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Creative Thaumaturgy: Fallen World Edition

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  • Ah. Space is for getting blood from point A to point B at range, Something Life can't do easily, and is used to specifically target blood. It's also part of a theme, Tamer of Blood likely has Space+Life just being a Tamer of Blood. You could certainty throw in prime's 'As Above, So Below' or something else with it. Also you are correct you don't need the spell for any of those yantra bonuses. I might it with some 'Add Prime 2' now that you point it out...

    Thanks for pointing that out!

    As a example of the two themes I had in mind: Bloodhunter ,a tamer of blood, is in the shape of a dire wolf hunting down a dangerous villain in possession of a clue. Bloodhunter tracks them to a abandon cabin in the woods, and in a ambush tries to snap his teeth around the villain's throat. He misses. Surprise! The villain has set a ambush for him! A melee starts, and Bloodhunter could easily loose this. Hurt he runs for cover. Setups up a three point co-location. Teleporting from where he is, to a high vantage point to get a parting shot on a mook, and then to safe spot. Back at safe place Bloodhunter uses his legacy to build a strong web of connection out from that mook to the rest of the ambush. He spends a few turns casting nasty spell. He quickly teleports back, steps over all the dead bodies, and gets the clue he came for.

    For a lasting warning to others he calls on life magic to harden the blood to a long crystal shard (+3 dice Life-Force Assault), and drives it through the villains heart.

    Edit: There, pulled down the Life requirement to one. Letting Space filter for things covered by Life (Blood). I also put in a prime option to charge the blood for more then one +1 die use.
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    • Honing Violence's Edge (MInd •••)
      Practice: Perfecting
      Primary Factor: Potency
      Suggested Rotes Skills: Brawl, Weaponry, Firearms

      The Mage hones their instincts for violence, becoming more aware of their surroundings, perfecting their timing, and donning a minor psychosis. Choose a skill - they gain 8-again on a number of rolls to attack using it equal to the spell's potency.

      +1 Reach: All attack rolls benefit, regardless of the skill used.
      +1 Reach, 1 mana: They also gain the Rote quality on those rolls. They loose 10-again on all Composure rolls not related to violence as long as the spell lasts.


      • Foundation of Truth
        Prime 2, Mind 1
        Practice: Shielding
        Primary: Duration

        The mage can grab one truth in their mind and protect it. (Multiple subjects can be selected to protect more.)
        This truth cannot be lost form the mage's mind. Opinions about the truth can twist a bit but are somewhat protected by the truth being sacrosanct. If the truth ceases to remain true, the protection ends.

        This effect provides a Clash of Wills before some mystical effect that affects memory. If the caster of this succeeds on that roll, the protected understanding is immune to the tampering. The effect takes place otherwise unaffected and could be an otherwise complete mind wipe, an alteration of a subject's history to prevent learning the truth, or even The Duel Arcane. The other effects happen exactly as expected, otherwise, but the truth remains.

        Mundane changes simply fail. The truth is a blazing and unforgettable part of the mind.

        This spell has visible effect in the Oneiros.

        3 Reach: The truths of the mind can be protected en masse. Gnosis and Arcana are protected and any eternal truths, but many truths are temporal and subject to change. The moment a thing becomes untrue, it is removed from protection, permanently. Because of how this works, though, one would always have a locked memory of the parts of their history that they correctly recalled at the time of casting.

        Grump, grouse, and/or gripe.


        • I don't think Mind 1 is needed for this. Either Prime 2 or Mind 2 can achieve this effect on their own.

          The reach effect likewise seems unessecary, since a Mind Shielding spell can grant blanket protection of all your memory without any reach (or even scale) attached.

          Since the spell makes mundane attempts to challenge the truth fail automatically it should cost one Mana.

          My Mage 2e Homebrew


          • Also, what does it mean Gnosis and Arcana are protected?


            • On the bright side it could throw attackers in that your rolling prime in a clash of will instead of mind, and they have access to prime to remove the spell. Which if your prime focused fighting a might focused mage that could be nice. Wards and Signs doesn't protect you so much as make them work harder, once they juice a spell to over come the extra withstand they're unopposed.

              The Prime 1 spell Pierce Deception could work defensively as a cure (not preventative). Your mind would still be changed, but if it was changed in some untrue way Pierce Deception would instantly (or with a clash of wills) reveal the truth.