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[Mystery] Supernal Alchemy & Philosopher's Stone

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    Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
    Was asked in other topic...

    "Mastery of All Arcana" is one RUMORED possible way to attain Philosopher's Stone. In my game, Nicholas Flamel can create you one for the life of other human being - he created his own when he killed his wife, in XIV century Paris. But as it is still great sacrifice, for all those centuries, he still look for the way to attain Stone without killing anybody.

    As to how "Mystery of All Arcana" rumor is popular in Awakened circles - I say very. It does sound as thing that could be achieved in once life of very dedicated mage, but also we know this mechanics of "you can almost be there, but not quite". I'm really interested as how 2ED will treat those limits.

    And to the greater rumor idea - I think there were tries to bypass it somehow. Like trying to use Soul Stones of Masters in all 10 Arcana. Still not thought about what could be results of those...
    I think you should be theoretically able to achieve 10th degree Mastery in 2e, if only because of the simplified rules and the apparent lack of an Arcana progression table spanning half the page, that can be now used for other things. The simplified rules and no table have been confirmed by Dave.

    Besides, the light of Gnosis limiting, how complex and detailed things you can observe in the tapestry of an Arcanum, sure, that made sense. Knowledge gained in one Arcanum suddenly preventing you from getting knowledge in another, on the other hand, that was pretty illogical.


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      Done write up of Philospher's Stone as 2E Mystery in my sheet format. Any thoughts are more than welcome. Remember - it's aim is to work as main Mystery for the chronicle and players to understand origins of Stone is ST idea. In my way, it works as sacrificing other beings.

      Also, I think about limiting Stones powers only to transformation - you can replicate any spell at least if it change directly the target. Stones would not open portals or could interact with Realms Invisible, on normal takes. What do you think about it?

      And last but not least - I mentioned two Grimoires where info about Stones could be. If you got idea for third one - I'm listening.

      Now, to main dish...

      Mystery: Philosopher's Stone

      Other Names: Lapis Philosophorum, Magnum Opus, Imperium Mysteriorum, Golden Dawn
      Concept: Alchemical “stones” ( crystals ) that give users power to control whole Arcana
      Scale: Singular stone can replicate any spell from any Arcanum up to 5 dots, in sensory range, making it Lasting. Legendary recipe on “pure” stone should be able to make come true Archmasters powers.
      Location: Anywhere finded, most of time in some alchemists possession. Stones are often seen in areas where Nicholas Flamel was. There are rumors that Prometheans also create Stones with their bodies.
      Important NPCs: Nicholas Flamel, archmaster. Any dedicated Alchemist ( Moros ). Prometheans.
      Described in: Magnum Opus (Flamel’s Grimoire), The Book of Life (Nicholas Kollar Grimoire), Cintamani (Unknown's Grimoire)
      Locked [ ] With Mysteries: Uncrowned Kings Legacy (Analyzing Legacy member lowers Opacity )
      Peripheral Mage Sight

      Clash of Wills: No
      Active Mage Sight

      Main Arcanum: All of them. J When needed one – Matter.
      Supernal Magic: Yes
      Nimbus: Depends on creator. Most often – Nicholas Flamel’s one.
      Focused Mage Sight

      Opacity: 8

      Surface Information

      Rest of Arcana: All of them
      Resonance: None?
      Age: Depends on Stone creation
      Power Level: Arcanum Rating: 5 Practice: All

      Deep Information

      Gnosis Equivalent: 8
      Realms Invisible: None
      Specific Nature: Stones are remaking reality. They are treated as pieces of Supernal itself.
      Effects on the World: Various changes of reality
      Scale and Strength: Singular stone can replicate any spell from any Arcanum up to 5 dots, with all Reach – beside Spirit Arcanum. Legendary recipe on “pure” stone should be able to make come true Archmasters powers.
      Similar to Mysteries: Uncrowned Kings Legacy, Prometheans, Supernal Alchemy.
      Arcanum Relation: Complex, ever changing Tapestry of Arcana that entwine in stone.
      Actions Involving: None, beside spellcasting.
      Special: Any possible origins of Stone are each Deep Information that comes AFTER lowering Opacity to 0 and with EACH Revelation comes only one source.
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