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[2nd] What you guys liked or disliked in MtAw 2nd ?

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  • WHW Can I steal your game settings as a plot-hook-effect of an emerging Exarch-aspirant?

    Also arrows and Arrows are pointy and are used both to point the way and poke people.


    • Sure. I had a whole thread dedicated to our home settings, but I neglected because we focused on our L5R games wayyyyyyyyyyy more.

      As for Arrows, one of things on list to play some day or introduce as an NPC is Arrow detective who isn't interested in serving justice or protecting people or whatever, but finds the chase between the detective and the culprit to be ultimate expression of fight and war for your existence - if you get away you "proved" to be worthy of living and you were right to do whatever you did, and if Arrow catches you, they conquer your intelligence and show their intellectual superiority overriding your right to exist.

      ...Actually, I will pitch this to my GM as a rival character for my "Too Wise for her own good" Apostate Detective, because this would serve greatly as her dark mirror.

      EDIT 2 sounds like it would fit right in into a gallery of Phoenix Wright antagonists, huh.
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      • Seems to fit in with shows like The Wire too, where McNulty and co are less pushed to catch the criminals of Baltimore due to a sense of justice, and more a sense of being intellectually offended by the idea of them outwitting the Po-lice, a battle of wits and cunning.