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  • Originally posted by Ynas Midgard View Post
    Or what does it take to magically add this Condition to something?
    Bind Spirit and its equivalents.

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    • Originally posted by Ex Favilla Surgo View Post
      You should bear in mind that these "rulings" aren't exactly binding and you can do whatever you and your group happen to find the most fun. Basically all tabletop RPGs have deep flaws in their rules that render games unfun for whatever reason, or they imply things that they didn't mean to.

      I don't know if they have this in 2E in Mage: the Awakening, but in 1E, they had this blurb about how you can analogize Temporal Sympathy to Spatial Sympathy, which implied you could just add Time 2 to any spell to cast it retroactively. Now, I'm pretty sure they didn't mean to insinuate that, but they did. Then there were also plenty of spell combos that were RAW OP.

      So I think the real question is, do you think that using Death to shadow stepping makes sense, narratively? Sure. I'd say it does. So just do it. Make something up you and your friends think is cool and go with that.
      thanks mate


      • Step 1: Get a lighter.
        Step 2: Use Forces 1 (with Reach 2) to make lighter flame size 2, then use Reach to make it into a long, thin shape.
        Step 3: Find a use for your new flame sword.