by Forces, Opposed by Spirit
                          Nestled in a valley in the Mountains of Abundance, the Watchtower of the Bone Trident sits. All the things one could ever want in life are there, piled in heaps to create this mountain range. Seemingly endless tracts of junk & gadgets, food & clothes, positions & people make up the mountains. The mountains will rise and fall as their importance shifts based on the souls who travel through the mess. Would-be mages who travel here are free to dive within the mounds and take what they can when they can, but the Harpies who live atop these mountains are only too happy to teach them a lesson about what is truly precious – the soul. Anyone who grabs up the abundant materials lying about will find themselves in the clutches of a Harpie, carried far away from the Watchtower and dumped into another pile. Only those who can remain determined enough to go past all the garbage can finally be called a Devoted mage of the Bone Trident.
                          Relation to Center - Above

                          Kingdom of Temptations
                          Abode of Sirens, Watchtower of the Banyan Staff
                          Askesis: the Yogis on the Path of Introspection
                          Supported by Life, Opposed by Matter
                          Upon a rolling hill of dried grass, under an overcast sky, there’s a series of tables and bed and chests, containing every manner of food, drink, pleasure and distraction created since the beginning of time; anything and everything someone could possibly desire to fulfill their bodily needs. Drifting across their Plain of Desire are the calls of the Sirens, telling the visitor to this Kingdom all about how great it will feel and how easy it is to give in to their temptations. Many a would-be mage has succumbed to their calls, and found himself back in the Fallen World, still hungry and unAwakened. For those who focus past all these temptations, beyond stands the Watchtower of the Banyan Staff, where a mage may carve their name into the trunks of the trees.
                          Relation to Center - Across

                          Kingdom of Transmutation
                          Abode of Golems, Watchtower of the Copper Mallet
                          Telchines: the Artificers on the Path of Forging
                          Supported by Matter, Opposed by Death
                          Deep in the caves of Pandemonium is a forge like no other. Here, it’s not metal that is worked, but souls. The visitor who is drawn here already knows their flaws, and wants them burned out or hammered out. He doesn’t care, because he loathes those flaws, and wants the strength he sees in others. But the Golems do not give him what he wants, it must be earned. The would-be mage must place his soul upon the anvil, with mallet in hand, and perform the task himself. When a mage can forge his soul into the desired form, then can he approach the Watchtower to leave his name within its walls.
                          Relation to Center - Under

                          Kingdom of Distractions
                          Abode of Goblins, Watchtower of the Marble Labyrinth
                          Perispao: the Mystics on the Path of Observance
                          Supported by Time, Opposed by Forces
                          Contained within the Kingdom of Distractions are endless chambers filled with shining baubles, grating music, pungent smells, and rough surfaces. Many a would-be mage has lost his way completely in the continuing stretch of passages and chambers, too disoriented to tell which way he’s been and which way is out. Adding to those distractions are the Goblins, who scurry about the passageways and through the various chambers tossing objects at the visitor, or destroying any attempts at marking their way. Those who can be patient, who can focus their minds and take their time, will eventually find the center of this maze. Within this waiting oubliette, the mage-to-be must slowly form their name in the walls with nothing more than their imagination.
                          Relation to Center - Down

                          Realm of the Primal Wild
                          Within the Realm of the Primal Wilds, the guiding principle is Primitive. Not in the sense of under-developed, but in the sense of being straight-forward and uncomplicated. The beings which exist here are clear and distinct about what they are and what they do. They don’t talk in riddles, they don’t play games, and they don’t contemplate their nature. They exist as they are and they react to visiting souls within that paradigm: hunter or hunted, pack or herd, master or servant. Some will come to this Realm and see their place as a master of ephemera (Path of Authority). Some will come here and exalt in the headiness of a place full of life (Path of Ecstasy). Some will come here and form their own world out of the dirt (Path of Sculpting). Some will come to thrill in the hunt and the freedom to run over the open spaces (Path of Predators). Some will come here and bow down to the beings that live here, letting themselves be taken and open to everything (Path of Servitude).

                          Kingdom of Totems
                          Abode of Beasts, Watchtower of the Stone Book
                          Thyrsus: the Shamans on the Path of Ecstasy
                          Supported by Life, Opposed by Mind
                          See Tome of the Watchtowers
                          Relation from Center – This is center

                          Kingdom of Burning Sands
                          Abode of Djinn, Watchtower of the Brass Torch
                          Exousi: the Sorcerers on the Path of Authority
                          Supported by Forces, Opposed by Prime
                          Within the ravished garden of the Primal Wild is the Kingdom of Burning Sands. The Djinn drift and fly through here, creating vast winds and sandstorms. Lightning splits the skies and thunder splits the ears almost constantly. The Djinn are angry at the ruins they are left. The would-be mage has but one option to deal with them – take command. Only a soul who is willing and able to control the Djinn will be able to see his way through the sand and find the Watchtower, burning his name into the walls with his command of the smokeless flames.
                          Relation to Center - Higher

                          Kingdom of Mud
                          Abode of Gargoyles, Watchtower of the Clay Statue
                          Peitho: the Binders on the Path of Sculpting
                          Supported by Matter, Opposed by Space
                          In the damp earth of the Primal Wilds, the Gargoyles wait for a new creator. Each visiting soul encounters these creatures, waiting for orders or for the generative act to begin. The souls here seem compelled to create something out of the mud and clay around their feet. Once a would-be mage begins to create a new gargoyle, the others will turn their backs and guard, watching for any who would interfere with the creation process. The completed gargoyle must have life imbued into it, through the force of will of the Sculptor, binding it into servitude. Once this has been completed, the newly created gargoyle can be instructed to lead the way to the Watchtower, where it will claw its master’s name into the walls.
                          Relation to Center - Down

                          Kingdom of Mountain Tundra
                          Abode of Wendigo, Watchtower of Antler Bow
                          Necans: the Hunters on the Path of Predators
                          Supported by Space, Opposed by Life
                          The Primal Wilds are host to vast, open reaches of mountain and arctic tundra, dotted with herd animals of many kinds: caribou, musk ox, mammoths, antelope, bison, moose, elk; anything capable of existing in the chilled reaches of this realm. Running across this Kingdom in great packs are the Wendigo, spirits who have turned to cannibalism and begun feeding on other spirits. Once, they were herd animals like the others here, then the first souls came and showed them how to hunt, and they were forever changed. Would-be mages attracted to this Kingdom are here to join in that hunt, drawing power from the spirits they bring down and consume. Once a soul has covered many, many miles and forged weapons of the hunt, they will find a great Watchtower to scratch their name into with an antler or stone weapon.
                          Relation to Center - Across

                          Kingdom of Great Rivers
                          Abode of Loa, Watchtower of the Ivory Horse
                          Houngan: the Mediums on the Path of Servitude
                          Supported by Time, Opposed by Mind
                          n a place where the waters of the Primal Wilds collect into rivers, there dwell spirits who do not feel the need to serve the souls who visit here, nor do they wish to work with them. These spirits see beyond there here and now; they see far off into the unwritten future or back into the well-worn past. The souls of the would-be mages that visit here are just drops of rain in the Great Rivers of time. The souls who come here are not the masters, they are the servants. The Loa, for all their knowledge, envy one thing: sensation. Those willing to give themselves over to the Loa, even for such a brief period as their Awakening, will find this moment stretched into an eternity. The Loa will take their time with the pleasures of sensation, but in the end, they will always leave the visiting soul at the foot of the Watchtower, where they may leave their name and claim the power they have earned with their servitude.
                          Relation to Center – Beneath

                          Realm of Stygia
                          Within the Realm of Stygia, the guiding principle is Acceptance; Acceptance of one’s fates, of their state of being, of their place in the Universe, of their flaws, and of themselves. Stygia accepts those who come to its Watchtowers with open arms, open hearts and open minds. The inhabitants of the Realm will never, ever interfere with a visitor’s wanderings through the Realm. Neither will they guide, push, pull or direct anyone to a particular Watchtower. The soul of a mage in Stygia will drift until the natural pull of a Watchtower draws them in. Those who Awaken within Stygia have seen Death, and they understand it’s place in the scheme of things, and they accept it as well as their own place. Some choose to fight, despite the knowledge of futility, but find nobility in the fight (Path of Strife). Some choose to help balance out the natural ebb & flow between life & death, loving each thing and crying at their passing (Path of Tears). Some concern themselves with the transition and transformation from one state to another, and help to ease that transition (Path of Doom). Some simply wait for the end, watching for signs and making their life as comfortable as possible in the meantime (Path of Oblivion). Some do their best to see what’s coming and to either help it along or turn it aside, but they know that it is simply a matter of time (Path of Inevitability).

                          Kingdom of Crypts
                          Abode of Shades, Watchtower of the Lead Coin
                          Moros: the Necromancers on the Path of Doom
                          Supported by Matter, Opposed by Spirit
                          See Tome of the Watchtowers
                          Relation from Center – This is center

                          Kingdom of Fallen Warriors
                          Abode of the Valkyries, Watchtower of the Ebony Shield
                          Keres: the Soul-Collectors on the Path of Strife
                          Supported by Forces, Opposed by Life
                          Towering above the Hall of Valhalla, placed upon the storm clouds of Odin, stands the Watchtower of the Ebony Shield, surrounded by constant mist and illuminated only by the lightning arcing though the clouds it stands on. Here, upon their winged steeds, the Valkyries spiral and swoop through the clouds and congregate within the tower, waiting for the next great warrior to enter and etch his or her name into the walls with their fine-tipped spears.
                          Relation from Center - Above

                          Kingdom of Autumn Fields
                          Abode of the Blessed, Watchtower of the Garnet Apple
                          Koraie: the Witches on the Path of Tears
                          Supported by Life, Opposed by Spirit
                          Among the rolling hills, covered in dried stalks of corn, red, gold and yellow leaves fall perpetually from the sky, despite the lack of trees. Here, the Great Lady of Life & Death waits with her chosen few; souls which have achieved perfect balance with what they were and what they are. They stay here to help other souls pass through into what lays beyond, crying because they will miss those souls, but happy that they are going.
                          Relation from Center - Over

                          Kingdom of Crystal Caves
                          Abode of Ghouls, Watchtower of the Quartz Spyglass
                          Asteri: the Stargazers on the Path of Oblivion
                          Supported by Space, Opposed by Mind
                          Under Stygia lies the Timeless Ocean, but Stygia lies beneath all, concealed beneath rock. Within the rock, there are caves containing all manner of worldly riches. Within one cave lies a Watchtower which has tunneled through to the surface. Imbedded within the cave walls are crystals of all colors, glowing faintly, and within this cave, the ghouls wait. They wait for Oblivion. They look to the skies and stars for signs of death and destruction from above. Until that day, they greet those who enter this Kingdom with begging and pleading for answers, signs, and death.
                          Relation from Center - Up

                          Kingdom of the Timeless Ocean
                          Abode of the Protogenoi, Watchtower of the Coral Goblet
                          Khresmoi: the Soothsayers on the Path of Inevitability
                          Supported by Time, Opposed by Matter
                          Beneath the surface of Stygia lies the Timeless Ocean, the primordial depths beneath the waves where all things began and must eventually return. Within its depths is the stillness of eternity, the timeless pull of currents that were here before everything and will be here after we are dust. The sea breaks everything down; wears everything away, until nothing is left but the water. Floating with the currents of the sunless sea are the Protogenoi, beings formed when the world first began. They represent the most fundamental aspects of the world: life & death, light & dark, creation & the void, earth & sky. They alone resist the water’s inevitable force, for now. They, too, will break down in the fullness of time. When the world has grown cold and dark, they will fall to pieces, too, and the cycle will begin again. Those who follow the Path of Inevitability come to know just how small and how fleeting they are, and have the utmost respect for the forces which spin the universe along.
                          Relation from Center - Below
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                              Dataweaver, for the Watchtowers you made, what would you say are the main occult correspondences, attracted personalities and associated philosophies?

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